Thursday, December 31, 2009

The FInal Shot of the Day #365

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

So, this was quite the experiment and quite the year to do it.

Honestly, it's with mixed emotions that I close out this little public online "installation" of sorts with a shot fittingly similar to the first shot taken around this time exactly last year. 2009 was truly a year of major highs and lows and I think the photos I took, cryptic or blatant as they may have been, hopefully reflected those peaks and valleys and everywhere in between. Looking back at them, which I've put into an easy-to-swallow page based on the day HERE (and some days, more than one), I clearly loved food this year, and the paunch under this laptop is proof that it's time to hit the gym with furious anger again in '10...that we took a LOT of walks, either with Banzai and/or with the newest edition to the family, Remy, who amazed me every day and I believe will continue to do so for years and years to come....that it was easier to capture an obscure moment to reflect the day rather than try to find the image that "perfectly" insinuated the day's events or a particular moment in time....oh, did I mention I enjoyed shooting food and my kid?

Originally I started this S.O.T.D. to be a prelude to my shooting of KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, which is (hopefully) my next feature, so that I would have a log of every production day from a more personal standpoint, not the usual PR offerings. I only write "hopefully" because till I'm on set with a helmet and a sword screaming "Action!!" I can't trust shit. I'll probably still do it when we get to shooting in the spring, but it is a bit dissapointing that it wasn't part of this, aside from some fits and spurts of pre-pro action (lord knows we've done a LOT of work on it already and all I can say's gonna fucking RAWK) and stay tuned on this blog for a lot more K.O.B. action. But it did capture moments from my directing two music videos for a band I love (a dream come true, although fraught with red tape bullshit that allowed me to learn a valuable lesson), work on some amazing projects both big and small, prep a major motion picture, be part of some HUGE events, meet a LOT of great people, peers and my heroes and most importantly, live through two of the most signifigant events in my life; the loss of my father and becoming one too with Remy being my greatest ongoing production yet, all in the span of a month. All this, and still have the undying love of a beautiful, caring, funny-and most importantly-PATIENT woman in my life?

Sure, it's easy to say "2009 SUCKED" but when you look at the glass half full, it could have been worse, and there were some really shining moments. It almost felt like 2009 was a "test year", to see if I could endure some major life choices, challenges and hardships and try to make it through to the other side, and I am. More importantly, here WE are. Thinking about how many people I admired died in 09, it makes one reflect a little more on how short we have on this earth, and that Im still in love with my wife and now with our son, well...I'm a lucky man indeed.

Will I continue this experiment? Nah, been there, done that. Am I proud that I saw it through? Hell yes! It forced me to keep a discipline, to stay with the plan at hand, and while I might not keep this particular project up, I've now vowed to transfer the same energy I've used to spew images and words on another project, one that has been banging in my head, dying to come out, and I think it's time to unleash it. To that, I thank the S.O.T.D. for showing I can see something through on my own terms, and will attack this full force.

Oh, did you know it was a Blue Moon tonight? Now, I sees that as a sign...

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

To this I give my final thought out to you, Constant Viewer (a play on Unkie Steve's usual name for his "Constant Readers")...what do YOU think is the SHOT OF THE YEAR? If you have a favorite, please feel free to hit me up on the comments below as Im going to think about it for a day and probably pick tomorrow, the dawn of a new year, and then look forward to what I am already professing will be an even better, if not one of the best, years of my life. The cards are already stacked in favor for it, so with a positive attitude (and 10 pounds of hair off my head), it's time to raise up my sword and say....

"ONWARD TO 2010!!!!!"

Thanks to everyone for being part of this, I really appreciate all the love and support you all have given me and I promise to stay up with this, even if it isn't a daily effort. Who knows? Maybe Ill still keep it going if the shots prove blog-worthy. Most of all, thanks to my family, including my dearest friends (you know who you are), my parents from both sides of the bloodline and of course, the ever-lovely Briana and the most amazing new person in my life...Remy P. Here's to you kid...The Old Man is gonna make you proud.



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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shot of the day 364: Out with the old...

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

In with the 'do. Time to start 2010 off right.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shot of the day 363: Remy & "Triky The Bear"

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Not that he would ever remember but this was the teddy bear my Dad sent to him from the hospital he was in when Remy was born. It wasn't the last time he was in there for intense chemo (Second to last I guess) but when Bri pulled this out of a closet as they were doing some consolidating today, it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is the only thing that my son will have of my Dad's, his Grandfather he will never meet, and it was hard not to look into its glass/plastic eyes and get that lump in one's throat. The kid instantly took to it, which was nice, and I hope it stays with him throughout his childhood the way "The Bunny" has in mine.

Let me back up; My Grandparents, Edith and Russ (on my mom's side) got me this fluffy bunny stuffed animal when I was born, and throughout the 33 years on this planet, it's always found its way back into my life. No Im not sleeping with it cradled under my arm at night (...well...) but without fail, "Bunny" as if was so charmingly dubbed, just....never went away. Not that I minded; it always recalled my care-free, youthful days with my Grandfather, who died in 88 of ALS, but that I got to have him in my life...the bunny was like a material bookmark to his memory. He currently resides in a Victoria's Secret box deep in a closet, awaiting someone to pull him out for a warm, reminiscing smile, even if he looks like a zombified version of his former self; missing an eye, most of the stuffing extracted, once-fluffy white fur mottled and grey. But it still elicits the same wonderful, nostalgic reaction and all the modern hardships, for a moment, melt away.

"Triky" the bear (named after my Dad's company, Automotive Trik, now a vacant building in Centereach, NY...but not forgotten as you'll soon find out) I hope will at least give Remy some love and squishy comfort for years to come and one day remind him of the everlasting smiles currently on display on his face now.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Shot of the day 362: Stop and smell the...?

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On our daily walk, taking in the nice weather while Im off from work, and noticed this odd-looking growth from one of the tree branches along the sidewalk. Is it a mutant cherry? The makings of a pod-person? Whatever it was/is, it pasued our walk to take a pic. Nice color configuration too. That is all.


PS: If anyone can clue us in on what this foreign growth is, feel free to comment below. Or hell...if anyone is even reading this, say hi!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shot of the day 361: Writing's on the wall

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Found this scrawled on the side wall of a Citibank in Brentwood, how ironic AND appropriate.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shot of the day 360: Holiday Hangover in Hollywood

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge's 7:18 am.

On Hollywood Blvd.

At a Toyota dealership.

The day after Christmas.

What the hell am i doing here!?!?!?


Friday, December 25, 2009

Shot of the day 359: Happy Birthday Jesus!

Shot with Nikon D90, click to enlarge.

Happy Holidays all!

To say it was the "Best Christmas Ever" is unfair to prior holiday mornings, but whereas in the past I could never wrap (no pun) my head around the concept of why adults enjoyed Christmas as much as kids when we were getting the cool toys and they were opening the random pairs of socks or a new pair of jeans, this morning i got it. Watching one's kid smile wide with joy over discovering new presents is a new and glorious feeling indeed. The moment Remy came out of the bedroom, his eyes bulged at the Radio Flyer wagon he got and from there, it was like a candy store in here...for at least 10 minutes when he got a little bored and started playing with the soiled silverware in the dishwasher. Hey, the kid is barely one, Im shocked he lasted this long. But watching him as he discovered his first Christmas was worth all the pain, stress and financial woe this holiday brings along with the Yule Log and the Egg Nog. In years past it was just bones for Banzai (who of course got hooked up, don't worry), but now seeing the actual joy the holiday can give a child is incomparable. Can't wait for next year.

Merry Christmas!

Joe & The Fam.

PS: It's been a very long standing tradition, much to the dismay of my cholesterol level, to have Eggs Benedict (fried, not poached...we white trash, kid) for breakfast on Xmas morning, and this morning it was no different. Delicious doesn't begin to explain it. NOW this is Christmas.


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shot of the day 358: The (Xmas) BACK.

Shot with iphone (w/Wide Angle Lens), click to enlarge.

It's been 8 years in California during Xmas time (well 6 if you count us going back home to NY to celebrate with family) and I still don't get fully immersed into the "Christmas Spirit" walking around in 75 degree weather on a sunny day. To me, it aint christmas unless there is a frigid wind cracking your lips, grey snow collecting on the sidewalk and the hope that it COULD be a white christmas when you wake up on that all-important morning. Feels like a cheat, or waiting for the other shoe to drop on what many consider their optimal Holiday conditions out here. It wasn't really until we put up our own tree in the house, small as it was in our compact space, that things felt a little more CHEER-ful 'round there parts. All it takes is some pine-sweet smelling foliage, some multi-colored lights and a few reflecting PHANTASM-esque balls hanging from said tree like earrings to do the trick. Seems like we're gonna lay low tonight (after Luke came by to exchange gifts; got me a sweet Robert Altman audio book and a wide-angle lens for the iphone, as you can see above), but I'm finally excited to get this show on the road and watch Remy tear into some wrapping paper.

Merry Christmas Eve!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shot of the day 357: Corporate Trimmings & Looking Up

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Back at work, back in the office. As I race to make the mailroom deadline with some bills and holiday cards, I pass the 15 ft. tall Christmas Tree in the main lobby of the CEG building (Comcast Entertainment Group for the uninitiated) and find myself just...looking up. Im sure people passing me thought funny of the sight, but my feet were planted by the root of the Vertical Yule log and it reminded me of my very early childhood days (which for some reason are always narrated by Richard Dreyfuss. Strange), standing at the Lynch family tree in our living room in Port Jeff Station, action figures in hand. Every year, it was like a new Nakatomi Plaza had been erected and I had to navigate my Duke or Luke Skywalker through the many green floors, dodging bullets and lightbulbs. My imagination ran wild every year, my one eye closed as my other played "the camera", squinting to get lens flare from the lights and moving with Raimi-like ferocity as Snake Eyes or Han held on for dear life, dangling from a holiday ball. The various action set-pieces were like a McTirenan meets Michael Bay summer blockbuster sequence, usually lasting around an hour (the time between when homework was done and the 8pm shows were on TV) and always captivating.

So there I am, looking up at this huge honkin' christmas tree, the corporate symbol of the holiday solidarity amidst a year of takedowns, cutbacks, firings and mergings, thinking how I seemed to have been ducking, diving and clutching on many branches myself, just like those action figures...yet seem to have hang ups on "Oh man, I haven't made a feature this year" (even though I have two Im working on currently) which seems to be the only thing to give you any legitimacy in this town....
Music videos? Who cares.
Commercials? Nope.
Viral videos? Whatevs.
Online franchises? Pfftt.
Shorts? Get real.
Acting? Loser.
Overseeing coverage of major geek events? Come again?
New Script? Puhleeze.
Year long photo projects? No weight at all.

...But between that and all the HUGE life changes in my life (which, if you've been a "constant reader" will know ALL about), all of them branches in the year of my life, and I feel like I'm JUST hanging on, trying to make it to the star on top...or at least maintain some stable ground. It sucks that there is such a "race" mentality out here, but also, this year made me realize that the race is sometimes self-inflicted, that it's my own checkered flag I'm chasing, and that if I don't slow down, Ill miss every small victory I get every day, each branch acquiring a new ornament to gaze upon or cherish.

Yes, Im rambling a bit with my metaphor, but all these emotions and thoughts flooded through me as I stood here, under the loomingly large & trimmed tree, pontificating for a moment-before having one of those "breakthrough" ideas that just smack you in the ass like your first time in WeHo on a Saturday night-and then swinging off again onto another branch in my busy day.

Last days at the job before the holidays always seem to do this with me.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shot of the day 356: Homeopathic Humbug

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Last night was a rough one, coughed up something so foul I wouldnt even shoot it for SOTD in fear you'd never come back (all 3 of you). It was that disgusting, even for me. Been feeling shitty for days but yesterday it really caught up with me, so much so that my boss sent me home early (thanks Rob, much appreciated) but this morning I felt like melted death, so i stayed home, watching the Columbian thriller DOG EAT DOG & then a few episodes of DEXTER to finally catch up. Been loading up on Homeopathic Cold & Flu pills the entire day, adhering to a strict regiment of dissolving 3 small white orbs every 15 minutes for 2 hours at a time. Being sick days before Christmas?

Not fun. Not fun at ALL.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Shot of the day 355: The Wall on Wilshire

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

A crisp, chilly day and Im standing outside, on the verge of being sick, waiting for another new Gourmet lunch truck to arrive on Wilshire. This time it's the Grill Em All Truck, specializing in Heavy metal burgers while playing the best in the metallic genre. While waiting, I notice behind me a slab of heavily decorated concrete, standing upright in front of a building, and discover that it's actual pieces of the Berlin Wall.


Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Touching it with my hand, feeling the coarse, cold cement on my hand, and instantly I was transported back to my Junior High class when we watched on TV when the wall was torn down, a significant moment on many fronts for many, many people. Now it stands, a symbol of freedom, overcoming adversary....only to be an art installation in front of one of the major buildings in Los Angeles that represent commerce (I believe its the Variety building).

What's crazy (in my own geek head) is that 20 years ago the film MIRACLE MILE was released in limited theaters, depicting a final solution scenario where the cold war DIDN'T end, the Berlin Wall still intact, and Anthony Edwards is racing to get to THIS VERY BUILDING for refuge as the bombs from Russia begin to drop. 20 years has passed...and a symbol to the cold war is placed in front of the symbol I always had for safety from the "enemy". Times they have changed.

By the way, the Waste Em All Burger was fantastic, and the Pomme Frittes with Aoli sauce get two Devil's Horns up. God Bless America.

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shot of the day 354: "Bringing up these damn lights!"

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Trimming the tree with Remy & the fam. Fun Sunday indeed. Our 10th together, 8th with Banz and 1st with Remy, if you statistic hounds are keeping up...and many more to come.


Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shot of the day 353: KISSmas Cheer N Fear

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

A bittersweet time at the annual Mendez Xmas party which usually takes place the weekend before Christmas day. We've been invited many times over the years and it's always a great gathering of friends all squished in with Mike's wide array of toys and action figures and Rock Band. This year was Dickensian; It was the first year Remy got to tag along and he seemed to be warmly welcomed by the crew, many of whom haven't had the pleasure of meeting the lil Plissken; it was also a slightly sad affair since many of our friends were missing for one personal reason or another. But, when we all thought the Holiday soiree staple wasn't going to happen, Mike came through at the last moment and there we were, rocking out with Remy on Drums with some Black Sabbath, exchanging Secret Santa gifts (I had Green and got him his FAVORITE MOVIE) and keeping Remmers away from the walls of toys that were just begging to go in him maw, like this set of KISS figures next to a scale little boy ghost from Mike's fantastic THE GRAVEDANCERS (lower left side of frame). Every time I see that little smiling fucker it gives me chills.

Despite the lack of vegan goodies (oh well) it was a great time like always and glad Remy was warmy greeted by the Fright Clubbers. Can't wait for next year's.

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Shot of the day 352: Game Day

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge. is the day. A day I've been waiting 4,379 days for (since the moment TITANIC rolled credits in front of me on opening day). James Cameron, a filmmaker I've been feverishly following since I saw Ahnuld pop an eyeball out of his head and into the sink in 1984, has finally released his new film, the ambitious 3-D Sci-Fi epic AVATAR. I've been hearing so much about the film for years, especially from a friend who is in the film (feels like FOREVER since we talked about it in Austin at FantasticFest in 07), so since the release date was announced almost years ago, my geek clock has been ticking down the moments before I put the glasses on to be whisked away to Pandora.

Since it was such a geek-tastic day, I convinced my supervisors to let us take the rest of the website crew to go see it as a Thank You for all the hard work they put in this year, one of our best years for the site ever, so it was a nice, richly deserved gift back. 40 tickets for AVATAR, please. Last time we all went out it was STAR TREK (and before it, HOT FUZZ) so our track record for "field trips" was 2 for 2. Plus, at the Cinerama Dome?

For weeks in the office there was much skepticism about the film, but I held tight with my faith in Cameron, believing he can bring the thunder, and was met with many naysayers giving me a scoopful of shit for being Pro-Avatar, even to the point where a verbal challenge was laid out on THE MMO REPORT where if the host does like the show, he will eat my shoe. Well, only one way to find out...

I woke up this morning feeling like there were Christmas presents already under the tree. Counting down the minutes till 3:15. I had even gotten there early to get my Arclight card re-upped...but then tragedy struck. I get to the concession stand at the Dome, and its like people trying to board the train to freedom; crowds upon crowds of people all trying to get their popcorn and Sausage baguettes. Damn....and there's nothing I hate worse than missing the opening of a movie. I HATE it. I'd rather get another ticket. But today, I didn't have that option. So I silently sucked it up, waiting for the molasses line to the previews the 20th Century Fox logo music played....NOW I was freaking out. Finally, I get to the front, throw 10 bucks at the guy and shout my order, grab my foodies and race in....and of course the film had started. Everyone else, even the naysayers, were all snug in their seats, taking in the magic unfolding before them in Stereoscopic 3-D...and Im balancing popcorn and soda, trying to find my fucking seat. After a few frustrating minutes, I just sit in any old seat (which wasn't bad actually) and throw on the glasses. If I missed 2 minutes or only took 30 seconds to fall right into the film, and 2 1/2 hours later, I emerged with a huge smile on my face.

Sure, I was kind of in the minority amongst the masses pouring out into the cool night, but where everyone seemed pissy about the story (or lack of an original one) my argument was this: It's not about the story for this type of's the StoryTELLING. Sure, its a well-worn tale, one we've heard about for ages (most notibly in the Costner "classic" DANCES WITH WOLVES) but if one tries to "change the game" with new technology to tell the story, its always best to tell one that the audiences can at least side with simplicity in the story, and a complex, character-layered tapestry might fall on blind eyes.To me, seeing Cameron shoot this new world the only way he knows how (BIG, BURLY & BALSY), and that's what I wanted, and damn did i get it in spades.

I could go on for hours on this, but let's say this: I was fucking ENTERTAINED. That's all I asked for, and frankly, I know Ill be seeing the film many MANY times in the future. This is Remy's STAR WARS for sure, and while he might not see it on such a historic occasion like today was, Im sure we will both fall in love with Pandora and it's inhabitants for years to come. Was the game changed? Nah....but I do need to change my shorts.

Good show, Mr. the clock has been reset till BATTLE ANGEL. Tick tock....


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shot of the day 351: H'wood Signage

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

If you live in Los Angeles, seeing these yellow signs on street corners is as common as a Starbucks on the same corner. These bright yellow signs, usually inscribed with some cryptic code-like copy and a strong arrow directing particular traffic, are for cast and crew of a production (or "show" if you wanna get all technical and inside-y about it) put up by some lowly PA at 4 in the morning to guide the usually bleary-eyed workers to their destination. Some are as blatant as "CSI:LA" and "G'FIELD" and as vague as "Anonymous" (which actually stands for the production company involved in the production). Here I'm guessing this is isnt the signs for the new adult hit, "Foreskin" (think about it) but for the cast and crew of "Parenthood" the TV show version of the Ron Howard classic comedy (One that I never guessed I would ever relate to) and as i sat in traffic, staring at the sign, I sometimes wished that the actual concept of Parenthood had easy-to-follow directions, too. That would be a HUGE help.

Strangely, the signs continued up Fairfax on my way to work and ended at a Carl's Jr. I dunno if there is any significance to that.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shot of the day 350: Quiet on the more time

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge

Down on the 2nd floor on the MMO REPORT set, which used to be a VO recording booth till we converted it to a makeshift set for MMO and FRESH INK, thus we still get to use this killer light that annoys everyone else in the near vicinity. This, sadly, will be the last time in '09 we shoot here, which has become a weekly staple in my schedule to have a little fun and be creative. By Wednesday, my frustrations get to a point where laughing it up with Patrick the producer and Casey the host, thinking of some innovative, cool ideas to make the show kookier, is a much needed tension breaker. Today we shot the final shows and I'm really excited for them to roll out as i think we outdid ourselves this time. But come January, ANOTHER show is getting shoved in the small space, so it just wont be the same. However, as long as I still have my 'Hump Day" funnies and get to throw on this cool "recording" light once a week, I'll be good to go.

Go again? One for safety.
Back to one! And.....action.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shot of the day 349: Sweater Humor

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

This isn't the first time we've had Indie Icon Chris Gore grace our SOTD experiment, and hopefully if he adorns fashionables like this, it wont be the last. Could be the ultimate NSFW holiday attire. God bless this man, he truly gets the XXXmas spirit.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Shot of the day 348: Break Room Funnies

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Even at 8am in the morning on a Monday, I still have enough energy to get a good, cathartic laugh out of some jerk's sophomoric humor scrawlings on an emergency diagram.

Ill let the image speak for itself. Extra points for the strategically poor spelling. Koodohs.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shot of the day 347: Bed, Bath & Baby Bong

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Holiday shopping at Bed,Bath & Beyond, the place is madness. Remy's oral fixation with the wrapping paper rolls kinda concerns me. Didn't stop me from getting a cool shot, though. Oh yeah, my priorities are in check. All that's missing here is a slight bubbling sound and some shaggy dude in Birkenstocks next to him saying "Puff Puff give, dood!" Why am I even talking about this!?!? WORST. PARENT. EVER.

Happy Holidaze,

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shot of the Day 346: He like da Bubblez

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Busy day, but the highlight was Remy's second music class. Yes, we're starting him young-like. There's a great place in LA called Toddle Tunes, which teaches toddlers the fundementals of music in a fun and engaging way, so Bri and I took Remmers to it last week for a free trial and the kid took to it like brown on burnt toast. He LOVED it. So of course, we signed the little Mozart up and this week was the official first lesson, which wasn't as packed with parents and kids due to the torrential downpour of a day. That's fine, less clutter.

So first the light-hearted and funny teachers Shane and Jason played some holiday tunes on their instruments, allowing the 4 babies of varried age to play along. Then we danced. Yes. Danced. Shut up. Then they pulled out some percussion instruments, where Bri and I think Remy will someday excel and become the next Keith Moon...the drumming prodigy, not the self-destructing type, I mean. Its amazing to watch the kid really absorb all of this, watching his little brain soak it all in.

...and then, they turned on the bubble machine. I guess we need to get one at home, but damn if this kids eyes not light up like an Xmas tree. Watching him watch the floaty orbs was fascinating, how his eyes would lock onto each bubble in his sights, smile, then frown slightly each time the bubble would *POP*, then onto the next bubble. Smile. *POP*. Frown. Repeat.

I love this class, can't wait for next week. Hopefully one day we can say "It was all because of Toddle Tunes".


PS: Voodoo Child in full effect.
Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Shot of the Day 345: Bleeding Hearts, Tearing Lights

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Was a very rough day today, so Banzai and I stepped out to get some fresh air and take a stroll around the block. Heart heavy and head swimming with stress, we walked around the 'hood silently as I continued UNDER THE DOME on audiobook (which is getting better and better) and noticed that there was only one house on this block that was sporting Holiday lights, but damn if they didn't go all out. That was the usual case for my childhood street, King Street, where we were the only christians on the block, therefore the street was pitch black for the most part until you get to "The Second To The Last House On the Left" (depending on where you're coming from) and my dad would go all "Clark Griswold", with lights flowing from every corner of the house as if trying to contact space aliens.

Seeing this house reminded me of what it was like being out in the chilly air, putting up the lights with my family, smiling bright over the anticipation of Christmas. These dark days, I barely get twinge of excitement over the holiday, but seeing this particular configuration of lights, burning bright in the evening air, something....clicked. I don't know why, but I instantly remembered that feeling again; maybe its Remy, maybe it's the end of the year and jsut happy to see 2009 go and the promise of 2010, but these lights put me in the Christmas Spirit for sure. For now at least.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shot of the Day 344: Kubrician Dwellings

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

I don't know if Stanley Kubrick would have ever needed to, since he exiled himself to the United Kingdom early in his career (a move I would LOVE to mimic) but if he ever needed a place where he and his formalist vision would ever feel at home, it's the frikkin' DMV. The angular, patterned ceilings with flat lighting to create wide depth of field; the robotic "people" behind the counter, promoting the dehumanization of the modern's all here.

Finally, done with the DMV! Also found out Im "wanted" in NY for an outstanding ticket in NY from 2001. Sweet, Im a fugitive!!! Sounds so dangerous.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Shot of the Day 343: Lil Fat Man

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Been consolidating our entertainment collection lately, including video games. I have a serious doubt that I'll ever fire up my old dusty Playstation 2, back compatibility or not, so I collected them all from the bottom of the pile, including VICE CITY, AMPLITUDE & the original GUITAR HERO, and walked them into GAME PLAY on Venice to see if I could sell them, maybe pick up a used title (hoping MODERN WARFARE 2 was speed-finished by some ADD-addled geek who wanted to lose it quick for another game) along the way. Sadly, no new/used games worth getting and the 25 PS2 games I unloaded only amassed 20 measly ducats, which I got as store credit. Guess used games don't have much value that far back in the console wars.

As I stood there at the counter as they quantified my wares, a familiar fat man stared back at me with his usual happy-go-spaghetti grin, and I realized that as of this month, I have been in the video game business for 10 years now, starting with IGN's show on Pseudo back in 1999 till now with my various positions with G4. This fat little dude has been part of my life for so long, yet I haven't really sat down and button mashed with the plump plumber in a long time. Right there, I even contemplated buying a Wii (which has always been on the "maybe I should get that" list) just to get the new Super Mario Bros. game everyone is yammering about...but then my better judgement and I walked out Mario-less. Its for the best. Last thing I need is another set of games I can't play...I still only average about 8 minutes of daily gameplay on LEFT 4 DEAD 2 ("Player 1 has entered the ga-WAAAAAAA-"Player 1 has left the game") so better to keep my gaming on a short leash.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Shot of the Day 342: Pigs are flying...

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

On the way home from a particularly good crew meeting (someone who's work I really admire to be recruited to The Fellowship) and I happened upon a "Hell has frozen over" type sight; NO line in front of Pink's Hot Dogs. Now, in the 7 years I've now been here (for some reason, every time I even think about how long we've been in (he)L.A., my heart sinks a little; guess I just miss Xmas in New York lately), I've NEVER seen the famed dog stand without a huge human tongue stretched out from it's maw, all clamoring for one of it's signature nitrate combos. Having eaten there twice in my L.A. tenure, I also don't get the allure, other than simply the legacy it's had with tourists over the years. Don't hear locals frequenting it much, so its clearly a trap. But tonight....I guess the tourism board would be dismayed to see the lack of patrons lined up for a healthy dose of Lips 'n Assholes. Guess the end of the world is truly neigh.


Monday, December 07, 2009

Shot of the Day 341: Black Rain

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Now, I WAS planning on getting up early today to brave the DMV once again (is that Attempt 4, or 5 at this point? I just dont know anymore) but when I woke, thinking about that dreaded line, I heard familiar and soothing sounds pitter-pattering on the sky window in the other that rain I hear?? WELL...there's no WAY Im gonna stand in that line praying I make it there, do my bid'ness and leave in time for work, so I'd say a "rainout" is a good excuse not to go, no?

LA is a funny place when it rains. It seems IQ levels and driving skills drop signifigantly when the waterworks start flowing. Personally, I do a Joe Hallenbeck Jig when the drops drop. Makes my day.


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Shot of the Day 340: SPLING IZ FUN!

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'Nuff said.

Atta boy, Rem! This kid b advanced, like.


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Shot of the Day 339: Booze Bullets

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Saw this at the corner market when Green and I went for our "Writing Snapples". Too good not to shoot, no pun intended.

"If you wanna get BLASTED, go with Tommy Guns Vodka!! It's the sure shot!"

Sorry, I had to.


Friday, December 04, 2009

Shot of the Day 338: F the DMV

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It's no secret that the Department of Motor Vehicles is one that leaves fear and frustration in the heart of even the most hardened man no matter what city, town or state you're in.

The set-up: So last week at KISS, it seems I lost my driver's license. Shit. Well, it happens (and it was for KISS, so i guess that's worth it), and now I just have to go to the DMV, fill out a form, pay the 22 smackeroos and that's it. Or so I thought....

Monday: Get to the DMV at 7:55am. Line around the block and absolutely no parking other than, as Im informed by the jovial but douchie security guard, paid parking down the street. OK, no biggie, Ill deal.

Tuesday: Can't go, shoot in the AM. Oh well.

Wednesday: Got up at 6 to be first (or at least 10th) in line by the time the doors open at 8. Arrive at 7:15, Im 7th in line (yes!). Wait. Wait some more. It's 8am...why aren't they open?? Then the same plump, faux-friendly security guard from Monday exclaims at 8:05 that "They are opening at 9am this morning" Um...why? "-because they can!" exclaims the rent-a-cunt. Are you kidding me? Attempt 2, failed.

Thursday: Remy doctor, not gonna make it. Damn.

Friday: OK, this is it. Last frikkin' time, right? RONG. I get there, wait in line and as 8am approaches and the queue has accumulated to about 50 people behind me (I'm currently 8th) the security guard comes out and says proudly: "Oh! They're closed today!" OK...reason? "I dunno! They just said Friday's we're closed!"

...and this, my friends, is when I became quite irate. I'll spare you the vulgarities, but man does the DMV perpetuate their well-known stereotypes.

Pray I dont get pulled over this weekend. Also, pray I dont get pulled over with this crack pipe in my car. Why? Cause Im hard like that, yo.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Shot of the Day 337: The Caution Clown

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I dont quite get all the fist-clenching hate and debilitating fear associated with clowns. I mean, sure...that clown in POLTERGEIST gave me the willies and Tim Curry doing a mean Pennywise in IT was enough to induce nightmares, but on a whole, the whole clown thing doesn't strike fear in my heart. If anything, it makes me sad to think that this is the performers primary source of income, getting pie'd in the face. Then again, thinking about other day jobs, maybe the only difference is that the clown can actually lick the pie off his/her face and enjoy a sugary treat post-humiliation.

So anyway....this SOTD is of the cardboard cutout of ATTACK OF THE SHOW (and Kevye West mastermind) Kevin Pereira that my boss Rob gave to me a few weeks ago and my customization of it, using one of the Joker's minion masks from THE DARK KNIGHT I had in the office. Now I leave it in front of the door to greet the cleaning people to pump a little blood in their veins.

Yeah, Im evil like that.



Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Shot of the Day 336: ...on her back

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This is Emily. She works in the "M'up"* dept at G4 and E.

Yes, that is a monkey on her back, here for a shoot at ATTACK OF THE SHOW.

Shit just writes itself....or just a slow, uneventful day and this is the best shot I got for ya.

Primus said it best: "They all can't be zingers!"


* M'up=makeup for people who are too lazy to type "ake".

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Shot of the Day 335: Sensory Deprivation

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Out in North Hollywood, that's me getting head cast for *NAME WITHHELD*. Wish I could talk more about it but then I'd give away the nice surprises. Now, I actually like this part of the process; To not have to talk and be silent for 30-60 minutes? Dream come true for me, so I took the opportunity to just zen out while BLUES BROTHERS and then RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK played on a TV in the BG while the techs work around me, tell jokes and then draw on my head cast for shits and giggles. Guess it gets boring in the shop.

However, the hardest part wasn't having the world cut off from my senses, where my eyes, mouth, ears...basically my entire head is covered in alginate (nose holes were made to, you know, BREATH) for an extended period of time, nor was the FX guys tempting my only available sense (smell) with hamburgers and chicken tenders while I waited a problem. No, its the coming OFF that proved to be difficult, especially for a hairy fuck like yours truly. The alginate is just a fancy word for glue, and that glue has cemented itself to practically every follicle that is attached to my chest, back, neck, face, burn and head...basically anything from the nipple up has glue on it, and a beyotch to get off...hurts like a 100 bee stings. It was now I wish I had taken Bri's offer to completely shear me smooth this weekend to heart. There's glue still stuck in me and damn if it doesn't smart.

...Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow...

Hopefully the pain and the process are worth it....guess we'll see soon enough.

Happy December! One month to go....