Friday, December 25, 2009

Shot of the day 359: Happy Birthday Jesus!

Shot with Nikon D90, click to enlarge.

Happy Holidays all!

To say it was the "Best Christmas Ever" is unfair to prior holiday mornings, but whereas in the past I could never wrap (no pun) my head around the concept of why adults enjoyed Christmas as much as kids when we were getting the cool toys and they were opening the random pairs of socks or a new pair of jeans, this morning i got it. Watching one's kid smile wide with joy over discovering new presents is a new and glorious feeling indeed. The moment Remy came out of the bedroom, his eyes bulged at the Radio Flyer wagon he got and from there, it was like a candy store in here...for at least 10 minutes when he got a little bored and started playing with the soiled silverware in the dishwasher. Hey, the kid is barely one, Im shocked he lasted this long. But watching him as he discovered his first Christmas was worth all the pain, stress and financial woe this holiday brings along with the Yule Log and the Egg Nog. In years past it was just bones for Banzai (who of course got hooked up, don't worry), but now seeing the actual joy the holiday can give a child is incomparable. Can't wait for next year.

Merry Christmas!

Joe & The Fam.

PS: It's been a very long standing tradition, much to the dismay of my cholesterol level, to have Eggs Benedict (fried, not poached...we white trash, kid) for breakfast on Xmas morning, and this morning it was no different. Delicious doesn't begin to explain it. NOW this is Christmas.


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