Thursday, July 21, 2011

Comic-Con Week: Day #5-Late Night Nerdings

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Instead of post the usual shots of crowds, cosplay and the expected craziness of Comic-Con, I thought this image of my hallway in the hotel was a little more apt. For the past 2 days Ive been holed up in the room working and FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION, a collection of LOST fans have essentially taken the wing over as their personal Dharma Initiative party place...and all I keep hearing is the numbers "4 8 15 16 23 42" chanted over and over...and was that a smoke monster down the hall? It's getting kinda Abrams around here...

...but that's Comic-Con, for many, an annual getaway from the ordinary to step into the Extra-ordinary, to be amongst friends and family in all things geek and to be able to express themselves as "one of us" with no be free. Hmmm...reminds me of the plot of a movie.

So this is just the kind of shot you DONT see for Comic-Con...the smaller details that go into the experience for fans that should only be embraced and loved. Gotta respect that!

But then again...SHUT UP I NEED TO SLEEP!!!

Hurley Forever,


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comic-Con Week: Day #4 - San Diegomore!

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Finally made it to the hotel, and immediately its "Duty calls". But damn if this aint a view huh? Worth all the blood, sweat and tears over the next 2 days and will make the whole experience a LOT more fun. Top O the world, Ma.

More soon...but I think Spirits are in order for sure and then some long-earned slumber. It's gonna be a long weekend, but one we wont soon forget. I think its time to don some of my new armor...

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Comic-Con Week: Day #3 - 41 Hours of Battle

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The shells of ammo left behind on the battleground.

Tonight finally comes rest. For tomorrow....we storm San Diegomore.



Monday, July 18, 2011

Comic-Con Week: Day #2 - The Mixing Hour

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Another day another all-nighter. But, must battle on…

After Matt and I finished our sound design for CHILLERAMA last night (or was it this morning? Days are beginning to blend, folks) I went home and got about 3 hours of non-sleep and then rose from the dead to race over to the PR firm handling KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM for two pretty damn important interviews about the flick, which was just the jolt I needed to wake the F up. First up was the L.A. Times' Hero Complex, which is one of the biggest genre blogs in the land and then the famed WIRED magazine, which was a phoner, but so cool nonetheless. It was another great primer for the barrage of questions upon questions that will be flying fast in the days to come, but with Edith at my side (which I brought with me to the office), I'm ready!

Then after a post-interviews pow-wow with the IndieVest guys about our Panel plans in Hall H (Wait, it's still happening? It wasn't a dream!?!?),Matt & I bolted straight to the CHILLERAMA sound mix in the Valley, meeting up with ArieScope's trusted sound guru, Andy Garfield (who composed the fantastic score for FROZEN & the HATCHET films, seen above). Since then we've been cranking away at the sound mix for ZOM-B-MOVIE for the past 8 hours with plenty more to go. The Power of 5 Hour Power compels me.

Sleep is not an option.

Completion is our climax.

I don't even know what Im writing anymore. Starting to sound like a Stone Temple Pilots song.

Exhaustion is setting in…and its only Monday? Crap.




Sunday, July 17, 2011

Comic-Con Week: Day #1- Moans & Groans...(So it begins)

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"..We need another effect for Fat Fart-Woman"

So I'm back in the edit, its 6pm and we're mouth-farting and Xombie-moaning into a digital recorder. Typical Sunday evening, right?

Matt the editor and I are racing to finish up the sound design for my sections of CHILLERAMA, and we're on the last night before we're dashing into the mix with Andy Garfield for a quick stereo mix, then check FX shots at LIT Post AND fit in 2 big interviews for KNIGHTS in the am..and thats just in the next 24 hours. The madness of the Comic-Con marathon has just begun!

The past week since we last spoke has itself been a blur of sorts; so much has happened in such little time. From doing a coloring pass of CHILLERAMA at LIT Post (AMAZING digital intermediate artistes!) to putting the finishing touches on the KoB teaser with AV SQUAD (whose work Im a BIG fan their site to see ad agree!!) to sound spotting with CHILLER editor Matt (whose tireless dedication to this project is a sight to behold) to meetings with fellow directors on a secret project I'm working on right now (stay tuned for that one)...and this is all before Wednesday! I think I also ate a little and slept less.

Photo by Ryan Rotten

Wednesday was also a gas; IndieVest and the wonderful folks at ID PR set up a "Pre Comic-Con" interview day for myself, Mark & Matt where we got to show some media a select number of media some goodies from KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, including some of the props from the film (which was a stroke of genius, see above...funny how the ladies gravitated towards Kwanten's armor!). But it was really the first time anyone outside our "circle of trust" got to see some footage and from what I gathered from the feeling in the room...people were really digging it. We did two roundtables and it was a great primer for the week ahead being able to talk about the movie, even in repetition. Just strange how the last time I was in a "roundtable" was 11 years ago when I was part of a roundtable interviewing Vin Diesel for PITCH BLACK (where I was the only nerd who name-checked IRON GIANT, to which he was impressed. Thanks Brad Bird!) and I can see how these things can be a little strange, but everyone in both sessions seemed genuinely jazzed at what they saw, which was even more encouraging for the days ahead as we travel to the Hallowed Hall H. For more info (and even more pics) from the EW "First Look" check it out HERE!

BUT...we're not done yet!!! Right after I got home from the Roundtable sessions, the exclusive Comic-Con ONLY teaser poster for CHILLERAMA was unleashed onto the Internets courtesy of Image Entertainment, our fearless distributors, has sent it out along with info on the Comic-Con screening. Feast your eyes on this sexy sucker:

Poster art by Phil Roberts

The old-school concept (no photoshop baby!) was done by famed artist Phil Roberts, who I was a big fan of since his work on DETROIT ROCK CITY's poster. Now again, this is only for the con since the real poster will be even more epic, but since we needed something for the preview, Phil whipped this sucker up and damn if it aint a hoot. But get them quick, cause the MPAA supposedly was NOT pleased with it so it will likely become a collector's item (..or something you use for a dog paper when you get home from the con; at least use the white side!).
Great work Phil, thanks!!! For more info on the screening, click the link HERE!

So yeah...Wednesday...whew!

Thursday was equally interesting as the Entertainment Weekly article on KNIGHTS went online a day before press. Now, I had no clue what was going to come about from this; last week I got an email saying "We need you to talk to EW about the movie asap". Um, what!? OUR movie? Full disclosure: I like EW. I enjoy it and have for years. I've had a subscription since '91 and the fact that anything I say, let alone an image of a movie I directed?!?! Holy Schnikies! The interview was really cool; what was 15 minutes turned into 30, time flew by and the writer Anthony seemed happy with the results. CUT TO: The EW article comes out....

HOLY CRAP! This is the first time 3 of our heroes are shown "In game". Pretty killer huh?!?! Plus my dad's TRIK logo is on proud display, which is such a wonderfully bittersweet moment for me and the family (long story, check out my SHOT OF THE DAY #65 for a little more insight).

Now, I dunno if you read EW or not but a placement in "FIRST LOOK" is no small potatoes here folks. For an indie film? Its frikkin' RARE. But luckily enough we have some amazing actors who have been on the public consciousness as of late (especially with TRUE BLOOD starting again and The Dinklage getting an Emmy nom) so the pic landing in this spot in the mag for their annual Comic-Con Preview issue was just another moment of serendipity for this crazy flick. The image spread online like a zombie virus and suddenly, the awareness for KOB was hitting it's stride and only fueled everyone's excitement for the week(s) to come.

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

But that wasn't all...I also spent Thursday doing ADR for the CHILLERAMA "Comic-Con Mix" so we had all the loose ends tied up before screening. It was a blast seeing many of the actors again, even recording Bri and Remy for a few moments, and I relished in directing each actor to "give me a take of Zombie Humping" for our splatteriffic soundscape. It was so much fun, just so strange to have to shift from one project to the next in the span of a car ride. Then it was off to Pasadena to meet for said "Secret" project and then finally make it home by Midnight, which has been my usual "cut off" point. 18 hour day? Pffft. That's bankers hours, baby. But its all worth it.

On Friday, Matt and I began the laborious but exciting task of doing all the sound design for my segments of CHILLERAMA, which was again, a lot of squishing, screaming, moaning, defecating...clearly this is a family film! But its truly stunning what a great sound effect can do for a moment (and how the wrong one can take you out of the movie). Its been an all weekend process but its been a hootenanny for sure, coming up with unique ways to get sound effects. I learned that Macaroni Salad is a WONDERFUL tool for many of these SFX needs...who knew?

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

...and now here we are, on Sunday night before the mix, recording moans, groans and various other squishing SFX that would make DEAD ALIVE Peter Jackson proud. Nothing like the 11th hour, huh? Again, the version people are going to see on Friday is NOT going to be the completed cut. Image wanted to take advantage of the convention to get the good word out about the movie (which we're delivering right after the con is over) by showing a cut to the right fans...REAL fans! And while it wont be 100%, this seems to be the best crowd to get a hell of a first response, so we don't want to miss an opportunity like Comic-Con, right? Should be a lot of fun!

So....By this time next week, after the Marathon slows down and many a hangover is nursed, we'll be driving back from San Diego...and I have NO clue how its all gonna go. But I DO know we'll have given it our all, put our best sword forward and it will be an honor and thrill to have had the opportunity to go to Comic-Con with TWO movies, making this a dream within a dream come true. Hope to see you guys out there, please say hi and wish us luck!



Friday, July 08, 2011

Back for Battle!!

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Hey all,

Holy crap its been a while, how is everyone? Good? FanTAStic as Adam Rifkin would say.

Its been a pretty insane few days, let alone few MONTHS, and while I did tease out the "Uncle Cecil" pic for CHILLERAMA and hinted at things to come with my girl EVERLY, its been one hell of a ride thus far since we last spoke and we're ONLY getting started. The next few weeks are going to be bat-shit INSANE and I want to, even for my of edification, document it as much as possible before they whoosh by like a blur. So expect a LOT more pictures, hell maybe even a video or two, in the days, weeks and months ahead. Im still in shock over whats been going on, and it would be unfair for me NOT to share some of the adventure with you! Or just sound like a pompous make the call.

First, let me get you up to speed since last time we talked...where to begin!!!

Photo By Pete Moroz

-KOB AT COMIC-CON!: I'd say the biggest news is an absolute dream come true for a nerd like myself...our scrappy Indie Adventure film, KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM (which is you haven't been following, I did a "Shot of the Day" during pre-production and all through the process thus far) is coming to Comic-Con and in HIGH style!! For the uninitiated...Comic-Con is Nerdvana, the most amazing collection of geekdom in the land; one week where we can celebrate our passions and obsessions in the realms of genre film, TV, games, books and of course...comics! I've been going since 2004, either as a fan or media (with G4) and a few years back with WRONG TURN 2...but this year is different. This year...our new movie is going to have its true unveiling to the masses we made the movie for WITH the cast as well as show some exclusive footage for the very first time to the public. In HALL H, which is basically like arriving in the Wizard's Chambers in Oz. THIS is where all the big studios and huge blockbusters show off their wares and getting into the coveted Hall H to see some anything big is harder than a blood diamond, so when I heard it was even a slight possibility that our indie film would have an actual panel there, I was like Wayne Campbell: "Sheaah...RIIIGHT!" but lo and behold....The Knights are coming to Hall H muthafuckas!!!! Ill be on-stage with much of the amazing and dedicated ensemble, including Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau, Danny Pudi, Margarita Levieva, Michael Gladis and of course, Peter Dinklage (and possibly a few more...wink wink)! Can you fucking believe it?!? Me neither. Everyone's been so accommodating with their busy schedules to help us with this and I couldn't be more excited and honored to share the stage with these fine folks as we premiere the first official trailer (and maybe a few more surprises too). I hope to see you guys there...I promise you wont be dissapointed. And if you are...there's the door! I'll be documenting this amazing journey for sure so stay tuned on that one.

If you haven't already, follow the TWITTER feed, like the FACEBOOK page and check out the OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more!

Check out some good will we've gotten HERE, HERE & hell, even HERE!

Photo by Andrew Craig

-CHILLERAMA IS COMING!!!: It was announced a few weeks back but now its OFFICIAL. Image Entertainment is distributing our insane anthology CHILLERAMA this year! We're working round the clock to have it ready for a very special event happening VERY soon to keep your eyes peeled (ew!) but the other awesome news is...we were accepted into UK's FRIGHTFEST! That's right London...Green and I are baaaaack! Lock up your daughters, put away the sharp silverware and bring a plastic tarp to cover yourself with...cause CHILLERAMA is going to bring "Th Ultimate Midnight Movie" BACK to Leicester Square! We're playing the Midnight show on Saturday night and truth be told, the last few midnight shows in that slot have been a liiiiitle lacking, so the wonderful chaps at FF (Alan, Paul, Ian & Greg) decided its time to put the balls back into the Witching Hour. I CHALLENGE all the FrightFesters to stick around at's gonna be a HELL of a night for sure!!!

Rifkin, Sullivan, Green, myself, The ArieScope crew & Image are extremely proud of this homage to B-Horror history and there is sure to be something for every (Bad) taste! We're bringing the feeling of being at a New Beverly Midnight show to the masses...and its gonna get messy ;)

Read more about the FrightFest event HERE! And check out more details on the distribution of CHILLERAMA HERE! Screw SUCKER will DEFINETELY NOT BE PREPARED for this one folks!!! ....and get ready for more surprises announced in the next few days!!

-MY VIDEO REMIXES GONE WILD!: Man, it's been a busy week already, huh? Well, in between the KOB Comic-Con announcement and CHILLERAMA finding a happy home, I also unleashed my latest video remix, "Short Time Bomb", which could actually be my favorite one yet.

If you dont know already; since I was old enough to hook up 2 VCR's (i.e. age 10), I've been "remixing" my favorite movie scenes with music I love. This is probably why directing music videos has always been a passion of mine, not merely a stepping stone like other directors. I LOVE taking visuals and music and fashioning them together, and many times I watch a movie and say "Man, this scene needs some Pantera" or "Could you imagine that scene with some Tribe Called Quest?" So i used to make these little "remixes" just to show my family and friends, most of whom would go "" and go back to their business, but I never stopped doing them and with the advent of digital editing and the wonderful world of viral video sharing, I began just doing them, almost as a stress reliever from a hard day or work or in the middle of an edit late at night when something is taking 4 hours to render. I've put a few up in the past (check out my remix of OLDBOY HERE or a fun faux PSA for DIE HARD HERE, amongst others) but 2 months back I had some inspirado while driving home listening to the AMAZING new Beastie Boys album and a few hours later..."POP YOUR INNERSPACE" was born! Now, this is nothing official, just me having some fun, but after it put it online, INNERSPACE director Joe Dante actually checked it out and sent me the NICEST email, and MCA from the Beasties gave it a thumbs up as well! Again, to take two things I love and smush them together?! Well, that's what art kinda is right? At least Andy Warhol would approve...

Which leads me to my latest Remix, which was again made one very late night after hearing one of 311's new songs (they asked me to come up with some ideas for a video, sadly a video didn't work out) but since I couldn't get the song out of my head, and because the song made me think back to this one kinda obscure action comedy I always remembered loving that played on HBO 4 times a week...well again...the Inspirado hit me like a speeding Plymouth and next thing I know Im taking Dabney Coleman and setting this absolutely gonzo car chase to the strains of one of 311's newest songs, "Time Bomb" off of their new album UNIVERSAL PULSE (out July 19th!). Now, this was really just an late night hobby, purging this need to make something creative while slogging away at a mundane edit I got sucked into, but immediately...I just...couldn't stop....and from that, we have this mini-Epic, "Short Time Bomb".

NOTE: Why the long intro? Well, without it, since the plot is integral to the main character's drive to be killed in the line of duty, The Dabney would just come off as a reckless asshead. But if you give an abridged set-up (disguised as a TV show prologue to catch the viewer up to previous plot points similar in fashion to most of HBO's series) then you know his intentions are crazy, but good-natured. Knowing the band and being such a fan, I didn't want a negative message to go along with this extreme, almost comic violence. So when it was suggested that I cut the prologue out, I posed the question: "Would you sacrifice your own life for your family's well being?" and the message struck, especially to some of the guys who just became fathers (like myself!) So thankfully, they completely embraced the video idea even if its not an official clip and gave me permission to put it out there as a "fan film" and Im honored to have their blessing. Sadly, SHORT TIME is not available anywhere, which is a shame because its a pretty great film (with a fantastic concept...I smell remake!!) and one of Coleman's best performances but to pay homage to both a band I love and a film I truly admire (with a car chase that rivals most of the FAST/FURIOUS movies easily and even stands up to classics like FRENCH CONNECTION & BULLITT) was absolutely worth one sleepless night. Enjoy!

Well...I think that's enough typing for the moment and plenty of catch-up for the three or so of you out there who read this thing (Hi Mom! Yes I got the card, thanks!) but keep checking back....I promise Ill be posting more very soon...swearzies!

Photo By Pete Moroz

Staying Awake,