Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Shot of the Day 343: Lil Fat Man

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Been consolidating our entertainment collection lately, including video games. I have a serious doubt that I'll ever fire up my old dusty Playstation 2, back compatibility or not, so I collected them all from the bottom of the pile, including VICE CITY, AMPLITUDE & the original GUITAR HERO, and walked them into GAME PLAY on Venice to see if I could sell them, maybe pick up a used title (hoping MODERN WARFARE 2 was speed-finished by some ADD-addled geek who wanted to lose it quick for another game) along the way. Sadly, no new/used games worth getting and the 25 PS2 games I unloaded only amassed 20 measly ducats, which I got as store credit. Guess used games don't have much value that far back in the console wars.

As I stood there at the counter as they quantified my wares, a familiar fat man stared back at me with his usual happy-go-spaghetti grin, and I realized that as of this month, I have been in the video game business for 10 years now, starting with IGN's show on Pseudo back in 1999 till now with my various positions with G4. This fat little dude has been part of my life for so long, yet I haven't really sat down and button mashed with the plump plumber in a long time. Right there, I even contemplated buying a Wii (which has always been on the "maybe I should get that" list) just to get the new Super Mario Bros. game everyone is yammering about...but then my better judgement and I walked out Mario-less. Its for the best. Last thing I need is another set of games I can't play...I still only average about 8 minutes of daily gameplay on LEFT 4 DEAD 2 ("Player 1 has entered the ga-WAAAAAAA-"Player 1 has left the game") so better to keep my gaming on a short leash.



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