Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shot of the day 350: Quiet on the more time

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge

Down on the 2nd floor on the MMO REPORT set, which used to be a VO recording booth till we converted it to a makeshift set for MMO and FRESH INK, thus we still get to use this killer light that annoys everyone else in the near vicinity. This, sadly, will be the last time in '09 we shoot here, which has become a weekly staple in my schedule to have a little fun and be creative. By Wednesday, my frustrations get to a point where laughing it up with Patrick the producer and Casey the host, thinking of some innovative, cool ideas to make the show kookier, is a much needed tension breaker. Today we shot the final shows and I'm really excited for them to roll out as i think we outdid ourselves this time. But come January, ANOTHER show is getting shoved in the small space, so it just wont be the same. However, as long as I still have my 'Hump Day" funnies and get to throw on this cool "recording" light once a week, I'll be good to go.

Go again? One for safety.
Back to one! And.....action.



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