Monday, October 26, 2009

Shot of the Day #299: Gore-roovy!

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Here is Ash-er, Chris Gore, sporting a MEAN looking Ash-from-ARMY OF DARKNESS getup for the AOTS Halloween taping. Bad-dass. He MIGHT even qualify for "Badassdom"....

Funny how people intersect throughout life, criss-crossing through each other's radars. I've known ABOUT Chris for almost 15 years now, being a big fan of his Indie-punk-Indie film mag FILM THREAT and his awesomely dangerous short RED. While in film school he came to Syracuse with his tour of odd short films and stories of Hollywood babylon (including an amazing recounting of how Charlie Sheen got falsely busted for having Adam Rifkin's snuff film...let Chris tell you) and I followed him around asking all about NEKROMANTIK 2, which his video offshoot distributed. Then years later I met up with him in 1999 for the Sundance FIlm Festival, where he covered a Troma event and we got chummy. Then years later, we both crashed into each other at G4, where he was doing interstitials and eventually becoming a major player on ATTACK OF THE SHOW, and I...well, I did what I did at G4, in various capacities. But we've always kept in touch, always been ardent supporters of each other's work and I really respect the dude. Plus...his twitters are HILARIOUS. He's a must follow.

Chris is good peoples. Even better dressed in this badassery.



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