Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shot of the Day #59: Staring at nothing, and everything.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

This was my vantage point at 9am this morning, when I awoke to my iphone buzzing on my pillow. The caller ID said "Joe Lynch Sr." (my dad) and my heart began to race. Was he better and able to talk? The night before, he was raced to the hospital again due to complications breathing as the lung cancer spread, so I was just on edge for an update. I was even shocked to get any call at all since at the place we were staying at in Utah, I could barely send a text let alone get a call, the signal was so weak. So this was already a miracle that the phone rang.

Sadly, it was my mom, saying that it had gotten much, much worse. She asked if I wanted to say goodbye to him. Dad was heavily Morph'd up and while he couldn't speak anymore, he was awake and cognizant, so she said now was the time to say whatever I wanted since I wasn't there and would never make it back home in time.

Nothing in a blog will ever profess what one has to go through in this moment.

So I sat up, took a deep breath, which was actually a little difficult in this higher elevation. Tried to collect myself and think what the hell one says in this moment. But as I sat on the bed, on the phone, what you see above was my POV as I spoke to my father for the last time, and what I stared at LONG after I hung up. Just...staring. The shot is of no real significance or even a particularly decent shot, but its an image that will stay with me forever, however blase it is.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Shot of the Day #58: The Hardest Working Man on this show(biz)

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

...or rather, kid. This here is "Dean Schneiderman", the director's assistant. "Dean" is not his actual moniker, which we will conceal for the time being (for your safety and mine). The actual name has a wonderful story behind it, but because Im currently on-set and if I apply any more force to press down on the keys with my fingers they might snap off, I'll tell you when we hang out later, OK? It's that fucking cold.

But "Dean" here was rushing between the crafty area (located in a snug lil' cabin about 100 yards off) and the set, seen behind him, fetching some coffee for heir direktor, and the kid exudes and energy that's both impressing and kinda infectious.

Oh...The time it takes between pouring those cups of coffee and placing them in the hands of the director and producer: aprox 1:20.
Time it took for said hot beverage to turn ice cold: 1:19.

Yes, its that fucking cold out, did I mention that?

I applaud the tenacity of every person on this set, how everyone is just so gung-ho despite the conditions, from the crew in every dept to the cast, but this kid is fucking tireless. AND he's wickedly funny, so he's been keeping everyone in good, warm spirits.

More sets need a "Dean Schneiderman" and I plan on having him on mine for sure. Go "Dean"! GO!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shot of the Day #57: LOOOONG WAY DOWN.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Not sure how much Im supposed to be talking about this, but needless to say, here I am at 7900 feet on a ski-lift and while Im not afraid of heights one bit, being all the way up here, stuck for about an hour in the freezing cold (the wind chill was about 0 degrees!) with no safety was a wee bit nerve-racking. But fuck was it fun. This project is going to destroy (in the best way possible). Kick ass guys....

Also, I got to meet "me", which was a trip and 2/3rds. Ill leave it at that for now.

More soon....I gotta go nurse my cocksicle now.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shot of the Day #56: Air-bourne air-drums...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

So Im off to the set of Green's movie (shhhh, top secret stuff) and from the moment I woke up, to this moment above, my blood was simmering over on the boil for various reasons, most of which were out of my control so I just had to take a big sip of shit and digest it. I finally get to the flight, finally get my seat and buckle in, and trying to decompress and clear my head...and I have to hear this whackadoo's earphones blasting some kind of world music as he air-drums away, seen here. Now, I think he was kinda...oh what's the word..."mentally challenged"? That's a nice way to say it...but then I peek at his screen as he bashes away at the imaginary snare drums with his invisible sticks and see he's doing his taxes! Maybe he's of the Rainman contingent, but suffice to say, he had no inner air-drum censor as he rocked out, annoying me in my peripheral vision the whole time. I sucked it up and made script notes, trying hard not to notice as he channels his inner Grohl.

Finally got into SLC and had to wait a few hours for my ride (the shuttle taxi was picking someone else up so it was either wait or pay $150 for a cab...the wait won out) and while waiting, i braved a tuna sandwich from the vending machine, the ONLY thing that seemed 10% edible and with my stomach screaming for sustinence, I had to oblige. Question: Is tuna salad supposed to be blue? Let me know, PLEASE. But finally arrived at the house everyone is staying at and I passed out, ready to hit the set bright and early...super excited.


New 311 promo video! (and some oldies but goodies)

Hey all,

Here is a little video I did a few weeks back, before the coming of The Remy, for one of my favorite bands, 311. It was an amazing, if VERY fast collaboration (shot in a few hours, cut in a few hours...and 4 weeks to upload, hahahaha) and it was an honor to work with the guys again. Here is the link, in un-glorious SD (the HD version got screwed up by YouTube, thanks guys):

Also, here are 2 other videos I did with the band a few years back with my good friend Steve Oritt that was included on their EVOLVER album. These were a blast to make...and look for my cameo!!!

The Making of the Evolver Album Cover:

The Evolution of Evolver:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shot of the Day #55: O'Groats is God.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

At John 'O Groats, enjoying the below picture (Eggs Benedict & Lemon Pancakes). Been dying to go here since my friend Alex took me here a few months back for a meeting and been waiting for my in-laws to come in so I have an excuse to come. Now, I'm a breakfast fetishist, love every incarnation of the first (and most important) meal, sweet and savory, and this place is like Breakfast Porn. I love the 50's inflections in the decor too, like an old diner. if you love breakfast and orgasms, John O Groats mashes them together in the batter.

So fucking good.

I gotta stop shooting food.


Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Best music news I've heard in years

...seriously, I think I've been waiting to hear this news for 10 or so years...always going back to THIS site since 1998, waiting to see the news update (which seems someone is asleep at the wheel and hasn't heard the news):


Oh wait...only touring in Europe?? Well, I'm praying that this is only a warm up for a North American tour and you can bet your sweet bippy (as granny always says) that Bri and I will be getting tickets to see this historic event. FNM was one of those bands we both went 'You like them too?" so it was an instant bonder....

....and ANGEL DUST is one of the albums that I would hope I had on my iphone when Oceanic 815 hits the island, it's just that monumental an album. If we get lucky to see them live (which would allow me to FINALLY cross them off the list of "Amazing bands I never saw play"...guess Nirvana wont be leaving that list anytime soon :( ), I could justify going to heaven then. Crossing fingers!!!!!

Read the news blast HERE.

"....what is IT?!!"


Monday, February 23, 2009

Shot of the Day #54: A view from above...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

It was a DEFENDING YOUR LIFE kinda day, at least in terms of the weather (70's & sunny!) so with Bri feeling OK and Remy itching for some "good vibrations", we set off on an extended walk around the block with the Squizz, which was a nice escape from the sweltering cavern that is our apartment.

Nothing exciting, I know. But exciting to us, and this situation is making us appreciate things like a stroll around the block all the more. So...enjoy it or suck it.


His Name was Jason: Best review ever?


This guy gives a heart-felt review of the JASON doc and proceeds to rip Green and I a new asshole for the "Friday in 4 minutes" featurette they cut together from us geeking out over the Friday series we love and adore. I was watching whilst taking a wonderful kid to the pool on my iphone and i literally shit AGAIN when he called us out with venom usually reserved for nazis and child-molesters.

Start at about 6:20 to hear the best rant ever; he even takes a breath and takes off his cap before shit gets serious. Best line? "I'm actually a calm guy in real life".

So...I take it he wont be buying the FRIDAY 4 DVD re-issue where Green and I do a commentary track? I'm guessing NOT.

I'm honored, thanks for the shout-out!

Yee Haw,


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shot of the Day #53: Oscars 2009

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Pretty shit-tastic day actually, but at least we had the Oscars right? Remy's First Academy Awards, one to remember...and he wasn't a total scream-box the whole telecast! Respect Rem, respect.

As for our ballots, well...I did pretty "meh" considering this is one of the few years I didn't see everything, so there was some semi-calculated guessing going on here. I'm glad SLUMDOG, Danny Boyle, Anthony Dodd Mantle, Greg Canom & Heath won, sad Mickey, WALTZ & IN BRUGE got snubbed, and thought Hugh & co. did a great job with the new approach to the show, all snafus considering (someone's getting FIRED for that curtain mishap in the beginning moments). I'm just glad they didn't bring back that gimmick where they would have all the nominees on-stage and then highlight the winner (Sorry Losers, now get the Fudge off the stage...buh bye). Just crazy to think that all these big stars are only a few miles away from here, noshing on Wolfgang Puck and hob-knobbing with the best of 'em. Must be a hell of a time.

So for shits and giggles, enjoy my lackluster score...even if I won 4 bucks out of it. Huzzah!



Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shot of the Day #52: SymMEATry...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

On the way to TWO obligatory birthday fetes (as quickly as I can since I didn't want to leave Bri & Remy home alone long), I stopped by The Apple Pan, a tiny, old-fashioned Burger joint on Pico. Luke (Birthday boy #2 of the night's schedule) actually took me here once, and I thought, since my stomach was a bit empty, a nice greasy burger would serve my alcohol consumption well for the night. Usually the place is so packed, and because the place can only seat about 35, there are times hungry patrons must stand and wait for others to finish before they can bit into what could be the best burger in town. I swear, these things are made with succulent slices of Angel Vagina. Luckily, I only had to wait 5 minutes before someone got up, and with only 15 minutes to spare before Bear (Birthday Boy #1) and his gang went on-stage at The Mint, I quickly ordered a Steak burger and fries. The old "Soda Jerk" behind the counter scoffed at my request for the Tillamook Cheddar (.85 cents extra) and when i asked for mayo for my fries, he laughed 'Well, this fella is some highfalutin connoisseur or something!". I guess....

2 Minutes later my fries and Creme Soda (hey, gotta do it right) arrive and not 6 minutes after, a well-dressed murder-wich was delivered to my eyeline. Wow, this fucker looked good, and quite filling too. Any chance for pie (made fresh daily) was dashed between the bun-held cardiac arrest before me, but when I first looked down at the food placement in my area i noticed the interesting symmetry going on. The check, the soda and bottle, the fries, condiments and burger, all so..Rorschach, no? I swear, these food items were not moved or re-situated by humble writer; this was how I found it, before I devoured the fuckers right quick. A sign? Am I like the guy in Pi, finding patterns in swirls of coffee and phone books?

No, I was just looking for a heart attack, or just some wicked gas....right

Woah. That one could murder souls. You're lucky you can't smell this shit ghost right now. Boo dude, indeed.

But man, what a burger. If you're in the area, it's a must-consume.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Shot of the Day #51: One of those days...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Man...isn't Friday supposed to be a day where, on the eve of the weekend, shit is supposed to go RIGHT? Feels more like a "Monday" to me.

Just got back from being, as my friend Yaniv so eloquently put it once, "anally raped in the mouth" at my accountant. I don't know if that translates into actual A.T.M. but I'm feeling every word of that phrase; I went in thinking I was gonna get a nice return, and because of a fucked clause in a residual check from WT2 (Thanks Canada!! Fuckers!!), now I end up having to owe "the man". Was NOT expecting that. Shitfarts!
So all the time spent going through receipts, calculating, re-calculating and then some did NOTHING for the cause, and I'm not only fuming, I'm thinking that job at the strip joint is looking better and better, although my Moobs are not as full and bouncy as they once were (damn you gym!). Still trying to figure out how to fix the situation, but what I thought was gonna be a nice start to the weekend is now a scramble to rejigger our budget and I'm about as well versed with numbers as a donkey is with a rubik's cube. Gonna be fun. I take Banzai out for our usual "round the block" walk to let her stretch her legs and take a shit or 3 (and for me to let off some steam), I notice this portly dude walking towards us with a chocolate Now, since Banzai was attacked a few years back at the park, she hasn't been too friendly with strange dogs and mostly on the defensive, so to avoid a ruckus, I usually pick her up, nod to the passer-by and say in an almost apologetic tone "Sorry, she's not feeling good today" and move on. Now from what I remember, its a law to have your dog leashed up in public (gonna have to look that up now, stay tuned) so I'm wondering why this guy seems so oblivious. I've seen this guy in the past, but always just missed him as he and his dog go inside their apartment complex before we pass, but this time, it was a bit of a stand-off. Banzai slowed upon seeing the dog, the hackles went up and I lifter her for protection (for both of them), and the guy just passes by me, so I said in as friendly a tone as possible "Please put your dog on a leash".

"Well, why don't you shave your beard!"

Um, huh? That's it? That's your retort?

"What does that have to do with anything?" I said.

"Mind your buisness man..."

"No, why don't you keep your dog from attacking mine by doing what you're supoposed to and put it on-"

-and to prove my point, his dog is up on me and Banzai, sniffing aggressively.

"-see? because I dont want your dog to attack mine!" and I turn to the dog: "Fuck off dog!" (in retrospect, I feel bad I yelled at the dog. Sorry, dog)

"Don't talk to my dog like that! Ill fucking kill you!"

Impulse and adrenaline kicked in and Im literally IN this guys face, looking down at his fat maw.

"Go ahead motherfucker. Kill me. I fucking WANT you to. Fucking do it."
(at the very least I wouldnt have to worry about the Taxes then, but would kinda suck leaving Bri, Remy and Banzai alone, so it's an unrealistic request)

"Well...Fuck you man."

A few more F-bombs were exchanged, I think I called him a "Fat fluck" to which he said "Nice use of BIG WORDS!" and he ended up walking away saying "You look like the Unabomber", which, in retrospect, makes little sense. First off, my beard isn't as shaggy as it's been in the past (and it can get REALLY burly) and secondly, didn't the Unabomber have sweet moustache? Dude, get your shitty references straight.

...and that was that. I walked off, Banzai shaking, me shaking a bit too from the intensity of the moment, and I've been in a shitty mood ever since. TGIF, huh?

Here's hoping for a better weekend,


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shot of the Day #50 (!): 'Pickle' of the past...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

So we get to the doctor's office-just in time-and have a few minutes in the waiting room, and while I'm rocking Remy to serenity, my eyes catch a familiar title font. I look down and amidst the year old People magazines (Britney's having a meltdown!) and various baby brochures is a book that was so oddly familier. Once I focused, immediately took me back about 25 years, like a mental time-warp. I have no clue how I would remember such a memory, but this is the SAME Sweet Pickles book series that was on a shelf in my pre-school room, and I can remember like it was 2 days ago. The books, which were kept in a commerative box shaped like a van, were a personal favorite of mine, how I would gravitate towards it every day instead of worrying about some stupid "show and tell" bullhonkey or a finger painting session. The colors, the animals, I seriously remember it all.

...and now I have a kid, sitting in my lap. How time you can change so much but a thing like a children's book is frozen in time, passed from generation to generation. Will Remy be reading these someday?I dunno...but I'm already on Amazon.


PS: Holy crap, I made it to 50! I think we need to celebrate....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shot of the Day #49: End of an era...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Pretty eventful day yesterday...

Little man got his checkup (everything is lookin' A OK) and then afterwards, Bri, Jan (Bri's mom), Remy and I stopped by the WB studios in Burbank, where Bear had invited us to witness the FINAL Orchestra session for the series finale of BSG. Being the huge frakkin' nerds we are for the show (Jan? Not so much...but she was stuck on the ride) we couldnt pass up the opportunity to see Bear do his thing one last time, even if we were only there for 15 minutes before it was time to dash. I was lucky enough to see him on the Eastwood Soundstage a few years back with my friend Yale, JUST when i was getting into the show, and even then, when i had no clue what the hell was going on when they showed playback of the footage they were scoring (it was the rescue on New Caprica, BTW), I was blown away at how symbiotic McCreary with with the show. In many ways, his music is also a character, the greek chorus if you will...with more percussion. But if this was the last time he was going to do it, we couldn't miss the opportunity.

When we walked in the orchestra was in full swing, and luckily, the techs purposefully left the video playback off the big screen so nothing would be spoiled (thanks!)...and who should be sitting behind Steve Kaplan, Bear's long-time engineer/partner-in-crime as he was calling takes behind the soundboard? None other than Gaeta himself, Alessandro Juliani, who had a BIG part in this last series of episodes (and an amazing arc overall in the show, he was great). Dunno why he was there, but he was, and Bri and I got a little geeked-out at the sight of our "one-legged friend" (see the show to know what I mean).

Bear was with the orchestra on the huge soundstage, waving his hands like a madman, getting every moment right. I was impressed how nuanced they were with each take..."Too breathy on 67" or "On 19, we heard a slight emotionless beat there, can we do that again?" "Amanda, can you go a little more Stylistico on the next one?" (actually it was a word LIKE 'stylistico' but I forgot it). Very impressed. These guys aren't frakkin' around.

Oh, the music? If its any indication, this final episode will be absolutely mind-blowingly epic. Bear himself has said its been the most challenging set of compositions he's ever done and what we heard was nothing short of aural magic. I can't wait to see it laid onto the picture on that final episode, and it will surely be a bittersweet affair for all, being that its one of the best shows on TV....ever.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Remy was also impressed with the music, as he snoozed soundly as the music swelled. We've noticed the kid is a big music fan...cause when it's big and loud, he's calm as a lake. This kid RULEZ!

Afterwards we got to see Bear for a moment and he looked tired but filled with pride, walking into the booth going "Not bad, huh?" Not bad indeed, Sir McCreary, your modesty is well noted. I cannot WAIT to work with him again. Much thanks for the invite; even if we were only there for a tiny slice of time, it truly was an honor to be there to witness the end of history being made before our eyes. So say we all.

Speaking of which, after that we raced home, I "evacuated" and then was off on the road again, this time to my first script meeting to (TITLE WITHHELD). I was kinda nervous, being that this was the first time since my final pitch meeting that i got to sound off on my wild ideas for the flick, but my nerves were quelled the moment i met with the guys again. I can confidently say that it was one of the BEST script meetings I had ever been part of, and it only made me even more excited to get this puppy runnin'. After the meeting, I got in the car, CRANKED the metal (Black Dahlia Murder, Strapping Young Lad, a little Slayer & Dillinger Escape Plan for those playing along at home) and drove him with a shit eating grin on my face.

Overall, it was a good day.

Oh, also watched DEAD SNOW when the gang went to bed. Fun, but I guess I was a little too hyped over it when when the credits rolled I kinda just shrugged. Personally, any movie that plays Sundance, even the Midnight program emits an air of alt-quality & prestige (in the past, movies like THE CONVENT, THE SIGNAL & JACK BROOKS played and I dug them; GRACE also played this year and I loved it) but DEAD to me felt a little slight, yet tried too hard at points to be EVIL DEAD-ish and came off more TROMA-esque (not necessarily a bad thing). I guess the promise of Nazi Zombies was too much to hold an entire film, but there were some really cool moments, to be fair. If you're looking for Snow-based Euro-trash horror, I'd actually recommend COLD PREY, which was much more effective. Just my two cents...rub them together if you will.

So, there you go.


PS: Sorry if this posted late; Internets went down last night so it got post-dated. Ma bad.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shot of the Day #48: Eyes hurting

Shot with Macbook Pro camera. Click to enlarge.

Sorry, nothing exciting or evocatively composed today. Spent the entire day in one spot (seen above), eyes glued to my laptop screen, fingers tapping away furiously for god-knows how long. Writing, writing, writing. Hours sped by like minutes. I'd say 90% of what was written was good, constructive stuff for a big meeting tomorrow which I'm so excited about (stay tuned for more details soon). The rest of the time was refreshing my Twitter page (seen to your right). I think I'm addicted, and not two weeks ago I was telling Gunn "Dude, I dont need to let people know that I just took a shit 2 minutes ago?" Then I thought about it.

Hungry now, must eat. Eyes hurt so much they sting even without having the contacts in. K bye.

Wait, should I Twitter that?


Monday, February 16, 2009

Shot of the Day #47: Baja Pilgrim

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Been consolidating/cleaning/re-filing/situating all day and had to get out of the house for food, so drove down the street to Baja Fresh, which I gotta admit, corners the market in the McBurrito market here in LA. Since i didn't call ahead, I had time to kill, and had Scott Pilgrim Vol 2 in the car, so I took it in to read while I was there. VERY late to the game on this one (Thanks to Blair, Devin and Bri for turning me onto it), I was immediately hooked and can't wait to keep plowing through the further adventures of Scott, Ramona, Knives, Wallace and the rest...and also am even MORE excited about Edgar's movie adaptation. Perfect fit.

If you haven't had a chicken Burrito Ultimo while reading Bryan Lee O'Malley's epic saga...I highly recommend it. It is choice.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shot of the Day #46: Halsey 'N Friends

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.

Shot of the "fam" congregating in our sparse bedroom during chow time. Just something about this moment felt SOTD-worthy, between the Larry Clark-esque stark lighting, the Kurt Halsey drawings Bri recently popped on the wall to 'Zazz' the room up and Banzai conquering the foreground....shit just clicked. So did I.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shot of the Day #45: Love at Urth

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Needed to get ma' baby mama out for V-day, so we went to one of our favorite eateries, URTH cafe while Bri's mom watched R.P., blissfully milk drunk and out at least for the next hour or so. Over amazing tea lattes and some awesome sangwiches, I had to capture a moment with the woman I love. Life is good.


PS: FRIDAY THE 13TH 12.0: Im still seething. Does that say enough? Ugh and double UGH.

Between that and CORALINE (good, not GREAT), its been a "meh" week for movies for me, or either my expectations were just WAY too high. The difference though movie Ill give another chance (given it was a terrible day preceeding the screening at 11pm), another one Ill probably/hopefully never see again.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shot of the Day #44: Vegan Voorhees!!

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

...saw this at Follow Your Heart, a great vegan eatery in Canoga Park, on "Deep Dish Pizza" night (also a favorite of the Coscarelli family, who we've seen there before). Thought it was hilarious that THEY even respect the Jason...and who knew that the big man was Vegan?? I mean, it makes sense; Abstinence...clean, drug-free living...loves his mother, I can totally see it.

Happy Friday the 13th!!


Happy St. Voorhees Day!

Glad to be back and, for better or worse, THRILLED to see a new F13 on opening night...and at the Arclight. no less! Seems strangely bourgerois for our boy Jason, but i love it.

See you tonight suckas!!!


PS: If you have STARZ, check out the cool doc I'm in about the F13 series, HIS NAME WAS JASON...or go buy it!!

PPS: If you have the best channel in the world, HDNET, they are-Coincidence?-playing F13 pt. 3-8...SWEET.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shot of the Day #43: Welcome back, kid...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

...a brief glimpse into my childhood view, my bedroom, or at least one swatch of it.

In the past I've usually slept on the couch downstairs, either because Bri and I couldn't fit on the Queen bed I used to have in there (no replaced with some flimsy twin bed one step up from an inflat-a-bed) or I just didn't want to smell 20 year old shit-ghosts still possibly looming about, waiting to strike.

This time being home, I was just...compelled to sleep in there, especially being solo this time out. Much-needed nostalgia was coursing through my veins, and I found myself folding into the tiny bed each night.

Waking up before having to fly back today was a mental time-warp; for a split second, I thought I was late for the bus. Seriously, I woke up going "Cripes! The tard-cart is outside!" (Ed. note: Going to catholic school, local students were transported in the mini-busses usually reserved for the handi-capable or um...well, you know) and it took me a moment to realise that this wasn't my room anymore, and it was 14 years later, and that I am a different person now. Well, somewhat; sure, I have a wife (holy crap! I had a girlfriend!?) and now a kid (HOLY SCHNIKIES!?! I HAD SEX!?!?!?!) but the little geek was still there, and the desk set filled with horror novels,old posters from many a Weekend of Horrors, band stickers and other nerdy contraband was a stark reminder of that. It looks like it didn't change a bit. My brothers have rummaged and pilfered through it, probably on a quest for decorations for their own room, random porn (which they never did find, HA!) or other bric-a-brac (I used to have a sweet vintage PSYCHO poster-distributed by Paramount Pictures! Very cool), but otherwise, it feels untouched, frozen in time. Ah, this room, my old room, sure has some memories.

But it's not my room anymore, is it? Now my once room is a glorified closet, where the clean laundry resides and crap that has no other place goes to die. Guess it's just not my room anymore, and when I closed it today, I didn't look back.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shot of the Day #42: Light at the end...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

...of the tunnel. Midtown tunnel, that is. These drives into the city make me miss NYC so much. Wish they were on better terms.


"...and I want ma SCALPS"

Speaks for itself. QT is a god.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shot of the Day #41: The Strongest Hands I Know.

Shot with iphone. Click to Enlarge.

'Nuff said.


Monday, February 09, 2009

Shot of the Day #40: Desolation JFK

Shot on iphone. Click to enlarge.

Got into JFK around 10 last night and surprisingly, it was, um..."dead". I'd never seen it so desolate and empty; I felt like the commuter in AMERICAN WEREWOLF in the tube before he becomes a late-night tunnel snack. Guess I had Landis on the brain from reading that retrospective book on the flight...see below:

...just waiting to see the Naughtonwolf's head peek out from the top of the frame for a half-second....but a half second is all you need, right? Shiver.

It's cold here.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Shot of the Day #39: Huff, Huff, Huff...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Machine: Abdominal Crunch
Weight: 80lbs
Settings: Feet-5 holes Seat-2 holes
Reps: 30 crunches X3
Music: "Wicked Garden" by Stone Temple Pilots (on random).
Perspiration: a LOT

Me: Hating the gym. But, not feeling confident with my body and hating to see my fat ass on TV/Video/Film, espeically the Douche Bros. shorts and the HIS NAME WAS JASON doc I was just in (which you can buy HERE), its worth the sweat and pain involved. I guess. Ugh.


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shot of the Day #38: Introducing...

World, meet Remy.

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.

Remy Plissken Mackay Lynch

was gently born at home on Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 11:39 am
after just under four hours of labor.

He weighed 6 lbs 10 oz, and was 21 inches long.

He has dark blue eyes and light brown hair, with blond eyelashes and eyebrows.

He has very long legs and arms so we think he'll be tall like his dad.

We are so thrilled and in love, he is everything we ever hoped for.
He is very healthy, happy and strong.

Bri is recovering very well and the whole family is thrilled and enamored with our new little blessing.

All our love~

Joe, Briana, Banzai, and, of course, Remy.


Friday, February 06, 2009

Shot of the Day #37: Do you REALLY want...

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge. know what's in this pill?


...I didn't think so either. Let's just play dumb on this one, for your own good.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Shot of the Day #36: "Thank God for the rain..."

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

"... to wash the trash off the sidewalk."
-T. Bickle

...or satellite. Stormed hard today, Remy's first rain. What he must have been thinking.

Funny how I remember the days when it would downpour and the cable would frazz out, leaving us with-GOD FORBID!-books to read, or MAYBE if we were lucky, Mom would go to the library and rent a VHS. The best memory was when she brought home RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, which featured rain as a major plot point in spreading the "More Brains!" virus. Freaked my brothers and I out for a LONG time and to this day, every time I start seeing drop of rain against glass, I think:

...I had a very warped childhood.



I was a big Coffin Joe fan as a kid, and this just made me feel 12 again. Sadly, I was a fucked up little kid, if this trailer "bringing me back" is any indication. Har.

The Lovelies strike! Jen & Sian's "Letter Time!"

Hey all,

Here is a great, subversively fucked-up short our good friends from across the pond, Jen and Sian (two of the FrightFest "Lovelies" Adam & I became great friends with while there), made recently and since I'll be watching a LOT of these shitty kids shows soon, it was a good way to acclimate into the genre. Love the horror references too and how they're integrated into the faux-program; I wish SESEME STREET & THE ELECTRIC COMPANY had nods to my favorite horror flicks! Hmmmm....I think these lovelies are onto something.

Great work gang! Keep up the face-fapingly good work!

Staying Scary,

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Shot of the Day #35: Frak you, bastards!!!!

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Damn you, Galactica. Damn you.

Those dreaded 3 words that occasionally climax some of episodes of our favorite TV show appeared again, right when it was getting Frakking GOOOOD. Ugh.

This season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is nearing an emotional and explosive end and after a muted, internalized previous episode last week, this one was a real anus-ripper...and of course, as the bullets were flying and what seemed to be a flash bomb going off signaling a demise of two main characters...BOOM! That stupid title card, accompanied by Bear's signature "Bum, Bah Duh duh DUM". Grrrrr. Part of the genius of this show is that the showrunners know exactly what buttons to push in the plot and the well-developed characters and then dangle the audience precariously over the edge at exactly the right moment in the story, like a carrot tempting the ass, making us salivate for another sweet, sweet bite. Thank god we waited a few days to watch it and the time-frame between now and the new ep is only 2 nights, but MAN I can't wait to see what happens next.

So say we all? Go Frak yourself. I want more BSG NOW!


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Shot of the Day #34:"Baby's first bloodletting"

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

1:52 pm - PKU Test administered. (Not to be confused with the PKE Meter).

He took it like a champ.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Shot of the Day #33: H.I. McDunnough would be proud...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

"Sometimes it's a hard world for small things."


PS: Had to do this tonight...well, in an abbreviated form.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

FINALLY: My 2008 Top 10 ('n more)

Sorry it's taken so long....been a LITTLE busy. But I wanted to put this up, even just as a reference point for me for later use. I think it was a pretty good year for flicks, especially genre efforts, with films like THE DARK KNIGHT, IN BRUGES & WALL E (among others) legitimizing comic books, gangster flicks, animated movies & even broad comedies.

So, here you go, for better or worse.


1. The Wrestler: Aronofsky + Rourke=Neo Neo Realism classic
2. Let the Right One In: Most beautiful Horror movie in 30 years
3. Wall-e: A Pixar movie for Adults. Sublime, sweet and a little scary.
4. The Dark Knight: A Super Hero movie for adults. So good. Ledger.
5. The Curious Case of Benjamn Button: Fincher has a heart, amazing!
6. Doomsday: Pushes every geek button I have. Kudos Neil.
7. In Bruges: Complex and simple, funny and fucked up. Best script in a while.
8. Iron Man: Fuck is this movie fun, perfect studio Marvel adaption since Spidey 2.
9. Tropic Thunder: Comedy of the year, hands down. Tom Cruise is back.
10. Paranormal Activity: Scariest movie of the year....just wait till you see it. F your eventual opinion, this one stayed with me for days.

Red: Despite a troubled shoot, this small "thriller" is full of heart; Brian Cox is a god.
Trick R Treat: I've come around, pretty amazing stuff.
Slumdog Millionaire: Beautifully shot, great heart and spirit...good shit (literally)
Cloverfield: Totally worth the hype...terse storytelling through verite filmmaking.
Gran Torino: Clint still has it, simply put. Had me in tears at the end.
Timecrimes: Twisty, turn-y, a lot of fun with an audience...Cronenberg NEEDS to remake!
Once: Late to the party on this one, but so wonderful and loving I had to include.
Funny Games: Haneke in any form is good Haneke. Evil flick.

Shot of the Day #32: Suck it Super Bowl.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

'Nuff said.

Four and a half hours (1 hour and 33 minutes thanks to the DVR) and the best commercial was this?

Well, it does feature a Koala being punched. Repeatedly.

I should have watched the Puppy Bowl.


PS: Movie trailers? FAST AND FURIOUS, G.I. JOE & TRANSFORMERS 2 all have my money. F'N'A.