Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Shocker Vs. The Demon....Evidence found!

At the MONSTERS AMONG ROBOTS convention a few weeks back, I ran into the Infamous filmmaker David "The Demon" Defalco, director of CHAOS, and had to capture the moment. Thanks to Dave Parker for capturing the "meeting of the minds" moment here.


Hey all,

Random post...friends of mine are in an AMAZING band that made me actually reconsider my disdain for country. Their name is KING STRAGGLER, and their collaboration was borne from the creative loins of 3 actor/musicians (Rodney Eastman, Brentley Gore and John Hawkes, with Dan Thompson and Mike Devlin rounding out the ensemble) who have made bluegrass cool again. There are so many amazing tracks on their album to single one out, but if you like your country/bluegrass/rock with a hint of darkness, I'd say check out "Good Man" or the hauntingly beautiful "Annalee" for a taste of their musical genius, of don't take the recordings word for it, go and seek them out LIVE, which is one hell of a show.

These talented fuckers might not even be considered Country really (sorry if that scared anyone off...METAL METAL METAL!! Is that better?), but if you're looking for cool music, look no fucking further.

Check out their site here and their myspace page there

Man i gotta see JACKASS 2...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Goin' back to B.C....

Hey all,
Got into Vancouver last night, and loving it already. First off, spent a good half hour talking to "The Man" Michael Chiklis from THE SHIELD (he's up here doing F42...or whatever youre calling it) and what a kick ass guy. I've seen him in the coffee bean a bunch of time but doesnt seem like the type of guy to just go up and say "Hey, nice Tea Latte!" But my producer Jeff introduced us and he was like "Oh so you're the talented kid!" (They were talking before I met him) so that was cool. When we got to the Canadian airport he came up to me and said "Hope to work with you!" and I just crumbled. Work...with me? Huh?
Aside from getitng some of my toiletries confiscated (Now Im REALLY going to smell like shit) it was a smooth trip. Guess I better not get used to the first class...watching Beau Bridges walk back to coach was prety sobering. But we made it to the hotel, I got my rental TRUCK (F150...sah-weet, instant Masculinity!) and we then met up with Tom the exec and Robin my DP for a sizable sushi dinner (1 of 100 Im guessing) and then I was so tired I went right to bed. Room is nice. So its 8am and Im listening to Matthew Currie Holmes SCREAMING for his life while I write this. I mean, SCREAMING. You can tell its the 4th take because he's wheezing and hacking as he speaks, his vocal chords bruised, as he begs for his life in the ADR session. He wasnt able to come to LA to do it so they recorded without me (hmmmm....) but the takes are not bad. Matthew is the type of actor who totally throws himself into it, and Im wondering if the next room is thinking Im into male rape.

So we're up here for 2 weeks to "finish" up; color correction, more ADR, sound effects timing, sound mix, score mix...the final stretch. I can't wait to see it totally finished, especially the color correction. The film as it is now looks like acid washed ass; the avid output has no life, desaturated colors, shitty contrast, so this week Robin and I are gonna kick the shit out of it, using visual references for color, tone and contrast like CHOPPER, HAUTE TENSION, DEVILS REJECTS, AMELIE, SE7EN...anything with a nice ripe contrasty look which I love. Im dying to see how that translates on our film since we have a lot of green....and a LOT of red.

Oh Canada...


Thursday, September 21, 2006


hey all,

So the Bear is out of the bag, so to speak:

Also, someone sent me this link, a fan made poster to the movie, VERY FRIKKIN' COOL! Great work, whoever you are!

Did ADR this week; so much fun seeing everyone again, for the most part. We also brought in another AWESOME cameo which worked out killer. Can't wait for people to figure it out! We're about a week away from color correction and Im psyched. Think CHOPPER & DEVILS REJECTS in terms of the color tone and contrast....i love high contrast looking films and we're gonna push the limits. I can't wait to go back up to Vancouver; a lot of friends up there, many of whom are now working togehter on the same film! BC is great; viva Canada!

Staying Scary,

Friday, September 15, 2006


I was inspired by my good friend Travis to put these old shorts I did for ChinaTV back in 2000 for a show called AMERICA IN 60 MINUTES up on YouTube. The company that hired me, EYECANDY (headed by show host Schutze, who was previously the host of Headbanger Ball on MTV and a kick ass dude...I mean, check out that haircut!) wanted to do little comedy bits humorously explaining some of the unique terms and slang we use (like "taking candy from a baby" or "shes a tough cookie") and with little more than a dv cam, a G4 and the office employees around (hmmm...smells like the G4 network) we made these little vignettes...some are pretty pathetic, but as we get into it, you can see the level of creativity that kept us engaged and chuckling the whole time while not having any production value. Some, like TOUGH COOKIE (and some later ones I'll put up if people dig them) I think are actually pretty cool, but you be the judge. Apologies to all the music we used (they were cleared only for Chinese tv) and the borderline racial jokes (hey I didnt put them in, they did), but why let these dogs languish in the purgatory of my hard drive? I think they're kinda fun.

You can link to the first of the 7 that are online HERE. I'd say if you can get through the first one they get a lot better. Think of it like that TV sitcom you gotta give a chance even if the pilot sucks....there's even a LARRY SANDERS/THE OFFICE thing going on...

If you like them, let me know. If you dont, blame Travis.

Bon apetit, and god bless YouTube.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"F you Im eating..."

Yesterday was an eventful one.

We're on the final stretch in getting WT2 ready for Freddy. Picture locked last week which is nice and Im still giddy to show it. I think I fought a good fight in making this movie fun as hell and for the fans of the genre, and I think Fox sees the same thing. Im so curious how they plan on marketing it and can't wait to see a trailer! Crazy, I'm used to making my own trailers!

So VERY good news...we got a composer! This guy is fucking amazing, Ive been a fan since I saw, or rather, HEARD his music on one of the best TV shows on right now, and he was just as willing and excited to be part of it! Its so great working with people you admire and respect and it only ups your own creative game, and this guy is gonna REALLY rock the music.

So, last Thursday he and his lovely music editor came in and we spent almost 8 hours on the film, going over EACH AND EVERY MUSIC CUE. Since we used temp music in the current cut, it was easier to explain what I wanted, and what was nicer was that half of the temp music was his, before we even entertained the idea he would be able to work on it! "Wow! I like that track...who is this genius?" he would say time to time. Great guy, good sense of humor too. But when we were finished and exhausted, he asked me if i wanted to come see him work with an orchestra as he finished the score to the 3rd season of the show he's been doing (sorry that's all the hint I can give for now...dunno if Fox wants to make an official thing out of it) on the Warner Lot and I was like "fuck YES!".

...and here we are, Monday, and Im sitting in an executive chair next to my good friend from College, Yale, who is a writer out here and actually was the brain-trust behind me even seeking the composer out. He was a HUGE fan of the show way before I was and was instrumental in getting me hooked on it, and when i was bitching one day about temp music to fit certain scenes, Yale told me "Why not go with this guy? Its worth a shot, even just for the temp." So using the first 2 seasons on CD that was out, Ed and I put the tracks in and voila, they fit like a glove, not O.J.'s (wow, dated joke alert). So in the end Yale is the reason I was going and had to ask. He was like a 12 year old girl seeing her first penis (giddy) and on Monday we drove on the lot like big shots, walking into the Eastwood studios, passing signed posters from films past that worked in the space (SPIDER MAN, SUPER MAN, SYRIANA, MILLION DOLLAR BABY...of course) and then for 2 hours sat watching the guy command these artists on the stage as footage rolled for the new season...major spoiler alerts! It was hard to watch, what a dork i am. But really, Yale and I looked at each other many times and smiled, thinking back when we were in film school dreaming of days like this, watching movie magic unfold in front of us, and we had to bask in the glory even for a few moments. It was amazing to see it all come together, and man I can't wait to start hearing some music for my flick.

That night Bri and I went to see IDIOCRACY, which was dumped in theaters for 2 weeks because Fox just didn't know what to do with it. Honestly, I don't blame them; as much as I laughed hard at some of the concepts they had in the film (which is very much like FUTURAMA, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, MINORITY REPORT and LATE FOR DINNER with a more satirical edge) it wasn't very well produced, and there was a voice over in there that smacked of "studio notes" big time, but all in all, it wasn't a bad night out. I just forgot almost every joke in the film, except for the futuristic Carl's Jr. ad (the world is overwrought with signage like Starbucks and ButtFuckers, which evolved from FuddRuckers) where they say now: "Don't bother me Im eating" its just "Fuck You Im eating" Love how Madison Ave has evolved too! Mike Judge is a comedy genius and one of the top satirists in the land, but this didn't work well enough to get a bigger exposure. Its a funny flick but damn, if it wouldnt have gone over the heads of most of the people it was making fun of. Oh well...But it will do GANGBUSTERS on DVD and I bet will become a huge cult hit...I just hope Fox doesn't put it out the same time as WT2!!! I can at least tell my kids when they hold it as high as we hold films like THE FRENCH CONNECTION and NETWORK now that I saw it in theaters. Then they will look at me funny and ask why I didn't watch the holo-cinema using the OcularVision technique where they implant the film in your brain. Ah, the future...

One more thing: If you go to the Arclight, check out the display of retro glamour photos taken by Roger might see someone familiar...well, if you know us.

Anyway, just an update. Im trying to get back into the swing of posting more, even just to keep my fingers typing and creative for other writing, so Bear with me.

Staying Scary,

Friday, September 08, 2006

MAN BITES no more

Hey all,

A sad day indeed. One of my favorite films, MAN BITES DOG, has lost it's creator and director Remy Belvaux, who was only 37 (!). If you havent seen the movie, DO IT. It's one of the most wickedly funny and F'd up films to ever be made, and long before Chris Guest cornered the market in his faux-docs or THE LAST HORROR MOVIE or BEHIND THE MASK were sucking on their momma's titties, this movie was making cinema dangerous again in the 90's. If you can find the Criterion DVD (with the best poster for a movie out baby!) its worth picking up and daring you and your friends to watch.

For more details on this click HERE.

To pick up MAN BITES DOG click HERE.

You will be sorely missed Remy....CINEMA...CINEMA!!!

Staying Scary,

Saturday, September 02, 2006

NEWS FLASH: Joe talks too much

Hey Kiddies,
I spoke to Dan Epstein from Suicide Girls a couple of months back about WT2 and here is the long winded result. What's hard for me is that Im so proud of the film and just love talking about movies in general that I tend to come down with the "blah blah blah's" so hopefully Dan does a Cliff Notes version. But, some cool stuff inside. Thanks Dan for indulging in my inner geek and thanks to Suicide Girls for...well, you know. Oh yeah the interview too...

Anyway, if you have a few hours to spare, you can click to the interview on Suicide Girls website HERE!

Now I gotta get my ass to the movies and catch up...anyone gonna see Mike Judge's new flick? ANYONE?

Staying Scary,

Friday, September 01, 2006


Hey Gangbangers,

Welcome to the freshly squeezed Pretty cool huh? I've always loved the EC Comics look and hope you dig the new site, which has some of my past videos, news on what the hell Im doing with myself these days as well as other goodies as we go along. I'll be checking in on the blog but more importantly, I'll be putting up my production diary from the shoot of WRONG TURN 2 very shortly, which should give you a little insight of the wonderful madness that went on during the shoot and even in Post process. It was one HELL of a ride and I can't wait to show the world the gory results!

Just also wanted to give a "shout out" (do they even say that anymore) to my homies that went above and beyond the call of doody to make this site possible. Joey Cruz, who I met in the halcyon days of, is an amazing web designer and he put all of this together for me and I gotta say MAJOR thanks for that. Also, the sick bastard who created the front cover (and who currently works with me on my storyboards and concept sketches) is Ken Perkins; the guy is fucking amazing in my book, a total talent, and I couldn't thank him more for making my dream come true; putting me in a TALES FROM THE CRYPT cover!
Thanks so much to both of you guys for making this site work...

So keep checking back in here or on my obligatory myspace page (which you can link HERE) and let us know what you think!

Thanks for stopping in, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out...

Staying Scary,
Joe Lynch