Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shot of the day 363: Remy & "Triky The Bear"

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Not that he would ever remember but this was the teddy bear my Dad sent to him from the hospital he was in when Remy was born. It wasn't the last time he was in there for intense chemo (Second to last I guess) but when Bri pulled this out of a closet as they were doing some consolidating today, it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is the only thing that my son will have of my Dad's, his Grandfather he will never meet, and it was hard not to look into its glass/plastic eyes and get that lump in one's throat. The kid instantly took to it, which was nice, and I hope it stays with him throughout his childhood the way "The Bunny" has in mine.

Let me back up; My Grandparents, Edith and Russ (on my mom's side) got me this fluffy bunny stuffed animal when I was born, and throughout the 33 years on this planet, it's always found its way back into my life. No Im not sleeping with it cradled under my arm at night (...well...) but without fail, "Bunny" as if was so charmingly dubbed, just....never went away. Not that I minded; it always recalled my care-free, youthful days with my Grandfather, who died in 88 of ALS, but that I got to have him in my life...the bunny was like a material bookmark to his memory. He currently resides in a Victoria's Secret box deep in a closet, awaiting someone to pull him out for a warm, reminiscing smile, even if he looks like a zombified version of his former self; missing an eye, most of the stuffing extracted, once-fluffy white fur mottled and grey. But it still elicits the same wonderful, nostalgic reaction and all the modern hardships, for a moment, melt away.

"Triky" the bear (named after my Dad's company, Automotive Trik, now a vacant building in Centereach, NY...but not forgotten as you'll soon find out) I hope will at least give Remy some love and squishy comfort for years to come and one day remind him of the everlasting smiles currently on display on his face now.



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