Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shot of the Day 346: He like da Bubblez

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Busy day, but the highlight was Remy's second music class. Yes, we're starting him young-like. There's a great place in LA called Toddle Tunes, which teaches toddlers the fundementals of music in a fun and engaging way, so Bri and I took Remmers to it last week for a free trial and the kid took to it like brown on burnt toast. He LOVED it. So of course, we signed the little Mozart up and this week was the official first lesson, which wasn't as packed with parents and kids due to the torrential downpour of a day. That's fine, less clutter.

So first the light-hearted and funny teachers Shane and Jason played some holiday tunes on their instruments, allowing the 4 babies of varried age to play along. Then we danced. Yes. Danced. Shut up. Then they pulled out some percussion instruments, where Bri and I think Remy will someday excel and become the next Keith Moon...the drumming prodigy, not the self-destructing type, I mean. Its amazing to watch the kid really absorb all of this, watching his little brain soak it all in.

...and then, they turned on the bubble machine. I guess we need to get one at home, but damn if this kids eyes not light up like an Xmas tree. Watching him watch the floaty orbs was fascinating, how his eyes would lock onto each bubble in his sights, smile, then frown slightly each time the bubble would *POP*, then onto the next bubble. Smile. *POP*. Frown. Repeat.

I love this class, can't wait for next week. Hopefully one day we can say "It was all because of Toddle Tunes".


PS: Voodoo Child in full effect.
Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.


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