Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shot of the Day #181: My new app addiction

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.

Ill keep this short, I have too much to do. By "too much to do" I mean Im stuck on choosing between THE EXORCIST & DAWN OF THE DEAD. This fucking app and site are going to be the death of me, I swear. But fuck if it aint fun.

I warn you, by clicking HERE, you are giving up all of your free mental space and time for the next few months. This shit is infectious!!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Shot of the Day #180: The Tallest Man in the Strip Joint.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Today was sliced epic.

Ive had the honor and great privledge of befriending Adam Rifkin, a filmmaker I greatly admire (and if you've read this blog more than 5 times I've probably dropped his name a time or twelve...oops, let me pick that up) and still think his film LOOK might be one of the best cinematic experience/experiments in the last 9 years. Lucky for me and those who have seen/admire it, but Showtime (the NEW HBO) has picked up LOOK as a series! Amazing news, even more amazing possibilities since the concept of a multi-woven storylines seen through the many surveillance cameras surrpunding our modern culture is rife with new possibilities each week. Plus, every time I'd see Rifkin, he's smile devilishly and say "Oh I got a part for you too". Uh oh.

CUT TO: This morning, as I and a few of our Cinerd compatriots were asked to be part of the "sleazeball" contingent for a scene shot in a Strip Joint. Admitting to the fact Im not a frequent flyer of the strip bar circuit or the buffets I hear so much about, I was excited that I actually had an excuse to walk into these types of establishments...and also knowing Id probably have to burn all my clothes after I get home. But it was such an honor to be on a TV, let alone an Adam Rifkin production, and the chance to see him in action was reason enough to go. Additionally, the Strip Joint was right across the street from my Producer's offices so I got to have a quick meeting with them as well. Multi-tasking can be fun!

The above shot is of Adam Setting up one of the cameras in the joint. His vision towers over us all...well, thanks to an apple box or two.

Now, I wont explain much more without delving into Spoiler-Ville, but I can admit to having two strippers in my personal space for MANY a take, while all I wanted to do was ask them if they watched SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE last week. Even though it was just acting, feeling like a bag of scum as these girls (some real, some faux-strippers) wiggled and shook while we slipped fake 20's in their g-strings and tried to look turned on. Luckily Jason and Sullivan were there so I had some friendly faces to comiserate with (and laugh at when they had ass int he face) with Green coming in later on. Also, I got to meet a friend I met on Twitter, Jeremy, who's a big WT2 fan to boot, which places him in the "cool peeps" folder...and Ron Jeremy, who proceeded to act out MARLEY & ME and then uncover the cruel truth behind the author who wrote it (eye-opening stuff for sure). Ron also had seen THIRSTY, and complimented me on my acting skills, which I didn't quite know how to take.

Other major highlight: At one point Rifkin threw his HD video recorder at me saying "Lynch, shoot some girls from this, get some action!" SCHWEET. So now I'm "Second Unit DP/Director", getting the more..ahem..."intimate" shots of the girls when the other cameras couldn't because they're locked vantage points. The genius of LOOK is that with the evolving technology and phones having video cameras, Big Brother IS everywhere, even in our pockets, so this camera (if it's used in the show) would represnet that douchie douche who shoots chicks in strip joints, the instant media of the modern day used for devious purposes. Not...that I would know anything about that. However, this new job didn't come without it's complications. After (and even during) each take, as Adam would yell "Action" and the playback would thump for a few moments to get everyone "in the groove" before it abruptly cuts off so we can capture the dialogue clean while everyone pantomimes their speech and body-movin', I would get stopped by the REAL bouncers in the club:

"Yo man...you can't be filmin' here yo"(cracks knuckles)
ME: "But the director told me I could. Im shooting this for-"
"Nahnahnah...you aint supposed to be filming this. Im lookin out for da girls"
ME: "I understand that sir, but I was told to shoot this by the director"
"No you didn't"
ME: "Um, yes I did...the director gave me HIS camera"
"No he didn't"
ME: "Yes he did! Look!"
"Who da director?"
ME: "What??"
"Who da Director!?"
ME: (pointing) "You mean Adam? Adam Rifkin?"
"...oh....Well OK man Ok...but I gots ta check yaknow? I gots ta me lookin out for-"
ME: "I gotcha man, no worries"

This happened...4 different times, including twice by the girls in the scene! Sheesh....2nd unit gets No Respect.

Anyway, it was a great, crazy day and thanks to Rifkin, Im not immortalized on a Showtime show. Can't wait for my residual check! Thanks Adam!!!

CLICK HERE for some more evidence of debauchery from the set of LOOK, which will be on Showtime this fall!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shot of the Day #179: Oddscaping

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

On our way to THE PUMP STATION (great name) for their annual product fair in Santa Monica/Brentwood, we happened upon this very strange house on 24th street. Now, I'm all for adding personality to your home...but this is redick-alous.

Seriously...10 bucks the owner of the home is probably female and most likely the owner of more than 10 cats. Click to enlarge the shot to get the full impact of some of the lawn decor...especially the dog in mid-shit with a "NO!" emblazoned on his ass. Classic mania.

Afterwards, I checked out THE HURT LOCKER, directed by one of my personal favorites, Kathryn Bigelow. A MASTERPIECE, clearly her best film since NEAR DARK (even though POINT BREAK is a blast of a flick), HURT is a film that I feel will haunt me for days. It's also likely to be the best action thriller of 09, with sequences that were so powerfully paced and structured, I felt like I was in the thick of "the shit", and Jeremy Renner's performance is the stuff Oscars are made for, a role so complex yet made effortless by Renner's cool-breeze approach to bombs like they are Rubix cubes. Between him and Rockwell in MOON, we have some contenders...

Do yourself a favor: Seek this film out as a great palate cleanser after TRANSFORMERS or TERMINATOR left a bad taste in your maw. HIGHLY recommended. I'm more excited to see it AGAIN already.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shot of the Day #178: A Captive Audience

Shot with iphone. Click to Enlarge.

Outside Green's house in the Valley, taking a break from being inside brainstorming and writing for a special project we're working together on. I savor these days, working with a great writer like Adam, who really elevates my own game when we spitball ideas back and forth. Its great having like-minded types to keep the juices flowing. But after Green fired up his new grille, which he's cooking EVERYTHING on now (I bet by Monday he'll be doing Waffles on it) we needed to go outside for a bit and got into acting out a CRAZY idea for said project, which attracted an audience...

Here is Chewbacca and Perry, two of Adam's cats, watching us with curious eyes as we jump around and pantomime in public. I can only imagine what they are thinking...

Let me guess: "Meow Meow....mew mew mew....purr purr. Now feed me fucker"

Not a big fan of the feline persuasion, but Green's cats are pretty cool. I guess. Captive listeners though, and they seemed to respond positively to our ideas and the best part? NO NOTES.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Shot of the Day #177: My Backeotomy

Shot with iphone. Click to Enlarge.

Earlier this week my back, bastard it is already from a nasty high school accident (fucker rammed a Lacrosse helmet into my lower back...Catholic Schools CAN be brutal), gave out and Ive been hobbling around in pain for a few days before I called "The Man", Dr. Ty, Chiropractor of the stars...or so i found out. I'd feel bad relating some of his client list, but lets just say an "AWESOME" blockbuster director who just released a film last week to record numbers was in on the day of the premiere, tense and nervous before The Hands of Dr. Ty took over and magic happened on this very device you see above. So...if it's good enough for THAT guy...why not a little speck of a guy like me, right?

What's crazy is that while most modern medicine is about transforming their workspaces and equipment into patient-friendly ipod-esque forms, Dr. Ty's "back rack" is almost like something Jigsaw might have devised. When I first went in on strict orders from my boss Josh 2 years back, I paused when i walked into his room, seeing this torture-like device in a spare room. Um, what did I get myself into? But Ty is so charming, peaceful and friendly that a few tugs, twists and pulls and his signature "Ready....? (POP!) OOOH, that's goood! Nice, Nice Jo-Jo." you're out the door feeling much better.

After this past week I REALLY needed his magic fingazs, and while Im still a little sore, it was worth the 30 minutes in Bev Hills traffic to get there. Today was a fuck-all of a Friday, with projects falling apart, political bullshit mucking up the works and Murphy's Law in FULL effect. I think I took it out on Twitter too, so now the world knows. Wonderful. Sometimes I hate having such a political outlet.

Man, I need this weekend. Need to see a movie STAT.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shot of the Day #176: Remy-Thing @ The Birthday Feast

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Took Remy, Jan and Bri to her favoritest place to eat, Madeleine Bistro for her birthday feast. This is not only Bri's first birthday as a Momma, but Remy's first time at the Fine-dining Vegan eatery, so it was a pretty momentus occasion. We ate our guts out while Rem was entranced by everything on the table, from the spoons to the bright color pallate of the food and even the glasses of water I always feel so bad asking for when we dine out (Yes, we're cheap, but maybe I LIKE water from the tap, thanks!). Here you see Remmington peering through the drinking glass, and something about this shot reminds me of one of the mutated bodies Rob Bottin created from John Carpenter's THE THING. I mean, look at the comparison(....yes, the face on your right):

Don't worry though, I didn't want Bri's special day to be overshadowed with my dark thoughts...here's a more serene shot of the Birthday Girl and her new man.

Happy Birthday Bri!!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shot of the Day #175: (Intern)al Cubing

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Busy, BUSY day. Lots going on all of a sudden, both at work, at home and "beyond". July and August are gonna be CRAZY. But sometimes you gotta stop and appreciate the small details. Here is Megan, one of our illustrious and dedicated interns we have around this summer, showing off her current masterwork, a cube made from lil' magnet balls. I dont know why...but I was fascinated.

Maybe Im just over-tired and sparkly things make me happy-like.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shot of the Day #174: Wireless Bliss

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

I hate wires. They are such a crutch on life. I can be a clumsy douche sometimes, but wire seem to always, as they say "get all up in mah shi-tah" and prayed for the days when wireless would be the norm and a wide-spread norm, especially with headphones. When I got some sage advice from resident G4 tech guru Bruce about some new Bluetooth headphones, I took it to task to make it appear on my Amazon wish list for Xmas. Santa made good and the Cardo S2 Bluetooth Headset were under the tree and it was one of those gifts that give you a whiff of your childhood when the cool toy was awaiting a quick turnaround in the toy rotation. Not only is it a wireless headphone with damn good sound (if just a touch muffled; hard wire is still the best fidelity) but its also a phone headset, so you get the best of both worlds AND look like a giant future-nerd when you blast "India Ink" by 311 over and over walking through the building to grab a slice of pizza....not like THAT would ever happen, right?

But a cruel lump of coal awaited in the form of it's incompatibility with my 1G iphone. The old bastard couldn't get with the times it seemed. So, the headphones went into the junk drawer, soon forgotten.

...until now.

With the new iphone, which has a more advanced bluetooth compatibility, the Cardo instantly synched (sunk?) to the 3Gs and I was off to the races, listening to the audiobook of Del Toro/Hogan vamp novel THE STRAIN (which is getting GOOD, like a BLADE 2 spin-off) without tangling the wires in the seatbelt. It started the day off right, which, by day's end, changed the game significantly for me and the next month. Ever have a barrage of news and challenges just land in your lap at the same time? But luckily, it was all exciting things to tackle, which will be revealed soon, I promise. Well...you might have to wait at least 31 days...but it's gonna be pretty mint.

Thank god that when life gets complicated, it also gets simple with one less set of wires in my life. I love these things (belatedly)...thanks Bri! it's like Xmas in July!

...well, June. Close enough.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Shot of the Day #173: The Glowing Ghost

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.

While I was having a hootenanny with the other Daddies yesterday, Bri went to IKEA to look at baby-friendly coffee tables and found this odd, light-up toy/Nite-Lite hybrid (called "SPOKA") which she bought for Remy in hopes to get his attention away from keeping us up at night (last two evenings were, how do you say....ROUGH? But he's sick so I can't hate him TOO much, right?).

The toy was actually pretty cool; a soft rubber play-thing that looked like a ghost in an 8-Bit video game with a rechargable light that glows when you depress it's head. There was something about the deep blue hue that looks fantastic on "film" so in trying to get Plissken to bed, we put him in his automated rocking swing and placed the SPOKA in front of him, and it actually kept his attention longer than a toy usually does. Naturally, i pulled out the Nikon....

Like all of the toys, we gave it a name: "Boo Dude" after the cult hit FREAKED. We're nerds, what did you expect?


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shot of the Day #172: 1st Fathers Day: It's Breakfast for Cupcake!

Shot with iphone 3Gs. Click to enlarge.

Since it was the first Father's Day for many of my friends and I, Patton decided to have a "Daddy's Brunch" complete with babies and....are you ready....?

Maple Syrup Pancake Bacon cupcakes.

Yes, it sounds like an ungodly concoction, but truth be told, they are little baked goods of badassdom.

It was also great commiserating with guys who are going through the same trials and tribulations as I am in terms of being a new dad, especially guys who can relate being so fucking busy and trying to juggle career with fatherhood. Remy is the oldest of the bunch, so it was cool for those guys to see "what's to come" in terms of the size and the smiles, but just seeing everyone so happy with their lil guy's/girls was a treat. Hope this becomes a tradition, if only to eat those goddamned cupcakes! Thanks to Gerry, Brian & Patton for making yesterday a blast and to Rhoads, Alice, Remy and Declan (who couldn't make it) for being kick ass babies! I think this is the origin story to the powerhouse known as The Sandbox Mafia.

Rhoads, Remy & Alice (with Dads).Photo by Gerry Duggan.

Happy Father's Day!


PS: Miss you Dad. Guess I don't have to worry about not calling you like usual, huh?

PPS: I need a new hat.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shot of the Day #171: Um, er, eee....

Shot with iphone 3Gs (yeah boyee!!) Click to enlarge.

While on a writing tear with Green (have 2 projects that we're working on and the only time we can meet is Saturday morning) we took a break to walk around and get some air in his new hood in the valley, which was right around the corner from the park we used to take Banzai when we lived round these parts. As we're walking back, Green spots a rolled up poster nestled in the brush on the side of the road, the place usually reserved for old styro cups and used condoms, maybe a syringe or two...we ARE near a park, mind you.

"Dood, how rad would it be if that was a Def Leopard poster?" says Adam.

I honestly have no clue where that came from, but it was enough for me to stop out of pure curiosity, the same that kills cats. I mean, what are the chances? What if it WAS an old tour poster for the 1987 Hysteria tour?

So I just gave the roll a quick kick, maybe it will free itself from the bush and reveal itself without me getting AIDS touching it myself. One kick resulted in another one, then another, then "Oh fuck it!" and I grab the poster, feeling there's actually 2 in the bundle, and my fears were realized as I unfurled the images....

Of COURSE they were porn posters.

After a quick snap (Hey, I was thinking of YOU!) from Adam, who could barely take the picture between air-sucking laughter, I quickly threw the posters for some new doof to discover and doused my hands with water to hopefully clean the Chatsworth stink off of them. Hey, you never know.

Anything for a Shot of the Day, huh...


Friday, June 19, 2009

Shot of the Day #170: It has arrived!!!!

Shot with iphone (the old one!) Click to enlarge.

Fucking Finally. Apple has finally shipped the new iphone 3Gs and it feels like Christmas morning. I waited to get the new one, which is rare for me since I seem to go through cel phones the way George Clooney goes through girlfriends (i.e. a LOT). VERY excited to be using a new camera on the phone that allows you to focus more on particular parts of the frame (Hello Foreground!) and even video.

For the uninitiated, check out the specs HERE and clean up the drool with a napkin, please. Apple, ya dun did it again I reckon! Yee haw!!!

I'm a happy, happy boy right now.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shot of the Day #169: A Mann Moment....

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

If you've watched enough Michael Mann movies like I have (he's a hero to be sure....cannot WAIT for PUBLIC ENEMIES...9 days and counting) you've noticed that he has a penchant for sticking the camera RIGHT BEHIND the subject's ear in a scene, almost as if we're the parrot on the protagonist's shoulder, watching his or her perspective. Its a style trait he's used for year, at least since HEAT and an angle he's employed in every film ever since. Love him or hate him, you can't deny that a Mann movie looks like a Mann movie.

Bri and I decided to take the road less travelled for our usual nightly walk, so in a Coffee Bean craving, we decided to walk over the 405 on Palms, and it was Remy's first time taking a God's Eye view of the city's major auto artery. I hope he doesn't get used to the view.

This shot just screamed COLLATERAL to me...wonder what Rem is thinking here...

"...I got 5 poops to make..."


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shot of the Day #168: MMOrgan

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Our usual MMO REPORT host, Casey Schreiner, was sticken with the infamous Nerd Flu so luckily we had X-PLAY's host Morgan Webb grace us with her nerdy/sexy/cool presence and it was a great show. Good times behind the camera! So nice to not have to rely on beard hair to get my focus for once...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shot of the Day #167: My bedfellow, The Onion

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Yes, what you see in our bed is a plate of onions. Remy's suffering from a hella cold, and one of the remedies that's been suggested is placing a plate of the pungent vegetable in the bed next to the baby which clears his sinuses.

Sure, It also smells like a stinky bum is sleeping with us, but that's OK. Whatever works, right? Bri's is used to that by now anyway WITHOUT the onions. Zing!


Monday, June 15, 2009


Hey all,

Here is the new episode of the BODY COUNT segment I did for G4's ATTACK OF THE SHOW. Personally, this is MUCH better than the first one (no offense to any involved...I blame me) but glad to spread some horror love to you all. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Shot of the Day #166: Ki-Ki-Ki....

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Ventured out to The Bungalow Room to meet up with the FC to celebrate the release of the FRIDAY THE 13TH.

The man you see here before you, smiling like a kid who just won the candy lottery (or these days, won 10,000 X-Box points) is the illustrious Daniel Farrands, who, with the help of THIRSTY director Andrew Kasch and his trust DP Buz Wallick, created what could arguably be considered one of the most comprehensive DVD edition to a classic horror movie series in years (especially the FINAL CHAPTER one, but Im bias). Mr. F is an accomplished writer/producer and one hell of a geek, let alone a HUGE FRIDAY fan and the reason Green and I are even on that F13:pt4 disc. He is GOOD PEOPLES.

Dan here is standing in front of a monitor playing PART 4 (as you might know, my favorite of the bunch) as he's introducing such F13 alumni as composer Harry Menfredini, Larry (Shelly) Zerner, Shavar Ross from pt 5....and of course the "Brandi Twins" also seen here (on left) and still looking FOINE after all these years. Double Double your refreshment indeed!

Fun night had by all...now go buy the DVD's or Jason will Machete your ass.

Also, for more in-depth coverage of the party (and much better pictures) click HERE.


PS: Check out some of the cool reviews the commentary has gotten!! Yes, that sound is the sound of me patting myself on the back, fuck off.

...as of today. 

...some Friday 4 DVD reviews:


A magical second commentary by slasher aficionados/directors Adam Green (of HATCHET) and WRONG TURN 2’s Joe Lynch is like listening to the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 guys watching a film they adore. The two can barely contain themselves, jabbering over each other about how alternately bad-ass and ridiculous everything is. It’s spectacular to hear two hopeless FINAL CHAPTER geeks raise and attempt to answer every question any horndog for the film has ever harbored. They bust the silly stuff, trumpet the great moments and hilariously agree to disagree throughout. Simply marvelous. 


The second is a “fan” track with filmmakers Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). Whoever decided to make this track happen is a genius. Hatchet is the single best slasher film to come out in years, and Wrong Turn 2 is deliciously brutal. These two guys have been heavily influenced by the Friday the 13th franchise and are elated to share their memories on it all. Not only that, but they offer some legitimate thematic discussion about the film, something that isn’t easy with slashers. Basically this is a track by two premiere horror directors who have a passion for the genre—awesome.


The first commentary is with director Joe Ztio, screenwriter Barry Cohen and editor Joel Goodman. It’s about as dry as you’d expect, but it can prove to be informative. The next one up is what you’re looking for though.
The fan commentary by Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn II) may be one of the best commentaries I’ve ever listened to. Green and Lynch don’t just have fun with the movie or point out minutia (though there is a nice assortment of it), but focus on why the movie works and how all of the things it does work from a thematic standpoint. Listening to them you can really tell they get the theory involved in something like this, and mixing all that with advice for future filmmakers and their wealth of knowledge on the series just brings them down to earth. I would recommend anyone take a listen to the track.


More lively and fun, if completely inconsequential and fanboyish, is the track by genre filmmakers and fans Adam Green and Joe Lynch, who defend the film point-by-point as if it were a horror classic for all time, and they lovingly quote the dialogue.


The second commentary is a 'fan' track that features two younger horror film directors, Adam Green (who did Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). The pair were obviously influenced by the series, Green in particular (if you've seen Hatchet it's obvious) and the pair spend a good deal of time talking about how this film shaped them and their respective projects. This is actually quite a bit more interesting than it probably sounds, as they rail off some interesting facts and trivia along the way and have an infectious enthusiasm for the material.

Horror DVDs

The second commentary is a “fan commentary” with two upcoming horror directors, Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). This track is almost perfect, the two of them having an absolute blast with the movie, meshing recollections of the impact this movie had on them as kids, observations on quirks or notable moments in the film, and even anecdotes on how the film has had a lasting impact. It’s all a mile a minute and quite humorous, but you can really tell these guys have a genuine love for the film, never resorting to Mystery Science Theater theatrics, and instead just taking in all the awesome that is The Final Chapter. Both commentaries complement each other so well, I almost wish there was a third track with all of them together so the young guys could pick Zito & Co.’s brains.


Before we get to the really special treats included here, let's focus on the normal goodies you expect from a special DVD release. Things kick off with not one, but two commentary tracks. The first with director Joseph Zito, screenwriter Barney Cohen, and editor Joel Goodman is exactly what it should be: enlightening, fun, and engaging. The second one, however, is the money shot! Filmmakers and uber-fans Adam Green and Joe Lynch offer their super-geeky and lovable two cents on a fan commentary that is nothing short of a must listen. It's like getting together with your friends and just having a blast. Stellar stuff that's highly recommended.


The second is a fan track featuring directors Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) and Adam Green (the woefully under-appreciated Hatchet), which is actually quite fun. They’re both smart, savvy guys who grew up on the same horror feed as the rest of us, and they have a legitimate and heartfelt affection for Zito and the film.


We start with two excellent commentaries. The first, with Director Joe Zito, writer Barney Cohen, and editor Joel Goodman gives us a lot of interesting information and remembrances. The second commentary is a real treat: Filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch get to weigh in as huge Friday fans. Having a fan commentary makes so much sense, since Friday the 13th movies are really fan-powered. Let's face it, they're not great works or art or craft, and they're not exactly begging critical re-evaluation. Lynch and Green have a blast, they are very knowledgeable, and it's fun to listen to them as they share insights and trivia—though I was a little surprised that they didn't recognize the campers in the early "recounting of the events" scene as being from Part 2. (EDITORS NOTE: Yeah listening to it it sounds like we didn't know but I think it was taken out of context...damn editing!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shot of the Day #165: So Saith The Soup

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Overheard from inside bowl of Spinich Mushroom Potato soup, Follow Your Heart, Chatsworth, CA.

Soup: "Psssstt, hey, kid....tell your old man not to eat me. Tell him I taste like a bag of dicks."

Dad didn't listen. Sorry, soup.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shot of the Day #164: A Tapestry of Metal

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

...this is one of those walls you just have to STARE at for a while to take it all in. It totally reminded me of my wall as a kid, but sub out mostly horror posters and Fangoria covers and you'll get a better peek behind the curtain. Seriously, I go into trance-mode when I go over and just peer into the sheer METAL that's on display here.

Remy's sick, so looks like no GALACTICA show for us, sad face. Oh well, there's always Comicon.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Shot of the Day #163: UMAMILICIOUS!!

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge and prepare to salivate.

I dont go out for lunch often; the day just gets so full and furious that even the task of going across the street for a quick burritto or a 2 slice special seems like time wasted. But today, with most of my TO DO list accomplished by 1pm, I decided to say "Frak it" and venture out, a special treat.

"You've never been to [Insert Cool eatery here]?"

That's all I heard from the select few food hipsters who whispered the words "Umami Burger" in the past few months. Sounds pretty strange huh? Yeah, me too. But anytime I hear of a new, unique burger joint....I gotta investigate.

Umami means "the 5th taste" so already I was intrigued (and learned a new word, thanks!) so I ventured out to Umami Burger on LaBrea and once I walked into its quaint but cool setting, I knew I was in the right hands. The menu was simple and effective, and because it was my virgin voyage, decided to try the signature dish with onion rings and 2 sauces (Garlic Aoli & "special sauce") and dine on some fine burger while I read one of my favorite online writers', Mr. Beaks of AICN, interview one of my favorite comedy directors, Todd Phillips (which you can see in the shot above).

Here is how the lunch was presented to me, neatly structured and laid out...and let me tell you. It didn't stay that long. This burger you see before you might have been one of the most PERFECT displays of sandwich perfection I've ever brought my lips to; the meat wasn't too over-spiced, the bun fresh from the oven, and the condiments? I have NO CLUE what they were because I couldn't stop biting an biting and biting....till it was gone. Ill have to check out the menu again to see what it was, but I almost DONT want to know and spoil the mystery. The Onion Rings were light but very flavorful too, perfect with the two sauces. Honestly, I was so jazzed with every taste exploding in my mouth (I kept picturing Remy the rat in RATATOUILLE when he bites into the cheese and berry and how the flavors would visualize around him) that I would have eaten the article i was reading if I dripped any juice on it.

So yeah. That's one damn good burger. I can't WAIT to go back next week!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shot of the Day #162: Remy's First Moovie!

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Here we are in the very back of the Century City 12 theater, checking out the hilarity of THE HANGOVER, which might be the comedy of the year, if not the last few years. Yeah, I said it. Todd Phillips is the MAN; Any director who can start off making the most vile, potent documentaries like HATED and do studio comedies has my vote for life.

Anyway, that little globe-like blob on the side of the screen? Yup, that's Remy, attached to me with the Baby Bjorn as I walk him back and forth in the back of the theater. This was the first time we did this, opting not to do the "Mommy and Me" screenings that happen at The Grove because we were tipped off that it would just be a bunch of two year olds running around causing havoc and just take a chance that he'd be good during the run of the film. So we picked a decent, non-peak time, a theater close to home and usually not packed and rolled the dice...

...and he was a DREAMBOAT. With me looking almost like Im TRYING to look like Zach in the movie (beard, belly, baby, etc) we quietly walked to the back of the Stadium-Seating theater which was 1/10th full, trying not to be seen as "those people" who we've scoffed at in the past ("Why would someone want to take their baby to this movie? I mean, come on! Really?? DAWN OF THE DEAD?!? Jeez"....true story) and settled in, ready to bolt at a whine's notice. Hell, if we had to leave, so be it? At least we tried. He got a touch fussy right at the beginning but after a bit of boobie (yes, my wife whipped out her tit in the theater....it was AWESOME) I put him in his Bjorn harness, the kid was like pure gold, just giggling along to the movie (he seems to be a big Ed Helms fan) and then promptly passing out, waking only for the tiger growling and the occasional car crash. At one point a woman sitting in front of us notcied me pacing from one side of the theater to another, bouncing lightly, and smiled at the coincidence of a guy in the theater with a baby just like in the film. I even kept predicting "Not gonna make the second act"..."Nope, he's gonna get pissy before the end!" and never did, we made it even to the high-larious ending credits! Seriously, I could NOT have asked for a better baby/movie experience, and we walked out proud as he smiled like a champ. Clearly, this IS our kid. Good Job Plissken!!!

Next flick: INGLORIOUS BASTERDS...he's gonna LOVE that one!


Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

PS: This shot was a close second for the day, a moment of union among the masses at the Testament show in HOB that I hit after the movies. (No, Remy didn't attend; Ill wait a few more months, which is good because I hear Cattle Decapitation is playing the Roxy...)
Pretty amazing show; the younger, more spry Unearth played first, and having not seen them live, was pretty blown away at their loose, fun and fuck live show which piled on crunche chords like metal pancakes (which would be a great title for a Spinal Tap album, actually). Old school headliners Testament was quite bang-friendly as well, but I had to leave early to relieve Bri and take over the Graveyard shift with the lil' guy. But again, great show and nice to see some live metal. Thanks Brian & Kelly for both getting me in!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shot of the Day #161: Perfectly respectable upskirt shot

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Shot outside The Four Seasons hotel after meeting a good friend who was in town for a day for meetings-one in particular that Im crossing all fingers and toes he gets because not only would it be good for him of course, but it would be good for movie fans as well. I hope to be in that position someday; Live as FAR away from Hollywood as possible and then get whisked into town for a whirlwind of meetings, greetings, "how ya doin's" and "lemmie run it up the flagpole"s, and then WOOSH you're out again, leaving a puff of wind strong enough to blow up Marylin's dress here. I guess that its fitting that the iconic bombshell would be outside the famed celeb-centric hotel then....if you have the gusto to blast through a wind of bullshit, then you're made for this town.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Shot of the Day #160: The Discarded Shades...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

...it's funny. On the rare occasion I/we go out lately, the few people who actually read this blog have said to me: "Yeah, I love catching up on your famous walks with Remy and Banzai!". Yeah, because they are SO exciting! But it is also the rare time i get to:

-Walk around outside, get the blood flowing and some fresh air inside my lungs
-Decompress with my loved ones and share the day's events
-Pick up some ACTUAL shit, not just metaphorical or implied shit from work or otherwise
-Smile for a bit as the sun goes down.

...and today was no exception, although as we were walking I noticed a random pair of sunglasses perched on this odd rock formation in someone's driveway. Something...mysterious about them just sitting there. What the purpose for the granite mini-statue is not known, nor did the owner of said shades anywhere to be found. Likely it belongs to the proprietor of the house as they mistakenly left the glasses to fetch their keys in a pocket...or maybe its a trap of some sort. But these sort of moments i can't help but capture. If you look closely you can see my compatriots walking in the background, clearly not seeing any significance with this image...but it makes for a nice mise en scene, no? Just something about the moment I had to capture.
Welcome to my head.

Also in the news....

-WRONG TURN 2 BLU RAY!: Yup, looks like Fox smartened up and is releasing my first foray into feature filmmaking on glorious high-def! Now all you who said it looked like shit can see we DID shoot it on film...and still say it looks like shit. NOTE TO FILMMAKERS: When they say you only have one day for Telecine...FIGHT THEM TO THE DEATH. Also, sadly, there will be no new special features on this disc, it will be the same release as before, just in HD. I tried all I could to get them to take all the extra stuff we had made, including the Apocalypse teaser commercials, the New York Premiere intro, a cool video interview Icons of Fright did with us at Fango's Weekend of Horrors and of course my "missing" commentary, but well, I just linked you to them so i guess its redundant now, huh? A shame, but I should just be glad its getting the Blu Ray treatment, right? Check out the info HERE.

-FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER commentary: It's coming out next week and someone here at G4 was kind enough to get me a copy (no thanks to you Paramount...). Im actually happy with the results having just watched it with Bri, who thought Adam and I were very insightful and funny. I think we need to take out act on the road! Check out some of the reviews below:
Dread Central

-BODY COUNT: The latest G4 segment on ATTACK OF THE SHOW will be running next week, stay tuned for details here. Im excited for this one, mainly because the films I picked will definately leave an impression on ya. Let the ranting begin!

-IPHONE 3GS: Fucking A!!! Im so excited, not only because the new iphone has ALL of the features I've been whining about not having on my 1st gen POS (sorry, but you have failed me for the last time iphone), like cut and paste, true GPS, a better camera (sweet! better Shots of the Day!) for video too and much more, but I qualify for getting one at a MUCH cheaper price than new owners. Sweet!!! Check out what you're missing HERE.

Next week should be an interesting one....and it's only gonna get crazier from here. I hate biting my lip!!


Monday, June 08, 2009

Shot of the Day #159: The Bleeding Moon

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.

So this was technically shot last night, but it was after midnight, so that count's right?

Full Moon out our window, and i wanted to see how detailed and powerful the Nikon's glass was, so I began snapping pictures and noticing that the D90 began shooting delayed exposures for the low light, which is what you see below (or the "before" picture). So in the delay, I began slightly shifting the camera, jostling it a bit from the time my finger depressed the button to the time the aperture closed it's eye again, finalizing the shot. Suddenly, these brilliant delayed exposure shots became a dance of Moonlight, each twist or flick of my wrist a new slash across the frame. What you see above is actually a mix of zooming in quickly and vibrating the frame a bit at the same time in the half second it took to take the shot, which gives the impression that the moon is actually bleeding, or melting from the sky.

Just something about it made me smile, and I love how this was achieved in camera. God I love film and glass.


BEFORE shot:

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shot of the Day #158: Delicious & Lovecraftian!

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.

These, as they say on the streets, were the bomb-doo-gigiddy. Holy shit.

Bri concocted these 'lil confectionary money shots last night for the brunch gathering we had with our birthing class alumni (great, amazing people all), as they needed a night to cool. Sure, they LOOK like ordinary cupcakes, right? Well, my friend, not only were they made cruelty-free (courtesy of a book called The Veganomicon...HP would be proud, and the author even name drops EVIL DEAD in the intro! SOLD.) but there's a kiss of ooey, gooey jelly in the middle, and the reciepe tastes like you're biting into a powdered Jelly-filling donut from DUNKIN' DONUTS. Now, East Coast Peeps....you know whutimtalkinbout, riiiite? Seriously, those donuts are heaven-sent, and Bri's cupcakes steal a cloud of goodness from a very regional obsession. Sorry Winchell's, I know donuts....and you are no DUNKIN'.

I swear, one bite of these Jelly Donut Cupcakes and I began to miss New York terribly. Well, not terribly enough to finish the whole thing and pray there were more after the party.

...and there were. Haleluija. Bri, you are good. You. You are very good. (waves finger)


P.S.: What have I done for the last time?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shot of the Day #157: Green/Mackay Lynch: The 1st meeting

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Shock of shocks, it took more than four months for two of the most important people in my life to finally meet face-to-face. What was the delay? Life...as usual (also: FROZEN, which shot right after he was born).

We drove over to Green's new house (fucker! So jealous) today for Remy and Adam to say "whut up, yo" and the following was overheard during the historic summit:

Adam: "...um, how does this thing work?"
Rem: "...this guy smells like fear."

One more thing to check off the "To Do" list...


Friday, June 05, 2009

Shot of the Day #156: A Meaty Reward.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

...as a tradition, the day after E3, Derek orders wings and fries for the team as we watch the dust settle from the storm.

350 wings to be exact. Im not a wing fan, but today I am. As was the rest of our team, some seen above. Great work everyone!

..and now my stomach hurts.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Shot of the Day #155: Avatar Rising...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

...so it's Thursday, the final official day of E3, and with such a massive event, with two halls highlighting the future of video gaming, you'd think I'd be just running around all day playing games right? Wrong. I haven't touched a controller all week, and now that I had 2 hours in the very start of the morning (before the crews started bringing me P2 cards filled with footage to digitize), I was determined to play SOMETHING. Will it be LEFT 4 DEAD 2? Or BRUTAL LEGEND? No...I had to go with my geek gut and wait in line for an HOUR and change for the highly-secretive, closed-doors presentation of James Cameron's AVATAR video game. What makes this game so hush-hush and super special? Well, Cameron himself came to the convention to hock it's wares, that they made the game in tandem with the movie (which is going on 5 years into production and post now, jesus!) and while he didn't show any movie footage (DICK! MAJOR BUZZKILL JIM) this was the first chance I'd get to see anything of his Stereoscopic worlds that I've been dying to see. Cameron, like Spielberg, is one of those few filmmakers that can truly create new worlds on-screen, and that he's been so passionate and committed to this particular one, a film so shrouded in secrecy that a few scant images have been leaked while it's still racing to the finish line (December 09), only gets my blood pumping more. I remember first seeing THE TERMINATOR on HBO and being blown away, then ALIENS in the theater...and throughout his filmography, he has a knack of making me believe. Today...I was ready to believe a little.

Here you see the ROBOTECH-like contraption featured in the film, which reminds one of the Lifter from ALIENS. It got my geek hackles up, enough to endure the hour-long wait and a non-disclosure form to sign. When we finally went into the cramped room and threw on our 3-D goggles, I was ready for anything.

Long (legalized) story short? The games was like any old 3-rd person shooter, but the 3-D was totally immersive. The world Cameron created, however, was downright astounding; imagine an entire rain forrest-like world made up of an iridescent ecto-skeleton, similar to the aliens in THE ABYSS, how they glowed from the inside out. Just this one moment in the game, combined with the creatures therein, made me feel 12 again, pumped to finally pay 14 bucks to believe.

The game wasn't worth the wait (and ended up being the ONLY thing I saw at the event), but the hint of what's to come with the movie was.
Bring it King of the World, I'm ready.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Shot of the Day #154: Live Stream Creaming...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

So last year, g4tv.com-my "day gig" if you will- broke some new boundries by offering "Live Streaming" of all the press conferences at E3, and since my bosses like to up themselves each year, this time we wanted to offer a live, streaming "post" show of the G4 E3 coverage the network produces each year. With our new games editorial director Billy Berghammer (furthest left in the pic) as the host, they wanted us to produce 2 shows each night, right after the event. Easy peasy right?

What you are seeing is probably the most ghetto "live stream" setup in existence. Guerella, but effective.

Here's how it works. Basically you need a dedicated T1 internet line, hooked up to a PC with Flash Media live encoding software, which is hooked up via firewire to a camera that has video out, and voila, you are a live broadcasting mogul. Here we see the evidence of our harried hard work, the second of the two nights. The first went pretty well at first....right before someone in art dept. accidentally turned OFF our power, cutting the stream off. Oh well, can't be perfect....but at least it wasn't our fuck up.

One of said bosses, Rob Juster, can be seen on right, poking head into my shot.

Midway through E3, and Im toast.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Shot of the Day #153: Nintendo Woosh!

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

It's 7am, underground at Club Nokia and James & I found some way to be whisked through the cavernous walkways of the newly constructed mega-venue to our call time location for the Nintendo Press con (Note to Nintendo: PLEASE stop making your events so damn early!!!). The guy driving was nice enough to let us hop aboard his speedy transportation vehicle as we sped through the hall, arriving JUST in the nick of time to get our credentials to set up. Talk about good timing.

James (the head in the front passenger seat) and I are there to capture the HD feed of the event to put on-line, one of the 5 duties I have during E3, including supervising 3 field crews as they roam the halls getting interviews for the site; shooting and producing the Press Conference coverage for the site; set up the live webcams for the show that live on the stage (which was pretty cool actually) & coordinate the ingesting of the HD footage from P2 cards to hard drive to bring back to the office. Jesus, multi-task much??

5 different jobs, many times concurrently during the week-long event...so why am I smiling at 7am?


Monday, June 01, 2009

Shot of the Day #152: My Spielberg moment.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

It was only for a moment, but as I was backstage at the Microsoft Press Conference that kicked off the E3 Maelstrom, getting harassed that we didn't have some form of holographic label on our press pass (security at these things have gotten Militant-tight), I noticed a familiar face walking towards me.

No...it couldn't be.

Yup. A god was walking past me.

Steven Spielberg brushed past my arm as he was ushered into the Green Room, which also held Tony Hawk, Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney (Microsoft knows how to do it). Mr. S was there to promote the new Project Naruto controller, which like MINORITY REPORT allows you to manipulate the screen with your whole body, like a wii, but your body is the controller...pretty sweet, future-shock kinda stuff.

Ive never met the man, nor have I even been in the same vicinity as the Master, so this moment was almost dream-fulfilling for me. James, my co-conspirator during E3, didn't even know he walked past us till it was too late, but even he was star-struck. I tried, in the fleeting moments he was in my personal space, to think of something cool to say, like "1941 is underrated!" or "I love ALWAYS!", something that would grab his ear, but I thought better. I just wanted to enjoy the moment as I must have looked like a slack-jawed loser as he came and went. The photo above was the moment he came out to address the crowd, and even if he's just a blip in the frame, you can just feel the power he emits. Spielberg truly IS the man. But videogames, as it surrounds his tiny frame here, is only getting bigger.

...and with that, E309 has begun. God save us all.