Friday, April 18, 2008

Best video EPK ever?

Hey All,
Just as i was about to leave work, this was sent to me and, all I can say is...

I miss the good ole' days of New Line. Cheesy, pompous, over-the-top...and we loved it.

Wow, I wish I lived in Syracuse when N3 came out to see that police control; what do they think this is, GODFATHER 3 or NEW JACK CITY? Christ, it's only a supernatural homicidal sexual predator made into a "cult hero", come on, lighten up Syracuse!

This is the stuff of marketing genius.

oh and...Darabont rules!!!

Excuse me while I load Dokken on my iphone.

Staying Scary,

Funniest OFFICE clip ever?

Hi all,

Last night Bri and i were watching THE OFFICE (like 20 million of you) and not only was it one of the funniest episodes in the new season, it contains quite arguably the funniest clip of the season, which, thanks to the wonderment of HULU, i could edit and embed here. I suddenly want a square-shaped hamburger...

Let me set the stage: Hapless Dunder Miflin middle manager Michael Scott is now single, looking for love in all the wrong places, and has resorted to asking his office team to recommend a new amore. With a bunch of index cards in hand, our hero begins to make some cold calls in the name of love...or a quickie:

Muthafuckin Wendy's, huh? Don't you want a Frosty now?

GALACTICA tonight! Got lots to talk about re: Bear's show, with pics and some other stuff coming. It was two of the best shows I've ever seen. Bear is a frakkin' rock star.

Staying Scary,

Friday, April 11, 2008


Hey all,

Dammit, I'm trying. This is what sucks about trying to keep up with the bloggin' gets in the way. Every day that goes by that i haven't gotten my scandalous Saturday night two weeks back, it pains me. Even just to get it down so one day I can look back and say "Oh those were the times" or do it as a cautionary tale, proof positive that you do NOT have to accept every Birthday shot or drink thrown in your personal space, but alas it feels like a huge I keep procrastinating from. I promise to get to it. Pinky Swear.

One observation I had to make though: I opened the blinds from my office this morning and my heart skipped a beat. This is what I am looking at right now:

Paramount/Dreamworks owns that space so I've had to endure looking at titles like SPIDERWICK & CLOVERFIELD for long stretches of time, but this is an absolutely welcome image that greets me every morning, and gives me such a geeky charge. Dr. Jones is an integral part of my cinema obsession, and the fact that since the last time I caught up with The Jonses, clearly things have changed. Holy crap...I have an office! Sure it's not MINE MINE, but it has my name on it, I clean it (sometimes) but regardless, I have a window to look out to gaze at Nakatomi or watch bubble splort at the Tar Pits (or see Will Farrell shooting LAND OF THE LOST there...kinda cool). Oh, and now I make movies too, which I knew I wanted to do when the last sequel unspooled in '89, so this evolution of my own life has met up with a familiar face, one which greets me warmly with a smirk and a powerful Drew Struzan pose.

Even if it sucks big fat aardvark cock, INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL will be greeted by very open, eager eyes. I love this series, maybe even more than my other childhood obsession (STAR WARS) and to finally see if this was all worth the wait is part of the fun, you know? The Indiana Jones series is so much a part of my movie upbringing, so this is just another notch in that timeline. I can remember where I was SITTING for each INDY film when they first came out, remember saying "wow!" at least 12 times for each installment, remember vowing to NEVER go to the bathroom in a film during a movie (only broke that rule once during MIGHTY APHRODITE, but I almost shit my pants...maybe it was from the movie itself, I dunno) and Im sure I'll be making a mental note of my first screening (hopefully the first of multiple screenings) of CRYSTAL SKULL....even if it sucks said cock. Bring it on Spielberg! I want to feel like a kid again...please?

For now, I'll just enjoy my short time looking out of the window and feeling that little tingle again. Go Indy!!!

Staying Scary,

PS: David Cronenberg keeps reaffirming his status as a personal hero...HERE.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Hey all,

Believe me, I got LOTS to talk about but trying to get it all down has been a little tough, but for now, I did want to pimp out one of the web shows I'm involved with called FREESTYLE 101, which has been the brainchild of Frank Meyer and has been a creative highlight for me to make possible....its a blast to do, and we just heard that the show has been nominated for a Webby! Kick ass...

Well below is a video that is an honor to be part of. Last Feburary I had the distinct pleasure to hang out with Ice T, who single handedly introduced me to REAL hip hop with the album O.G.-ORIGINAL GANGSTER. I wore out two copies of the CD (yes it's possible) and was forever a deciple of the T, and not the "Mister". His words rang truth, even for some punk white kid like myself (who was then the only one in an all black showing of NEW JACK CITY, which was...something) and the way he flowed was pure art from experience. Ice has clearly had one hell of a life and career spanning more than 20 years in music, film, TV and even spoken word, and when Frank told me that there was a chance to get Ice in New York, I said "Book that muthafucka, we'll make it happen" and next thing I know I'm in a tiny booth with "The Man", who was extremely nice and professional, and when he found out I did horror movies, professed his long love for the genre (to which I pulled out the copy of WT2 I brought for him, which he snatched up quickly, saying "Im watching that shit TONIGHT!" No word if he dug it or not, but like many of my heroes, just giving them my work is enough for me to be happy. Knowing WRONG TURN 2 is sitting on a pile of DVD's in Casa Del Iceberg is simply enough.

Well, enough gushing, enjoy the FREESTLYE 101-ICE T edition and I'll be back soon to recount "The Night of the Pukes" and other wonderful anecdotes of the last 2 weeks.

Staying Gangsta,