Sunday, February 13, 2011

KOB Shot of the Day #94: Summon The BILLzebub!

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge

Fellowships, Clans and Guilds,

Welcome our newest member of the Knights! Bill Young is our new Assistant Editor who started last week and hit the battleground sprinting.

But what of the valiant Alex, you ask? Well, lets just say he…."didn't work out", so his bones float in our moat out back.

I kid!! Actually, we're proud to say the mighty Alex Luna went onto greener (and likely bloodier) pastures accepting a position to be the lead editor on Marcus Dunstan's THE COLLECTION, which is a more massive sequel to his sleeper hit THE COLLECTOR*, a flick I REALLY dug. Alex and Howard worked with Marcus on that film so for the sequel (which sounds killer, no pun), Marcus invited Alex to step up to the bat, his first feature! Congrats Alex, you will be missed! (…jerk.;) ) Also for the triviahounds, another former KoBer is fighting alongside Marcus; DP Blacksmith Sam McCurdy is the cinematographer for THE COLLECTION, which means it's gonna look Fan-Frakkin-Tastic. Kick ass boys! Do this one…for Hung!**

So with a position to fill, Howard interviewed some highly qualified souls but Bill's extensive experience in both editing and visual FX, as well as his sunny disposition, proved to us he could kick some (bad)ass(dom). With our visual cut close to locking, its now time where the assistant editor's job really kicks in, supplying various outsourced vendors and collaborators (like VFX, sound and score) with the proper information needed, helping Howard with the cut and also assisting on the creative end as well, and his work on some of our VFX shots have been fantastic. It's hard showing anyone the film with the visible seams (unfinished FX, temp score, ADR sound needed, etc) but Bill's been a prince in helping us put our best boot forward and minding the shop as well.

Welcome, Sir Bill, to the Knights….
Now if we only had a round table…or maybe one shaped like an ass?

To steal from a real King: "Long Days & Pleasant Knights!"


PS:Stay tuned, we're about to unleash some stills from the movie! The first will be released on Monday since our Facebook and Twitter followers hit our goal, Huzzah! Those two accounts will be the direct source for all the KoB news, including stories on many of our cast and crew, and of course when the trailer and release info drops. Please follow both of these and get ready for more Badassdom in 2011 and beyond!

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*Get it?
**You'll get it soon enough....