Friday, October 22, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #85: The Line of Time

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of SOTD/W(eek) lately...we've just been in the trenches as we refine and revise the cut of KOB and its going really well, despite a lack of a compelling visual.

Again, every day the film feels more and more like a real movie, not a bunch of scenes and shots and moments scattered across a bunch of hard drives. It's constantly evolving and will keep transforming till picture-lock. What you see above is The Knights Of Badassdom, The Timeline! MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT!!!
There it is folks, the whole kit and cabootle (as of now) Exciting huh??
How kick ass is this flick, right? Um...right? Can't you see it?! What? No? Well, screw YOU! No, I keed.

It's amazing how all the hard work put into a project culminates in this complex series of lines, shapes and markers on a computer screen. This process is a LONG way from the "good ole days" with a bin hanging strips of celluloid, ready to be spliced to shit on a Movieola and mucked up with gooey tape...yet, a great discipline to cut like that where every splice degraded your workprint; kids these days its all CUT CUT CUT! (shakes fist). I do love how easy it is to cut on Avid or Final Cut (even on one's laptop) but cutting on a Steenbeck table gave you more of a discipline to the cut, as if....every cut counted. But those days are gone (except for Michael Kahn, Spielberg's longtime editor who still cuts the old-fashioned way). Long Live The Newly Edited Flesh.

Looking at this, It would actually be awesome if someone started an art gallery of timelines of films cut digitally to expose the odd beauty to these constructions of clips in digital form, fused together with 0's & 1's. What would PULP FICTION look like on a timeline, or THE DARK KNIGHT or CASINO (which I heard was Thelma Schoonmaker's first foray into Avid cutting)? This needs to happen!!!

Back to the edit before In N Out arrives, excuse me...


PS: Don't forget to check out the new short from Adam Green & myself called JUST TAKE ONE! Adam and his team at ArieScope do a Halloween short annually and this year is no different. I had a blast acting in one a few years back (The Tiffany Problem) and this year Green and I take center stage to warn you on the dangers of hoarding sweets during Halloween. Look out for the funny cameo at the end too!

Friday, October 08, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #84: Our Friday Tradition...of Murder!

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Ah, Friday. After a long week of rockin', we've established a tradition here in the Edit Of Badassdom (since its been officially a month in post as of this week) of "In'nOut Fridays" where Howard, Alex and I indulge in some tasty murder with a side of fries, seen here in their "Animal Style"* container (and if you look closely, a little bit of KOB in the BG!). My usual order? 2 Cheesburgers Animal Style (no Lettuce, Tomato or pickles) and fries Animal Style as well. Hey, it's Friday, don't judge me!!

This week Howard splurged (Thanks Mr. Smith!) and we scarfed the burgers down on the break while watching another F'd up ep of IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILLY (We're on "Hundred Dollar Baby", hilarious and SO wrong!) and after that 20 minute breather, back into the madness we dive.

We're currently on one of the most complex scenes we shot for the film, and while its hard to really visualize the end result since it's one of the few moments we have to rely on VFX to really create the magic (hint hint), it's exciting to see it all come together, even in such a rough stage. I keep thinking "How the hell did we do this!?!" and then I remind myself what an amazing & dedicated cast and crew we had, and that's my answer.

Getting closer to our goal, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Have a good weekend...onward through Evermore!


*Animal Style: Part of In'NOut's not-so-"Secret" menu where they will put extra 1000 Island dressing & grilled onions on your burger or even Fries. Verily, it's delicious!

Friday, October 01, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #83: Nothing (much) to see here...

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Very productive week, not much to report other than we're cranking away at the cut. Due to Howard having to go away for two days, Alex (seen here from my usual vantage point every day, looking at the back of an editor's neck. Exciting, right??) and I actually got to work on a promo of the film for the producers, and seeing the film in "teaser" form got everyone VERY excited. Cineboners abound!!! The movie, even in bite-sized form, looks HUGE (and the music we cut it to is, ahem, "THUNDERous") and was a big smile-inducer when we showed it. I keep watching the teaser going, "We made this?" and then start jumping around like the waitress in MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, screaming to the screen like its the Green Goblin truck saying "WE...MADE...YOUUUU!". Exciting times, my friends.

It's also Friday, which usually means it's In N Out Day in The Fellowship Suites but we settled for Chipotle this time in honor of Howard's absence. However, that didn't stop us from our usual lunchtime break; another episode of IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, the greatest show on TV right now. Both Howard and Alex were not exposed to the evil genius of the show yet so revisting these for a 20 minute lunch break is always a nice "palette cleanser". God Bless Green Man!

Well, the Weekend Approaches, Huzzah! Go out and support Independent Unrated Horror by seeing HATCHET 2!!!
(or at least buying a ticket for it and sneak into SOCIAL NETWORK). Prove to the System that you want your freedom in your film viewing...the other movies can wait, this CAN'T. (Plus, 2 shiny pennies for anyone who can point out my small but integral part in the movie). F censorship! Ok Ill get off my soapbox.

Onward! Back to Evermore on Monday!!!