Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shot of the Day #178: A Captive Audience

Shot with iphone. Click to Enlarge.

Outside Green's house in the Valley, taking a break from being inside brainstorming and writing for a special project we're working together on. I savor these days, working with a great writer like Adam, who really elevates my own game when we spitball ideas back and forth. Its great having like-minded types to keep the juices flowing. But after Green fired up his new grille, which he's cooking EVERYTHING on now (I bet by Monday he'll be doing Waffles on it) we needed to go outside for a bit and got into acting out a CRAZY idea for said project, which attracted an audience...

Here is Chewbacca and Perry, two of Adam's cats, watching us with curious eyes as we jump around and pantomime in public. I can only imagine what they are thinking...

Let me guess: "Meow Meow....mew mew mew....purr purr. Now feed me fucker"

Not a big fan of the feline persuasion, but Green's cats are pretty cool. I guess. Captive listeners though, and they seemed to respond positively to our ideas and the best part? NO NOTES.



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