Monday, June 29, 2009

Shot of the Day #180: The Tallest Man in the Strip Joint.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Today was sliced epic.

Ive had the honor and great privledge of befriending Adam Rifkin, a filmmaker I greatly admire (and if you've read this blog more than 5 times I've probably dropped his name a time or twelve...oops, let me pick that up) and still think his film LOOK might be one of the best cinematic experience/experiments in the last 9 years. Lucky for me and those who have seen/admire it, but Showtime (the NEW HBO) has picked up LOOK as a series! Amazing news, even more amazing possibilities since the concept of a multi-woven storylines seen through the many surveillance cameras surrpunding our modern culture is rife with new possibilities each week. Plus, every time I'd see Rifkin, he's smile devilishly and say "Oh I got a part for you too". Uh oh.

CUT TO: This morning, as I and a few of our Cinerd compatriots were asked to be part of the "sleazeball" contingent for a scene shot in a Strip Joint. Admitting to the fact Im not a frequent flyer of the strip bar circuit or the buffets I hear so much about, I was excited that I actually had an excuse to walk into these types of establishments...and also knowing Id probably have to burn all my clothes after I get home. But it was such an honor to be on a TV, let alone an Adam Rifkin production, and the chance to see him in action was reason enough to go. Additionally, the Strip Joint was right across the street from my Producer's offices so I got to have a quick meeting with them as well. Multi-tasking can be fun!

The above shot is of Adam Setting up one of the cameras in the joint. His vision towers over us all...well, thanks to an apple box or two.

Now, I wont explain much more without delving into Spoiler-Ville, but I can admit to having two strippers in my personal space for MANY a take, while all I wanted to do was ask them if they watched SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE last week. Even though it was just acting, feeling like a bag of scum as these girls (some real, some faux-strippers) wiggled and shook while we slipped fake 20's in their g-strings and tried to look turned on. Luckily Jason and Sullivan were there so I had some friendly faces to comiserate with (and laugh at when they had ass int he face) with Green coming in later on. Also, I got to meet a friend I met on Twitter, Jeremy, who's a big WT2 fan to boot, which places him in the "cool peeps" folder...and Ron Jeremy, who proceeded to act out MARLEY & ME and then uncover the cruel truth behind the author who wrote it (eye-opening stuff for sure). Ron also had seen THIRSTY, and complimented me on my acting skills, which I didn't quite know how to take.

Other major highlight: At one point Rifkin threw his HD video recorder at me saying "Lynch, shoot some girls from this, get some action!" SCHWEET. So now I'm "Second Unit DP/Director", getting the more..ahem..."intimate" shots of the girls when the other cameras couldn't because they're locked vantage points. The genius of LOOK is that with the evolving technology and phones having video cameras, Big Brother IS everywhere, even in our pockets, so this camera (if it's used in the show) would represnet that douchie douche who shoots chicks in strip joints, the instant media of the modern day used for devious purposes. Not...that I would know anything about that. However, this new job didn't come without it's complications. After (and even during) each take, as Adam would yell "Action" and the playback would thump for a few moments to get everyone "in the groove" before it abruptly cuts off so we can capture the dialogue clean while everyone pantomimes their speech and body-movin', I would get stopped by the REAL bouncers in the club:

"Yo can't be filmin' here yo"(cracks knuckles)
ME: "But the director told me I could. Im shooting this for-"
" aint supposed to be filming this. Im lookin out for da girls"
ME: "I understand that sir, but I was told to shoot this by the director"
"No you didn't"
ME: "Um, yes I did...the director gave me HIS camera"
"No he didn't"
ME: "Yes he did! Look!"
"Who da director?"
ME: "What??"
"Who da Director!?"
ME: (pointing) "You mean Adam? Adam Rifkin?"
"...oh....Well OK man Ok...but I gots ta check yaknow? I gots ta me lookin out for-"
ME: "I gotcha man, no worries"

This happened...4 different times, including twice by the girls in the scene! Sheesh....2nd unit gets No Respect.

Anyway, it was a great, crazy day and thanks to Rifkin, Im not immortalized on a Showtime show. Can't wait for my residual check! Thanks Adam!!!

CLICK HERE for some more evidence of debauchery from the set of LOOK, which will be on Showtime this fall!



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