Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shot of the Day #172: 1st Fathers Day: It's Breakfast for Cupcake!

Shot with iphone 3Gs. Click to enlarge.

Since it was the first Father's Day for many of my friends and I, Patton decided to have a "Daddy's Brunch" complete with babies and....are you ready....?

Maple Syrup Pancake Bacon cupcakes.

Yes, it sounds like an ungodly concoction, but truth be told, they are little baked goods of badassdom.

It was also great commiserating with guys who are going through the same trials and tribulations as I am in terms of being a new dad, especially guys who can relate being so fucking busy and trying to juggle career with fatherhood. Remy is the oldest of the bunch, so it was cool for those guys to see "what's to come" in terms of the size and the smiles, but just seeing everyone so happy with their lil guy's/girls was a treat. Hope this becomes a tradition, if only to eat those goddamned cupcakes! Thanks to Gerry, Brian & Patton for making yesterday a blast and to Rhoads, Alice, Remy and Declan (who couldn't make it) for being kick ass babies! I think this is the origin story to the powerhouse known as The Sandbox Mafia.

Rhoads, Remy & Alice (with Dads).Photo by Gerry Duggan.

Happy Father's Day!


PS: Miss you Dad. Guess I don't have to worry about not calling you like usual, huh?

PPS: I need a new hat.


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