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Shot of the Day #166: Ki-Ki-Ki....

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Ventured out to The Bungalow Room to meet up with the FC to celebrate the release of the FRIDAY THE 13TH.

The man you see here before you, smiling like a kid who just won the candy lottery (or these days, won 10,000 X-Box points) is the illustrious Daniel Farrands, who, with the help of THIRSTY director Andrew Kasch and his trust DP Buz Wallick, created what could arguably be considered one of the most comprehensive DVD edition to a classic horror movie series in years (especially the FINAL CHAPTER one, but Im bias). Mr. F is an accomplished writer/producer and one hell of a geek, let alone a HUGE FRIDAY fan and the reason Green and I are even on that F13:pt4 disc. He is GOOD PEOPLES.

Dan here is standing in front of a monitor playing PART 4 (as you might know, my favorite of the bunch) as he's introducing such F13 alumni as composer Harry Menfredini, Larry (Shelly) Zerner, Shavar Ross from pt 5....and of course the "Brandi Twins" also seen here (on left) and still looking FOINE after all these years. Double Double your refreshment indeed!

Fun night had by go buy the DVD's or Jason will Machete your ass.

Also, for more in-depth coverage of the party (and much better pictures) click HERE.


PS: Check out some of the cool reviews the commentary has gotten!! Yes, that sound is the sound of me patting myself on the back, fuck off. of today. 

...some Friday 4 DVD reviews:


A magical second commentary by slasher aficionados/directors Adam Green (of HATCHET) and WRONG TURN 2’s Joe Lynch is like listening to the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 guys watching a film they adore. The two can barely contain themselves, jabbering over each other about how alternately bad-ass and ridiculous everything is. It’s spectacular to hear two hopeless FINAL CHAPTER geeks raise and attempt to answer every question any horndog for the film has ever harbored. They bust the silly stuff, trumpet the great moments and hilariously agree to disagree throughout. Simply marvelous. 


The second is a “fan” track with filmmakers Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). Whoever decided to make this track happen is a genius. Hatchet is the single best slasher film to come out in years, and Wrong Turn 2 is deliciously brutal. These two guys have been heavily influenced by the Friday the 13th franchise and are elated to share their memories on it all. Not only that, but they offer some legitimate thematic discussion about the film, something that isn’t easy with slashers. Basically this is a track by two premiere horror directors who have a passion for the genre—awesome.


The first commentary is with director Joe Ztio, screenwriter Barry Cohen and editor Joel Goodman. It’s about as dry as you’d expect, but it can prove to be informative. The next one up is what you’re looking for though.
The fan commentary by Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn II) may be one of the best commentaries I’ve ever listened to. Green and Lynch don’t just have fun with the movie or point out minutia (though there is a nice assortment of it), but focus on why the movie works and how all of the things it does work from a thematic standpoint. Listening to them you can really tell they get the theory involved in something like this, and mixing all that with advice for future filmmakers and their wealth of knowledge on the series just brings them down to earth. I would recommend anyone take a listen to the track.


More lively and fun, if completely inconsequential and fanboyish, is the track by genre filmmakers and fans Adam Green and Joe Lynch, who defend the film point-by-point as if it were a horror classic for all time, and they lovingly quote the dialogue.


The second commentary is a 'fan' track that features two younger horror film directors, Adam Green (who did Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). The pair were obviously influenced by the series, Green in particular (if you've seen Hatchet it's obvious) and the pair spend a good deal of time talking about how this film shaped them and their respective projects. This is actually quite a bit more interesting than it probably sounds, as they rail off some interesting facts and trivia along the way and have an infectious enthusiasm for the material.

Horror DVDs

The second commentary is a “fan commentary” with two upcoming horror directors, Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). This track is almost perfect, the two of them having an absolute blast with the movie, meshing recollections of the impact this movie had on them as kids, observations on quirks or notable moments in the film, and even anecdotes on how the film has had a lasting impact. It’s all a mile a minute and quite humorous, but you can really tell these guys have a genuine love for the film, never resorting to Mystery Science Theater theatrics, and instead just taking in all the awesome that is The Final Chapter. Both commentaries complement each other so well, I almost wish there was a third track with all of them together so the young guys could pick Zito & Co.’s brains.


Before we get to the really special treats included here, let's focus on the normal goodies you expect from a special DVD release. Things kick off with not one, but two commentary tracks. The first with director Joseph Zito, screenwriter Barney Cohen, and editor Joel Goodman is exactly what it should be: enlightening, fun, and engaging. The second one, however, is the money shot! Filmmakers and uber-fans Adam Green and Joe Lynch offer their super-geeky and lovable two cents on a fan commentary that is nothing short of a must listen. It's like getting together with your friends and just having a blast. Stellar stuff that's highly recommended.


The second is a fan track featuring directors Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) and Adam Green (the woefully under-appreciated Hatchet), which is actually quite fun. They’re both smart, savvy guys who grew up on the same horror feed as the rest of us, and they have a legitimate and heartfelt affection for Zito and the film.


We start with two excellent commentaries. The first, with Director Joe Zito, writer Barney Cohen, and editor Joel Goodman gives us a lot of interesting information and remembrances. The second commentary is a real treat: Filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch get to weigh in as huge Friday fans. Having a fan commentary makes so much sense, since Friday the 13th movies are really fan-powered. Let's face it, they're not great works or art or craft, and they're not exactly begging critical re-evaluation. Lynch and Green have a blast, they are very knowledgeable, and it's fun to listen to them as they share insights and trivia—though I was a little surprised that they didn't recognize the campers in the early "recounting of the events" scene as being from Part 2. (EDITORS NOTE: Yeah listening to it it sounds like we didn't know but I think it was taken out of context...damn editing!)


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