Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shot of the Day #158: Delicious & Lovecraftian!

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.

These, as they say on the streets, were the bomb-doo-gigiddy. Holy shit.

Bri concocted these 'lil confectionary money shots last night for the brunch gathering we had with our birthing class alumni (great, amazing people all), as they needed a night to cool. Sure, they LOOK like ordinary cupcakes, right? Well, my friend, not only were they made cruelty-free (courtesy of a book called The Veganomicon...HP would be proud, and the author even name drops EVIL DEAD in the intro! SOLD.) but there's a kiss of ooey, gooey jelly in the middle, and the reciepe tastes like you're biting into a powdered Jelly-filling donut from DUNKIN' DONUTS. Now, East Coast know whutimtalkinbout, riiiite? Seriously, those donuts are heaven-sent, and Bri's cupcakes steal a cloud of goodness from a very regional obsession. Sorry Winchell's, I know donuts....and you are no DUNKIN'.

I swear, one bite of these Jelly Donut Cupcakes and I began to miss New York terribly. Well, not terribly enough to finish the whole thing and pray there were more after the party.

...and there were. Haleluija. Bri, you are good. You. You are very good. (waves finger)


P.S.: What have I done for the last time?


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