Friday, June 26, 2009

Shot of the Day #177: My Backeotomy

Shot with iphone. Click to Enlarge.

Earlier this week my back, bastard it is already from a nasty high school accident (fucker rammed a Lacrosse helmet into my lower back...Catholic Schools CAN be brutal), gave out and Ive been hobbling around in pain for a few days before I called "The Man", Dr. Ty, Chiropractor of the stars...or so i found out. I'd feel bad relating some of his client list, but lets just say an "AWESOME" blockbuster director who just released a film last week to record numbers was in on the day of the premiere, tense and nervous before The Hands of Dr. Ty took over and magic happened on this very device you see above. So...if it's good enough for THAT guy...why not a little speck of a guy like me, right?

What's crazy is that while most modern medicine is about transforming their workspaces and equipment into patient-friendly ipod-esque forms, Dr. Ty's "back rack" is almost like something Jigsaw might have devised. When I first went in on strict orders from my boss Josh 2 years back, I paused when i walked into his room, seeing this torture-like device in a spare room. Um, what did I get myself into? But Ty is so charming, peaceful and friendly that a few tugs, twists and pulls and his signature "Ready....? (POP!) OOOH, that's goood! Nice, Nice Jo-Jo." you're out the door feeling much better.

After this past week I REALLY needed his magic fingazs, and while Im still a little sore, it was worth the 30 minutes in Bev Hills traffic to get there. Today was a fuck-all of a Friday, with projects falling apart, political bullshit mucking up the works and Murphy's Law in FULL effect. I think I took it out on Twitter too, so now the world knows. Wonderful. Sometimes I hate having such a political outlet.

Man, I need this weekend. Need to see a movie STAT.



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