Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shot of the Day #176: Remy-Thing @ The Birthday Feast

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Took Remy, Jan and Bri to her favoritest place to eat, Madeleine Bistro for her birthday feast. This is not only Bri's first birthday as a Momma, but Remy's first time at the Fine-dining Vegan eatery, so it was a pretty momentus occasion. We ate our guts out while Rem was entranced by everything on the table, from the spoons to the bright color pallate of the food and even the glasses of water I always feel so bad asking for when we dine out (Yes, we're cheap, but maybe I LIKE water from the tap, thanks!). Here you see Remmington peering through the drinking glass, and something about this shot reminds me of one of the mutated bodies Rob Bottin created from John Carpenter's THE THING. I mean, look at the comparison(....yes, the face on your right):

Don't worry though, I didn't want Bri's special day to be overshadowed with my dark's a more serene shot of the Birthday Girl and her new man.

Happy Birthday Bri!!



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