Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shot of the Day #174: Wireless Bliss

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

I hate wires. They are such a crutch on life. I can be a clumsy douche sometimes, but wire seem to always, as they say "get all up in mah shi-tah" and prayed for the days when wireless would be the norm and a wide-spread norm, especially with headphones. When I got some sage advice from resident G4 tech guru Bruce about some new Bluetooth headphones, I took it to task to make it appear on my Amazon wish list for Xmas. Santa made good and the Cardo S2 Bluetooth Headset were under the tree and it was one of those gifts that give you a whiff of your childhood when the cool toy was awaiting a quick turnaround in the toy rotation. Not only is it a wireless headphone with damn good sound (if just a touch muffled; hard wire is still the best fidelity) but its also a phone headset, so you get the best of both worlds AND look like a giant future-nerd when you blast "India Ink" by 311 over and over walking through the building to grab a slice of pizza....not like THAT would ever happen, right?

But a cruel lump of coal awaited in the form of it's incompatibility with my 1G iphone. The old bastard couldn't get with the times it seemed. So, the headphones went into the junk drawer, soon forgotten.

...until now.

With the new iphone, which has a more advanced bluetooth compatibility, the Cardo instantly synched (sunk?) to the 3Gs and I was off to the races, listening to the audiobook of Del Toro/Hogan vamp novel THE STRAIN (which is getting GOOD, like a BLADE 2 spin-off) without tangling the wires in the seatbelt. It started the day off right, which, by day's end, changed the game significantly for me and the next month. Ever have a barrage of news and challenges just land in your lap at the same time? But luckily, it was all exciting things to tackle, which will be revealed soon, I promise. Well...you might have to wait at least 31 days...but it's gonna be pretty mint.

Thank god that when life gets complicated, it also gets simple with one less set of wires in my life. I love these things (belatedly)...thanks Bri! it's like Xmas in July!

...well, June. Close enough.



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