Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shot of the Day #162: Remy's First Moovie!

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Here we are in the very back of the Century City 12 theater, checking out the hilarity of THE HANGOVER, which might be the comedy of the year, if not the last few years. Yeah, I said it. Todd Phillips is the MAN; Any director who can start off making the most vile, potent documentaries like HATED and do studio comedies has my vote for life.

Anyway, that little globe-like blob on the side of the screen? Yup, that's Remy, attached to me with the Baby Bjorn as I walk him back and forth in the back of the theater. This was the first time we did this, opting not to do the "Mommy and Me" screenings that happen at The Grove because we were tipped off that it would just be a bunch of two year olds running around causing havoc and just take a chance that he'd be good during the run of the film. So we picked a decent, non-peak time, a theater close to home and usually not packed and rolled the dice...

...and he was a DREAMBOAT. With me looking almost like Im TRYING to look like Zach in the movie (beard, belly, baby, etc) we quietly walked to the back of the Stadium-Seating theater which was 1/10th full, trying not to be seen as "those people" who we've scoffed at in the past ("Why would someone want to take their baby to this movie? I mean, come on! Really?? DAWN OF THE DEAD?!? Jeez"....true story) and settled in, ready to bolt at a whine's notice. Hell, if we had to leave, so be it? At least we tried. He got a touch fussy right at the beginning but after a bit of boobie (yes, my wife whipped out her tit in the was AWESOME) I put him in his Bjorn harness, the kid was like pure gold, just giggling along to the movie (he seems to be a big Ed Helms fan) and then promptly passing out, waking only for the tiger growling and the occasional car crash. At one point a woman sitting in front of us notcied me pacing from one side of the theater to another, bouncing lightly, and smiled at the coincidence of a guy in the theater with a baby just like in the film. I even kept predicting "Not gonna make the second act"..."Nope, he's gonna get pissy before the end!" and never did, we made it even to the high-larious ending credits! Seriously, I could NOT have asked for a better baby/movie experience, and we walked out proud as he smiled like a champ. Clearly, this IS our kid. Good Job Plissken!!!

Next flick: INGLORIOUS BASTERDS...he's gonna LOVE that one!


Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

PS: This shot was a close second for the day, a moment of union among the masses at the Testament show in HOB that I hit after the movies. (No, Remy didn't attend; Ill wait a few more months, which is good because I hear Cattle Decapitation is playing the Roxy...)
Pretty amazing show; the younger, more spry Unearth played first, and having not seen them live, was pretty blown away at their loose, fun and fuck live show which piled on crunche chords like metal pancakes (which would be a great title for a Spinal Tap album, actually). Old school headliners Testament was quite bang-friendly as well, but I had to leave early to relieve Bri and take over the Graveyard shift with the lil' guy. But again, great show and nice to see some live metal. Thanks Brian & Kelly for both getting me in!


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