Friday, February 27, 2009

Shot of the Day #58: The Hardest Working Man on this show(biz)

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

...or rather, kid. This here is "Dean Schneiderman", the director's assistant. "Dean" is not his actual moniker, which we will conceal for the time being (for your safety and mine). The actual name has a wonderful story behind it, but because Im currently on-set and if I apply any more force to press down on the keys with my fingers they might snap off, I'll tell you when we hang out later, OK? It's that fucking cold.

But "Dean" here was rushing between the crafty area (located in a snug lil' cabin about 100 yards off) and the set, seen behind him, fetching some coffee for heir direktor, and the kid exudes and energy that's both impressing and kinda infectious.

Oh...The time it takes between pouring those cups of coffee and placing them in the hands of the director and producer: aprox 1:20.
Time it took for said hot beverage to turn ice cold: 1:19.

Yes, its that fucking cold out, did I mention that?

I applaud the tenacity of every person on this set, how everyone is just so gung-ho despite the conditions, from the crew in every dept to the cast, but this kid is fucking tireless. AND he's wickedly funny, so he's been keeping everyone in good, warm spirits.

More sets need a "Dean Schneiderman" and I plan on having him on mine for sure. Go "Dean"! GO!



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