Friday, April 06, 2007

BEST "MOVIE(s)" EVER...or, a 3 hour Vallentine to my bleeding Geek heart.

GRINDHOUSE....words can't describe the 50 cc's of cinadrenaline that's racing through my veins. This 3 hour epic of exploitation is like tapping into my brain, which is direclty attached to my balls, and squeezing, hard. Thing is....I LOVE it.

Seriously, it's almost 3am and having gotten back from the first show of GRINDHOUSE at the Chinese, Im still in shock.

Frankly, my dong is still swelled with blood...there's just too many little details that I adored, from the title design to the red flare during the elevator scene in PLANET EARTH to every second of DEATH PROOF(Im sorry naysayers, but it's brilliant in it's B-ness)...GRINDHOUSE reaffirmed why I love film, why Im not ashamed to say that I hold CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST or SHORT TIME in the same high cienmatic light that i do SCHINDLER'S LIST or FRENCH CONNECTION, and the movie made me want to make another film RIGHT NOW, to recapture that sense of fun admist the giggle behind the monitors again.

GRINDHOUSE is 150% percent pure fucking fun, and if you dont like it, well...dont expect kind words from me, sir/madam. It was 3 hours that went by in 3 minutes, and I wanna see it again and laugh and enjoy every fucked up and distressed frame of it, and remember when I was first truly appreciating the art form and what a director really does, when two guys made two movies (Reservoir Dogs & El Marachi) that made me yearn to tell stories visually, in my own kooky way...and by any means neccessary. I would not be where I am now without them, and while I was wary of any dissapoinment it could have brought if it didn't deliver...brothers and sisters...The Fucked Up Fed Ed truck came early, and the package is a gaddammed doozy.

Please, do yourselves, and us fans a favor, and see GRINDHOUSE this weekend. See it with a crowd, as it was meant to be seen on the big screen, with all the pops and splice marks we've all come to miss, frankly. Fuck THE putting it out for Easter to get all the bible bangers out PASSION style, but even Jesus would rather see GRINDHOUSE upon rising from the grave...I bet he'd be gearing up for the midnight show.

I wanna see GRINDHOUSE again tomorrow....and the next day. Then give myself a week to digest, then see it at the Drive-In.

Thank you Quentin. Thank you Robert. You've filled my geek heart with love.

Staying Scary,


PS: "White Meat, Dark Meat...all will be carved".

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Hero Has Fallen...

Hi all,
This is truly a sad time.

As you might already have heard, director Bob Clark was tragically killed late Monday night in a horrible car accident...that could have been prevented if the other driver wasn't drunk. Bob and his Son Ariel were both killed, while Hector Velazquez-Nava, the drunk driver, will live. Tragic and cruel life can be.

Bob was a childhood hero of mine. I couldnt believe that he, like Landis, could jump genres so deftly, and I was in awe of his work like BLACK CHRISTMAS, DEATHDREAM, PORKYS & A CHRISTMAS STORY. I got to attend a special holiday screening of the original BLACK with Bob in attendance, and I honestly got too star-struck to go up to him and shake his hand, which is almost unheard of for me. I dont know why but I pussed out, and now it will be one of my major geek regrets. Bob was such an electric personality, and his skill behind the camera inspired so many of our generation more than we ever know.

It's a sad, surreal thing when you can try to enjoy a really cool mention in the media (my trailer hitting the net, meshed on the same page with one of the more tragic events heard in a long while (at least for me), sandwiching the ad banner to the atrocious remake that put Bob on the map, WHICH CAME OUT THE DAY OF HIS DEATH. Kinda...creepy, huh?
Click the image below to see what I mean...

Hollywood Babylon indeed.

That's a wrap, Sir Clark. Thank you for inspiring so will be missed.

Staying Scary,

PS: More blogging soon I promise...