Monday, July 18, 2011

Comic-Con Week: Day #2 - The Mixing Hour

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Another day another all-nighter. But, must battle on…

After Matt and I finished our sound design for CHILLERAMA last night (or was it this morning? Days are beginning to blend, folks) I went home and got about 3 hours of non-sleep and then rose from the dead to race over to the PR firm handling KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM for two pretty damn important interviews about the flick, which was just the jolt I needed to wake the F up. First up was the L.A. Times' Hero Complex, which is one of the biggest genre blogs in the land and then the famed WIRED magazine, which was a phoner, but so cool nonetheless. It was another great primer for the barrage of questions upon questions that will be flying fast in the days to come, but with Edith at my side (which I brought with me to the office), I'm ready!

Then after a post-interviews pow-wow with the IndieVest guys about our Panel plans in Hall H (Wait, it's still happening? It wasn't a dream!?!?),Matt & I bolted straight to the CHILLERAMA sound mix in the Valley, meeting up with ArieScope's trusted sound guru, Andy Garfield (who composed the fantastic score for FROZEN & the HATCHET films, seen above). Since then we've been cranking away at the sound mix for ZOM-B-MOVIE for the past 8 hours with plenty more to go. The Power of 5 Hour Power compels me.

Sleep is not an option.

Completion is our climax.

I don't even know what Im writing anymore. Starting to sound like a Stone Temple Pilots song.

Exhaustion is setting in…and its only Monday? Crap.





Anonymous Adam Barnick said...

Ha! You are the man. Keep the updates coming(after your nap!).. Love, Barnick

9:18 AM  

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