Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Hey all,

Believe me, I got LOTS to talk about but trying to get it all down has been a little tough, but for now, I did want to pimp out one of the web shows I'm involved with called FREESTYLE 101, which has been the brainchild of Frank Meyer and has been a creative highlight for me to make possible....its a blast to do, and we just heard that the show has been nominated for a Webby! Kick ass...

Well below is a video that is an honor to be part of. Last Feburary I had the distinct pleasure to hang out with Ice T, who single handedly introduced me to REAL hip hop with the album O.G.-ORIGINAL GANGSTER. I wore out two copies of the CD (yes it's possible) and was forever a deciple of the T, and not the "Mister". His words rang truth, even for some punk white kid like myself (who was then the only one in an all black showing of NEW JACK CITY, which was...something) and the way he flowed was pure art from experience. Ice has clearly had one hell of a life and career spanning more than 20 years in music, film, TV and even spoken word, and when Frank told me that there was a chance to get Ice in New York, I said "Book that muthafucka, we'll make it happen" and next thing I know I'm in a tiny booth with "The Man", who was extremely nice and professional, and when he found out I did horror movies, professed his long love for the genre (to which I pulled out the copy of WT2 I brought for him, which he snatched up quickly, saying "Im watching that shit TONIGHT!" No word if he dug it or not, but like many of my heroes, just giving them my work is enough for me to be happy. Knowing WRONG TURN 2 is sitting on a pile of DVD's in Casa Del Iceberg is simply enough.

Well, enough gushing, enjoy the FREESTLYE 101-ICE T edition and I'll be back soon to recount "The Night of the Pukes" and other wonderful anecdotes of the last 2 weeks.

Staying Gangsta,


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