Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hey all,

Well, it's over. Why am I smiling through the pain?

Oh, did you think I was talking about the finale of THE SHIELD? No, I was actually referring to the GWAR show Green and I went to on Monday...but I could be talking about the final moments of Vic Mackey and Co. as well...let me backtrack a bit.

THE SHIELD: Last night Luke and I devoured a P'Zone and a Deep Dish and dove into the final episode of our favorite cop show. He kept telling me that THE WIRE might be better, but I guess I like a little DRAMA in my drama and love the broader strokes Shawn Ryan and his crew took with the Farmington crew, which finally came to an end last night. Not much to say, other than I thought it was pretty much the perfect climax to the saga started with a bullet to a cop's brain in the first episode. Both of us were on the edge of our seat the whole time, and it was one of the best hours (and a half) of TV I'd seen in a long while. The climactic episode tied up some ends while keeping things loose and rightfully we got one more "Mackey Method" moment where the bald badass interrogated a scum-bag by throwing his head in a snake tank...while the snake was biting him. Been a while since we've seen one of those extreme tactics used (the Phone Book moment in the first season still tops the list) but in terms of satisfying the fans, this one really did the trick. In a way, the fitting end to our favorite anti-hero cop is very much reminiscent to Greek mythology and the story of Sisyphus, a corrupt king who was punished in Hades by having to push a huge stone up a hill, only to see it fall down the other end and he'd have to start again, over and over again. Vic Mackey is in Hell, and it feels richly deserved. Fuck the SOPRANOS ending episode, this is as good as TV gets when it comes to finales. LOST has a lot to learn. Rest in Peace and your fucked up antics will be missed each Tuesday night.

GWAR!!!: What? What did you say? Sorry my ears are still ringing and its been two days since Green and I met up to hit GWAR at the HOB Sunset. I've seen the gore metal godfathers at least 10 times in my life, maybe more, but its been a while since I saw them play out and felt like the right time, given my "freedom" will be severely compromised in a few months (more like 68 days!).
After a heavy meal at the HOB restaurant (which I think is still sitting in my guts) we rocked out to a few opening acts that got the crowd frothed and ready (Warriors of Sorrow-Jamie Jasta's new band-were great and The Terror gave me NYC Hardcore flashbacks) and suddenly we were surrounded by friends; I had a bunch of G4 blokes track me down who I NEVER would have expected were metal fans, and Green's usual Camera Op B.J. (very VERY cool fucker) and his crew showed up as well...along with Milo and Hayden from HEROES (?!?). Strange cameo to the evening, but they seemed really into the scene as we were primed for the madness, even wearing shitty clothes to sop up all the fluids that would be spurting from the stage...even though I saw some dude who was also wearing a BATTLE ROYALE shirt like I was (dont you hate that?).
Then, with all the thunder Hell can muster, GWAR took the stage and the crowd turned into a whirlpool of bodies, blood and sweat. I honestly couldn't even tell you the set-list because it just seemed like a wall of sound from the pit area (the blood in my ear didn't help) although "Sick of You" was played at the end, much to the frenzied crowd's delight. Midway through the act, my neck stiffened and my back gave a bit; my body saying "Lynch, you saw these guys when you were 18...maybe its time to slow down a little? You're not a kid anymore." To which I said "Fuck you body!" and thrashed my hair about like a member of Lamb Of God till I could bang head no more. Hey, I never had hair this long, so it was cool to actually feel like a metalhead as the hair whipped about, splashing droplets of blood/sweat/tears on the poor dude next to me. Fuck him, he's been doing the same to me! When the show ended at midnight, I got the fuck out, bloodied and sore and happy, and still washing out red from my body to this day.
Best moment? During the show, since GWAR usually puts on a between-song show where they literally "tear apart" the latest target in pop-culture (past victims have been Michael Jackson, Clinton, both Bushes, Madonna, Ben Affleck, etc), when "Obama" came out and they promptly ripped his head off, spraying the crowd with dark red goo. Who was the FIRST person to get a huge squirt in the face? The cheerleader from HEROES. My G4 comrade JP and I looked at each other and laughed: Who would have thought we'd see GWAR and Obama give The Cheerleader a Crimson Facial?
God Bless America.

TWILIGHT: Whateverrrrr.
Are we done yet?

DEAD SET: OK, been hearing a LOT about this show from some fellow FrightFesters, so I did a BAD BAD thing (cue music) and Bit Torrented the 5 episode series (Sorry FCC, I needs ma Zombies!) and glad I did. This is by far the best TV I've seen in a LONG time. Yeah yeah, I was just sucking THE SHIELD off above and if you know me well enough, you might have heard me wax BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's car, but DEAD SET is by far Horror TV at it's bloody finest. It's a simple concept, one that you go "Duh!!" when you hear it (What happens to the Big Brother contestants during the Zombie Holocaust? Genius) and in 5 episodes, the show totally reinvigorated my love for the Undead genre, which has seemingly been played out to (pun intended) DEATH.
Here, the show takes a cue from the 28...LATER series (fast "infected" in England) and even from the original DAWN OF THE DEAD, actually investing time in the characters (along with the "in media res" opening where we are in the control room of the studio where the final episode of BIG BROTHER UK is unfolding) so that when the zombie shit hits the fan, we actually care. I've yet to watch the final episode for season 1, but if you need any proof that Zombie Cinema is still kicking, DEAD SET is almost if they can only get THE WALKING DEAD going...

So, when Im in Jail for illegally downloading the show, getting corn-holed by my 323 pound cell mate named Ennis, I'll just close my eyes and remember what got me there....thankfully it was a modern-classic TV import, not the new Bond fleck. Owie...thanks Bit Torrenting!

THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE GYM SHIT-GHOST: OK, I had to share this because it still makes me giggle.
On Monday, went to the gym (which, and I can't believe Im saying this, I'm actually starting to enjoy...wait, did a pig just fly past my office window? Woah) and was about halfway through my crunches to get rid of that fucking fanny pack fused to my stomach. Next to me was a heavy-set gent who I see regularly there as he sits to my left and begins his own crunches on a yoga mat, his legs suspended in mid-air as he huffs out his reps. So Im just going about my bid'ness....234...235...God this ACDC album....237...rules!....238...


Um...what was that? Was it me?? I know Im "Mr. Farty Pants" and will be the first called when Methane is delegated an actual fuel base, but this wasn't from my brown eye...this was the guy next to me. A huge, beefy fart shot out from his ass like a trumpet solo at the Blue Note while he was in mid-crunch, and with his headphones on, I wondered...did he not hear it? If it was me, I would have been mortified, walking out of the establishment asap and never come back. But this guy just kept going with his crunches, and after a stifled giggle on my part, I went back to my-


Holy shit, did he just do it again? Now my peripheral vision was locked on the guy and I had totally lost my crunch count, and this dude just Belts out another man-queef like he's at home in his own place and in total privacy. This time, he paused after he floated the air biscuit, as if..."wait, was that me?" but after a moment-maybe to get a whiff his wares-he went right about his set. I dunno, again...I would have been embarrassed to no end, but I guess this guy just felt like its a natural thing and whoever is in his orbit is just gonna have to deal. Maybe in his culture or upbringing, squeezing the cheese is just like breathing or coughing, but I need to hear your Shit Ghosts dude?Thankfully they weren't stink-


OK....Im done. Off to the showers. Hopefully I dont step in any random piles of shit. What an asshole...literally.

JCVD: As much as I loved Mickey Rourke in THE WRESTLER, the guy who loves rooting for the underdawg in me thinks in a perfect world...the words "For Your Consideration" would preface the name "Jean Claude Van Damme" in a Variety full-page ad for Best Actor.
Seriously, if you were to tell me in the beginning of the year that one of your favorite movies would have the Van Dammage in it, I might have drop kicked you. But no lie...JCVD is a great film; funny, fresh and clever...and totally takes you by surprise. The movie plays like Van Damme Day Afternoon; JCVD essentially plays himself, a washed up, broken shell of a man dealing with career & family woes and the tribulations of being "that guy" when he walks down the street in his hometown of Brussels when he's suddenly embroiled in a bank heist where the outside world thinks it's HIM behind the crime. What unfolds is a unique, clever and stylish character study and has by far one of the oddest confessional moments in cinema where, in the middle of a scene, Jean Claude actually FLOATS out of the scene to the rafters of the set of the movie being made (not a movie within a movie...THIS movie, shattering the 4th wall into smithereens) as JCVD explains his heartache directly to the camera for what seemed to be 8 minutes, surrounded by the lighting grid on the ceiling. Its one of those moments of sheer movie magic, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house when it was over (Bri and I both looked at each other with tears in our eyes, waving each other away). Seriously speaking, this is fantastic filmmaking, and the dawn of a new career path for Jean Claude...who I was always a fan of but after dreck like SUDDEN DEATH and NOWHERE TO RUN, I lost interest. No more. I can't WAIT to see what's next for the "Muscles from Brussels"...don't fuck it up JC!!!

THANKSGIVING: Well this was a nice surprise...a friend sent the following link to MAXIM's "Favorite Grace Moments" over and I'm honored!

Check out the love HERE

Funny....when i first pitched my plans for WT2 to Fox, my original concept was that it was all happening during Thanksgiving break (which is how all the contestants could have time off to compete and do the reality pilot on spec...yes these are details I think about) and the big dinner set-piece was to actually be the family's Thanksgiving Feast! I thought "When has there ever been anything in horror done to Thanksgiving? This is perfect!" Well, Fox didn't think so and I had to scrap the idea...and then Eli up and snapped up the holiday and made that classic faux-trailer. Oh well, but its nice to think people responded to the scene (YES, I KNOW ITS LIKE TEXAS CHAINSAW....DUH!!! Actually, I'm tipping the hat to TCM2, so there!) and nice of Maxim to give the muties a little holiday love!

Hope you and yours have a wonderful American Turkey Massacre day!

Staying Scary,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cheezeburger Cheezeburger Chiklis!

Hey all,

Ive been desperate to see the movie WIRED for almost 20 years, and somehow the slipperly little sucker has eluded my eyes after many attempts. Being a HUGE SHIELD fan from the beginning, I had always known Michael Chiklis not as "The Comish", the OTHER portly cop he played on ABC a few years prior in the 90's, but as the poor actor who got the brunt of the hate for playing John Belushi in the unauthorized version of the Bob Woodward book, WIRED, which came out in 1989. I was a big Belushi fan back then, even so much that I endured much of his Brother's flicks, and I can never get those collective 180 minutes back for watching MR. DESTINY & K-9, but when this came out, I couldnt get my parents to take me to see it. Sure, CREEPSHOW 2 & TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE? No problemo, but I guess either seeing a bad Belushi impersonator doing mounds of coke for the entire running time didnt seem to make for a good night at the movies, so I had to miss it. Since then, the film has taken on a cult myth, only being released on VHS once and then falling into the depths of a legal abyss, one where not even YouTube has a clip or a trailer. Nuttin' honey.

But, I did find one link, and since its SHIELD TUESDAY...I thought I'd share my find. Anyone who has ever watched the mighty Chiklis take a Phone Book to a perp or shoved an Illegal alien on a hot stove will get a kick out of this clip.

Im actually not looking forward to next week's finale...because's all over. No more Vic, no more Shane, no more Dutchman, Claudette, Ronnie, "Face Fuck" Aceveda and the rest of the motley crew in "Farmington", superbly written characters you dont see too much these days...mainly because most shows are not given the time and creative license to expand their arcs like THE SHIELD did. These are characters and plotlines that I've followed since I was still in New York and have been there, always causing trouble and narrowly ducking and weaving the hard hand of the law, even when they were the hand themselves. Tonight should be a hum-dinger of a "Sopranos" episode...I say this because since the first season of Sopranos, it was pretty much a formula that BIG SHIT happened the second to last episode, leaving the last ep to, I dunno, have talking fish, or a dream sequence, or cut off Journey. So I'm excited...when I can stop watching Chiklis channel the Belushi Greatness...Thank god we still have the real thing to look back on fondly:

Enjoy one of the many wonderfully unconventional tactics 'ole Mackey and the Strike Team employed while in their heyday:

...ah, memories....

Staying Scary,

PS: If ANYONE knows where I can get a copy of WIRED, be it online, some burned DVD or good old-fashioned VHS, please let me know! I will offer blood sacrifices or sexual favors (pending lab results).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

God Bless the Internets: Part 217

Hey all,

I just got this sent to me by a good friend and I had to share. Consider this the best "reimagining" of a classic I've seen in too long.

I think Tobe would approve, and somewhere, Chainsaw and Dave are laughing their asses off.

Thanks Paul!

Staying Scary,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

T'was The Worst of Times, T'was The Best of Times...

Hey all,

What a weekend for a moviehound...

So I had a lot of catching up to do with some movie-going, be it at home or in the darkened theater, and this past weekend was truly Les Marathon du Cinema...just the way I fuckin' like it. With everything going on these days, I barely have time at home to watch an episode of THE SHIELD (which is frikkin' AMAZING this season and shaping up to be one HELL of a climax...go Vic Mackey!) or TMZ, let alone a movie in one sitting or be able to get to go see one in the theater, but it worked out that we actually had some time to spare and this weekend was one hell of a Movie binge.

Shall we begin?

REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA: OK, now Im sure Im gonna catch some shit for this one....but REPO just didn't agree with me, Im sad to say. Since it was announced years ago (I loved seeing the concept boards and the presentation Darren did with Shawnee Smith and "The Rooker", who were missed in the final product) I was immediately intrigued with Bousman's passion project since I thought SAW 2 was the best film in the series and his sense of creative style (especially those one-take transitions that have now become parody in each new "spin" on the Saw franchise) was one I would immediately watch in any other project. I've only met him a handful of times but we rolled with the same "club" so to speak and I would keep hearing crazy stories about how REPO was coming to fruition, the even more surrealist casting (Bill Mosley AND Paris Hilton AND Orge AND Paul fucking Sorvino??) and the pictures on the web gave me the impression that good or bad, this will be one hell of a "vision" on-screen, so no matter that I can't fault DLB for wanting to create something unique and vibrant. In most cases, Im the only one amongst the circles who LIKES this sort of thing, so I had high hopes.

Well...the wait is over I guess. REPO has been released in a limited capacity in theaters after a long struggle to get it a wide release and truth be told....I think Lionsgate made the right choice by going limited. This is NOT a "general release" type film and I think having a big roll-out would have made the film more susceptible to terrible reviews, which Im sure the fan-base is calling "misunderstood opinions". This is very much a niche film, one that will eventually gain a cult following the same way HEAVY METAL and even SHOWGIRLS has gotten (sorry for the latter comparison) over the years like a fine wine...or a ripe wheel of Gouda. It feels like the ultimate "Hot Topic" movie to me, one that could be selling T shirts, white makeup & striped stocking amidst the singing and cavorting.

So, maybe I'm just not the right demographic for the film, but with apologies to all involved, REPO just didn't work for me. While I liked the concepts for the production design (especially the Communism Propaganda-esque posters), the visual style of the film for me felt false and rushed, like when the film would abruptly cut into Frank Miller-esque comic panels to explain things the budget or time seemingly couldn't handle in the film itself. Those moments felt like they ran out of money or hours on the day. Also, the same Bousman who kicked in teeth with SAW 2 didn't seem to be on-set for this ambitious production, as none of the kinetic filmmaking he displayed in his previous films was present, at least to me. Not that I needed the same SAW visual trickery (stop flickering and speed ramping!!!), but there was a devilish glee infused into the mise en scene DNA of SAW 2 & 3 (to a lesser extent, SAW 4) and REPO felt like the camera was just set up on a Stedi-cam and unleashed to get whatever coverage they could with 2 hours left in the day. If you've seen BLADE: TRINITY, you'll know what I mean. The music to me was pretty unforgettable, save the "Little Blue Vial" song in the middle, which in general was the best part of the film. I know there will be the requisite comparisons to ROCKY HORROR, but the difference is....the music in RHPS was undeniably catchy and even radio-friendly, where if I heard any of these songs on the air I'd probably turn to NPR. Again, this is totally subjective, but pretty much all of the music felt so half-assed and "on the day" that none of it resonated with me.

Save for a few cool shots in the opening...I left REPO very dismayed and bummed out. I guess my anticipation for the film preceded the result but unlike TRICK R TREAT (which I KINDA liked the first time i saw it and have grown to love in the days and weeks since)It's a damn shame, but I dont think Ill give REPO another thought after that Friday night. Again...Im not being hard on Darren and his REPO crew, I applaud them for sticking to their guns and making something truly original out there in swamp of remakes and sequels (I mean, who am I to judge?) Im just saying/typing how I felt, purely as a fan, going to see a much-anticipated film on opening night. Was I disappointed? Ab-so-fucking-lutely. Will I give it another shot? 15 years when Im taking my kid, who will be sporting black eyeliner, a GENECO. shirt and quoting REPO incessantly, to a midnight screening...since by then it will finally be appreciated like say THE THING or BATTLEFIELD EARTH (come on, its only 5 years from becoming THE MOST AWESOMEST MOVIE EVER)

...well, if they have midnight screenings anymore...or movie theaters.
See you soon, "ieye". Damn you Jobs!!!

Again, in re-reading this I feel horrible for trashing the flick, but that's what a blog is for right? Honest opinion? Im no critic, as you can probably tell from my poor grammar and run-on sentences. It's just my opinion, das it. But, if anything, GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. I am clearly in the minority here (judging from the weekend B.O.), but had to share...and Im still exctied for what 'ole Bous has up his sleeve next.

ROLE MODELS: After enduring the previous evening's cinematic selection, Bri and I were psyched to see David Wain's new comedy ROLE MODELS. While I pretty much hated THE TEN, we're both HUGE State fans from back in the day ("I wanna dip my BAWLS in it!") and pretty much everything that comedy troupe has produced since...ok maybe not VIVA VARIETY, but to each their own. I am a die hard WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER fan, so whatever Wain does, we follow. See? We're devoted fans of Auteurs! So already we were interested in his new film with Stifler, the dude from the Apatow flicks, that black kid from THE TRACY MORGAN SHOW and McLovin of course...

Surprisingly enough, it was pretty hilarious. I love any movie that puts the word "fuck" and "boobies" in a little kid's mouth (woah, that didn't sound good), but ROLE MODELS elevated that notion to grand proportions with a clever script that took the high concept of "Big Brothers" and made a lot out of a little. Sure, it felt like a film ripping off the now-trusted "Apatow Engine" (likable schlubs, improv-based dialogue, Jane Lynch, etc) but it also had a bunch of State alumni peppered in and Wain has an almost Absurdist touch with the comedy that made everything click, and hilariously so!

What sucked...was that there is an element in the film that was the subject of a project Im possibly working on that really depressed me when I saw it in ROLE MODELS. You know when you feel you have "that great idea" and then you see something on TV, or on the radio, or in the movies or on the net-wherever you get your creative fix-that takes the wind out of your sails, steals your thundah...well as much as I liked ROLE MODELS and would watch it again when its played endlessly on COMEDY CENTRAL in 3 years, I left the theater with a dark cloud over my head. Ive gotten over it since, but it still might seriously affect my decision on this project going forward (even though its B.O. might actually help the cause)...damn you WAIN!!! But as far as comedies go, its worth your 14 bucks to enjoy with a big crowd.

THE FALL: This movie has been collecting dust on my entertainment center for 3 weeks running, we just never found the right time to delve into director Tarsem (THE CELL, REM's "Losing my Religion" video) latest epic, which could best be described as THE PRINCESS BRIDE meets a living breathing Oil Painting. No, its not like WET DREAMS MAY CUM (sorry, I had to) but the visionary director knows how to paint on a cinematic canvas...his images are just stunning to look at (and MADE for Blu-Ray) so to get my mind off of things, we watched THE FALL and while there was some structural issues with the script, I thought it was pretty grand and a beautiful distraction. While I dont need to go on about the visuals (just check out the trailer below to get a taste) the chemistry between the little girl cooped up in a 1920's hospital begging an ill actor to tell her stories in return for special favors (you know, like cop some Morphine from the medicine cabinet) and her storyteller (Lee Pace from PUSHING DAISIES) is fantastic. Their camaraderie throughout the film is the glue that binds these wonderful images woven through the film as Pace tells her the story of a group of mercenaries from all around the world thrust into a common quest, and Tarsem sure does heap on the high contrast filters and sexy slo-mo.

Im not entirely shocked this film (originally finished in 2006 and shot all over the world)got a wider release or a more critical following, but at the very least now on Blu Ray you can behold how stunning cinema can still be to the eye...or watch even just to say Tarsem had more going for him than that awful J. Lo flick. Damn you Tarsem!!!!

THE WRESTLER: This might have been the most anticipated movie of the year already for me, and as much as I heard how gripping and powerful it was, I didn't want to get burned again (see above). Luke and I went to the Fox lot on Sunday to see a special DGA screening with Aronofsky and the writer (Robert Siegel) and we were both excited.

Then the film unfolded.

Damn you Aronofsky. In the best way possible.

Wow. I'm still trying to find all the right words to describe how great this film is. Everything about it. The acting. The style. The script. The music. The locations. The action. The drama. The Rourke. This could very well be my favorite film of the year.

Truthfully, Im a BIG fan of D.A. from the moment I even just READ about PI in 98 when it swept Sundance. This guy was one of US, a Brooklyn kid made good and who stuck to his unique vision and passion and let the audience catch up with him. Since then, I've followed him through REQUIEM (which I love) and THE FOUNTAIN (which, like REPO, I applauded its ambition but it just didn't resonate with me). When I found out he was making a film set in the indie wrestling circuit on the East Coast, I was even more jazzed. Almost 10 years ago, I worked at on a show called AND JUSTICE FOR BRAWL, which was a show hosted by the self-proclaimed "Internet Icon"...."Diehard" Derek Gordon. Below is a clip from the show (that I shot...memories) which was made in a time where most people couldn't watch video on their 56K modems:


AJFB focused entirely on the Pro and Indie wrestling world, and it was a total gas to work on. Derek and I would regularly travel up and down the coast producing and shooting packages and segments in the same places THE WRESTLER shot, the same culture THE WRESTLER inhabits and mirrors the same people THE WRESTLER focuses on. I got to know and befriend many of the people in that world, so to me, this movie had a personal connection already, and I was so excited to see what D.A. and Mickey had up their sleeves in embracing this counter-culture.

First off, I cant think of another performance aside from Heath (Joker) Ledger that will surpass the strength and weakness on display from Mickey Rourke in this film. He IS the film, he is the vital organs and the lifeblood and would have floundered if there was one misstep in his performance of Randy "The Ram" Robinson, a pro wrestler past his Madison Square Garden days, still fighting to hold on to a sembelence of his former glory. He's got a daughter who hates him, a body that's about to quit him, and a stripper who wont give him her heart when he needs it the most. Basically, Rourke is playing Rocky Balboa better than Stallone did in ROCKY BALBOA, bringing a real heartfelt pain and weight to every look he gives to those around him. He's a broken soul, and Aronofsky and Siegel thrust The Ram into a simple tale of life-changing decisions that reaches a well-deserved and PERFECT climax. If you really think that the last shot isn't perfect, I might have to body slam you.. I will eat a rotten tomato if Rourke doesn't get a nomination. Mark my words.

Visually, Aronofsky has thrown out his usual visual trickery (don't expect any "Hip Hop Montage" which I will say I miss) in favor of a very verite style using all hand held cameras and a practical lighting scheme, but if you look closely, he's still the same guy who loves patterns just like the protagonist in PI, just in a more human way. Try to see how many shots of people's backs there are, or how certain compositions compliment the next scene. He might have dropped the gimmicks a bit, but the style is still there, just in more subtle strokes, and it fits the film and his own style well.I was dissapointed to hear he wasn't working with the infinitely talented (and veyr much in-demand) DP Matty Libatique like his previous films, but his new cinematographer Maryse Alberti brings a truth to the table that completely complimented the theme of the film, and its clear she got the world and captured it perfectly as well as stoked Aronofsky's desire to find those patterns in his filmic equation. It was clever, delicate touches like those in the visual vocabulary that will make every future viewing of THE WRESTLER even more rewarding, and it will stand as one of the best character studies of the new Century.

Oh, did I mention Marisa Tomei is naked in 80% of the movie? Thank you Darren.

After the very informative Q&A, Luke and I both left shell-shocked, and its been a few days since the screening, but I just cannot shake the images, the tone...everything about this movie reminded me of why I love cinema, especially from a true Auteur. The director has definitely upgraded into Aronofsky 2.0 and this was a wonderful example of a filmmaker not holding fast to what made him a name to cinephilles, and truly deserving of every award he, the film and his lead actor gets.

So, there you go. More movie thoughts than you can shake a dick at. Boy, did I need it too; there's nothing like good AND bad movies to put things into perspective for me, and Im rearing to go....BRING IT!

Oh and one final thing: GOBAMA!!!!

Staying Scary,

PS: One last video to enjoy...this shit is priceless. Memories are forever.
I miss that ugly orange couch.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Do your part, suckas...