Friday, June 10, 2005

The Chin and The Gore

Been a very busy week for me...

-Finished the Devildriver video...Im very proud of it as is the band. The label seems happy and it should hit the web next week and be on airwaves around the time of the release of the album. To read a few killer reviews of the new album coming out the 28th, click here. I'll put the video on my site soon too to behold the retro greatness (and I hear that a certain "first family of metal" who has ties to our idea will be seeing it next week...holy shit!)

-Got to meet a few heroes of mine this week, thanks for G4....

-First I got to redeem my geekdom for not going to the WEEKEND OF HORRORS in Burbank this past weekend by getting the chance to sit down with Bruce Campbell in the green room at G4 before his appearance and show him my music video/"evil dead love letter" for Strapping Young Lad! Next to Raimi this is THE guy...and being a fan of his for 20 years, it was an honor to sit down, mano-e-mano (or however that's spelled) and show him my labor of love. I could tell it wasnt his musical cup of tea and it was obvious he was watching (in the beginning he goes "Oh that title crawl was out of EVIL DEAD 2 actually"....nice hes paying attention!) and seemed to dig it even though he was rushed out the door shortly after to get into makeup. But he has a copy and that rules jewels.

Secondly I got to meet Chris Gore, who was (and still is) the editor and publisher of the best Film magazine of my college days and beyond, FILM THREAT. I used to pore over the magazine when it was a humble indie film zine, exposing me to the craziest underground movies ever. I met him a few times along the way (Once in college he came to show a festival of short "nasties" like APOCALYPSE POOH, which was sound bites of Brando in that flick dubbed over Pooh bear animation...genius; the second time i met him at Sundance when i was there with Troma) but he's at G4 this week as a host of ATTACK OF THE SHOW and after talking with him for a fews moments, we totally hit it off. Here is a guy who has been relevant in the Indie scene for years and hes a personal hero of mine so just to show him my work and geek out with him on various movies was a blast.

-Got to be a talking head on G4's Filter, which is like those VH1 shows where they ask B-C level celebs what they think about pop culture. Since a few weeks back i schooled a Journalist during their interview on his knowledge of DVDs and from then on the producers came to me to ask about DVD geek out. It's nice to have an outlet for all this otherwise useless info!

-Got sick. Sickness sucks, but it for damn sure helped me catch up on my netflix queue.

-Shooting the reTard short this weekend for Tom Woodruff while trying to keep from letting the sick get in the way...not fun but a day off is on the horizon.

More are you?