Friday, October 01, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #83: Nothing (much) to see here...

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Very productive week, not much to report other than we're cranking away at the cut. Due to Howard having to go away for two days, Alex (seen here from my usual vantage point every day, looking at the back of an editor's neck. Exciting, right??) and I actually got to work on a promo of the film for the producers, and seeing the film in "teaser" form got everyone VERY excited. Cineboners abound!!! The movie, even in bite-sized form, looks HUGE (and the music we cut it to is, ahem, "THUNDERous") and was a big smile-inducer when we showed it. I keep watching the teaser going, "We made this?" and then start jumping around like the waitress in MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, screaming to the screen like its the Green Goblin truck saying "WE...MADE...YOUUUU!". Exciting times, my friends.

It's also Friday, which usually means it's In N Out Day in The Fellowship Suites but we settled for Chipotle this time in honor of Howard's absence. However, that didn't stop us from our usual lunchtime break; another episode of IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, the greatest show on TV right now. Both Howard and Alex were not exposed to the evil genius of the show yet so revisting these for a 20 minute lunch break is always a nice "palette cleanser". God Bless Green Man!

Well, the Weekend Approaches, Huzzah! Go out and support Independent Unrated Horror by seeing HATCHET 2!!!
(or at least buying a ticket for it and sneak into SOCIAL NETWORK). Prove to the System that you want your freedom in your film viewing...the other movies can wait, this CAN'T. (Plus, 2 shiny pennies for anyone who can point out my small but integral part in the movie). F censorship! Ok Ill get off my soapbox.

Onward! Back to Evermore on Monday!!!



Blogger Kevin said...

Love the "2010 Tour" shirt.... I missed out on that one! Of course, like the rest of the foam wielding whackos from the Fields of Evermore, just want to say WE can't wait to see your promos, too! Press on forward.... Onward! To Glory! (or a bloody death, whichever comes first) *grin*.

8:09 AM  

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