Sunday, July 05, 2009

Shot of the Day #186: Blood on the streets

SHot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Went out to check on our fallen feline friend today, just to make sure he/she was at least taken care of and not baking under that blanket. Thankfully I guess either Animal services came to take the body away, or maybe the family who owned the cat found it, but all that was left was a browning stain on the street, one that will haunt me every time I drive over it when we leave our place. I know...its only a cat, right? Doesn't matter...that was probably someone's friend, loved one, compatriot, family member. That the cat was just so horribly mangled, a clear hit-and-run with no regard for its life at all, makes me sick of people, especially the fucking assholes who live around us. if that was my cat...I'd be going DEATH WISH on the entire block till I found the guilty party...and bring my blowtorch.

Seriously, we're surrounded by fucktards....I can't wait to move.

So, if there was ever a better time to be played's now. Rest In peace buddy.



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