Friday, July 03, 2009

Shot of the Day #184(?): Black Friday (or The Clickening)

Shot with nothing. Click to see my pain.

Why is there no picture? Well, that's because there IS no picture. Blackness.

After a long pre-weekend workday(Why is it those company-issued "half days" are always just full days compressed into half the time, equalling double the stress?), I was ready to come home, unwind and commence the Holiday weekend by setting up the laptop and uploading some pictures. I was PUMPED.

But, upon plugging in the USB cord that connects my Mac laptop to the external Hard Drive that is holding all of our stored music and pictures (especially the continuing adventures of Remy), I suddenly heard a....clicking. Not the good kind, like "Hey, I'm loading here, all good" was the BAD kind, like "Duh, whichwaydidhe go, GEOORRGGE, whichwaydidhegooo?"

No, all I heard, after repeated tries getting the drive to materialize on my desktop:

Thwup Thwup Thwup.....Thwup Thwup....


So I've been trying not to freak, nope. Not gonna freak out. I'm gonna, just....enjoy the holiday weekend. Yup. Im not gonna*eyetwitch*

If anyone can recommend a good Data Recovery program or service, lemmie know, thanks. Now, if you will excuse me while I insert a shotgun in my ass.

Wait, can I borrow your finger for a second?

TGIF Yourself.



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