Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Shot of the Day #189: Coolest Man In The Building (Today)

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Met a LOT of new people this week, some VERY cool folk, including an impromptu handshake with this lovely, picturesque gent with the Fantomas T shirt. NOTE: ANYONE wearing a shirt related to Mike Patton is worth the memory space taking a shot.

Meet Joe Vaux, animator par excellence and director over at FAMILY GUY, which I just found out was right across the street from our building. Juster had known him and wanted us to meet, so Joe came over and even before I could say that I knew who he was (having watched enough FAMILY GUY episodes his name was one of those staple credits you get used to seeing flash across the screen) he handed me a rolled sheet of thick paper-stock, and when unraveled, displayed a rare Vaux painting of the Griffins with a personalized signature at the bottom. Holy. Shit. What a wonderful gesture...too bad all I could offer is some of the WRONG TURN 2 buttons still languishing outside my office. We instantly hit it off and hopefully will "do lunch" especially since he's right across the way.

Very cool dude, pleased to meet him. Again, another Fantomas fan? Friend for LIFE.

Thanks Joe!

The other Joe


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