Friday, May 15, 2009

Shot of the Day #135: Choices, Choices...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

God bless Netflix.

There's no greater feeling, especially with a weekend looming, than opening the mailbox and finding THREE new red envelopes, ready for viewing, what will it be tonight??

ENVELOPE #1: FROST/NIXON (Blu Ray)-I'll admit it freely; I think Ron Howard is a great director. How many other directors working within the studio system get to do so many wildly different types of films, including this Oscar-bait political "thriller"? I doubt they'd use 'From the Director of PARENTHOOD & HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS' on the poster for this, but after hearing so much about it, I've been really intrigued to watch it, even if it promises to be all political-like and heavy. A friday night flick with no blood or boobies? Hmmmm...

ENVELOPE #2: WATCHMEN-THE BLACK FREIGHTER/UNDER THE HOOD (Blu-Ray)- Never got to see this before I saw WATCHMEN, but really curious how they adapted the two supplemental features from the comics as stand-alone films? Right now, I'll watch ANYTHING WATCHMEN as I really admired the movie and can't wait to see it again, especially since Bri is now reading the Graphic Novel. This could be a fun diversion.

ENVELOPE #3: MARLEY & ME (Blu-Ray)- No, this is not a mistake. I'm a sucker for dog movies, and upon reading the novel a few years back (LIE:"Listened" to the audiobook) Im curious to see how they attacked the movie version. Aniston is easy on the eyes too...but am I in the mood to cry uncontrollably tonight? Might be better suited for Sunday....WHAT??? Do I have to be watching horror movies every moment??? Go check out Collins' site if you want that, jeez.

Welcome to my weekend! I think Im gonna go with FROST/NIXON. Sam Rockwell & Oliver Platt chewing scenery seem like worthy distractions tonight.



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