Monday, April 06, 2009

Shot of the Day #96: F'n one of those days, Dick Neck.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

There's nothing I hate worse than idle waiting. This town is fueled by the "Hurry up...and wait" formula that can just burn your soul out, and today was no exception. Been working and waiting on a MAJOR project for literally a MONTH now, and just feels like the string-along extends into infinity as the clock ticks down....and every day that gets waisted on red-tape bullshit and indecisiveness is one day closer to our "end date" & one less day to properly prep, which just infuriates/frustrates me to no end. But, gotta hang in there, stay strong and positive, for hopefully all this stress and strife will be worth it in the long run and a dream project of mine will finally come to pass.

Here is a candid "Calgon take me away!" moment when in the sanctity of ones mobile domicile, and you gots a head filled to the brim with bullshit, you just want to scream.

Which I did. Loudly. Seemed to work like a Lucky Charm.

In doing so, I took a pic and noticed that in this position and at the camera's angle, it looks like my neck-to-chin area resembles a giant penis if you squint a bit. Nice, huh? Even the hair adds to it, although I will admit in this public forum that "manscaping" is a wonderful thing for one's penile Superego.

What a dickhead.

Let's see how tomorrow stands. Here's hoping for a solid answer and a "Go Forth" so I can start kicking ass.



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