Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shot of the day #151: Babysitter Burger

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Another somewhat relaxing day, a calm before the storm. But I feel ready, ready to rock. Im sure Ill have some interesting pics for next week, if I have a moment to do so...or more specifically, 24 seconds, which is how long my frikkin' iphone takes to initiate the camera; that gets a big fat "FAIL", Apple...I've missed many a moment because of you, even if I do like how the lens shoots. "Fit IT!"

Went to see TREK again with Bri (who loved it) and Luke was generous enough to watch Mr. P while we went out for a movie date ( the Landmark, which is a GREAT theater and unbeknownst to us both, only a stone's throw away. Bollocks!) and in return, I paid him in Apple Pan Burger and fries. Pretty fair, I'd say.

Since that's pretty much the most exciting and "picturesque" moment in our otherwise welcomingly blase day, I present this stolen shot of the inside of L.A.'s oldest (and arguably best) burger joint. The guys working there are about as old, and just as creaky, and dagger-eyed me a moment after this was taken, as if he still believed photos stole your soul.

When we brought home our burger booty, much to Luke's surprise and delight, and the kid was dazed and amused by the MTV MOVIE AWARDS playing on TV, which I used to love purely based on their amazing edit jobs on "Best Action Scene" montages (seriously, they were so well done they single-handedly made me fall in love with music driving moments in cinema, and this was before the Tarantino crush I developed). This year I realized, it's not my movie awards show anymore. I suddenly felt VERY old.

Anyway, burger dudes. Enjoy.



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