Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shot of the day #144: The Hangover Effect

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Tried on the Baby Bjorn today, which was actually a barrel of monkeys; good design, light and easy to use....unlike a condom, which usually gets people in this mess in the first place. But Remster fit into it with ease and we were loving doing scenes from TOTAL RECALL ("What do you want Mr. Qqqquuuaaaiiidddd").

Since Sunday was errand day, we Prius'd over to the Chatsworth BABY's R US to pick up some essentials and I decided to rock the Bjorn in public. While there, a 20-something employee comes over to us and exclaims "You know, your baby has...the look. Would you want to take advantage of our special today on baby pictures?" Now, since Mr. Plissken is sporting the same purple shirt and pants that Bri in fact wore 30 YEARS AGO (Hello, Retro!!!), she wanted to capture the moment to send to her family, and even though WE know our kid has "the look" (jeez, what a lame line. Guess it worked!) so he didn't have to tell us, but we decided to take him up on the offer.

While Bri was off for a moment, one of the employees at the photo section of the store saw me and chuckled. "You look like that funny bearded fat dude from the posters all over the bus stops!" (Actual quote). Now, Im a fan of The Zach Galifinakis, and I can clearly see what he means-you know, with the whole baby and beard thing (funny is debatable). But was he calling me fat?

You be the judge.


PS: Here is some sweet Zach love for y'all.


Anonymous Bri said...

30 Years ago, eh? Thanks Joey! Shaved a few off for me there.

Also, how do "carlos" and zack have sunglasses on? He only had one pair. "Are my sunglasses ok?"

2:29 PM  

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