Monday, May 25, 2009

Shot of the Day #145: The Lost Kill Screen

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

10 Hours.

That's how much time we took catching up with our ole' pals The Oceanic Six N' Island Friends. The plus and minus about Tivo is that you can save multiple episodes of a show so by banking them you dont have to sigh when the episode is over, pissed they hung you out to dry with another just get to go to the next episode and see what Jack, Ben, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley, Ben, Juliet, Sawyer, The scary dude from GREEN MILE, The Smoke Monster, Polar Bear, Walt Jr., Napoleon Dynamite's steak-eating Uncle or Lawnmover man does next. I love that...yet then the till begins to overfill and next thing you know, you're weeks behind & can't check front pages of media webpages, blogs or Office water-coolers in fear or a spoiler. But because of the baby, the video, the other projects, Bri planning on going home and all the other things called life get in the way, its ultimately a time suck godsend.

So we planned to make today LOST MONDAY when other plans fell through, and began in the am catching up with the Dharma Gang and just plowed through, finally ending at night with this final, cryptic white screen, like when you get to the end of KONG and get the "Kill Screen", a foreboding change from the normal LOST climax moment when, just as it's getting good, the Giacchino music swells to a peak and POW. SMASH CUT TO BLACK-TITLE CARD "LOST", which always gets me. Many times we're saying 'Son...of...a...Bitch!!" out of sheer frustration. This season was a strong one, but man do the showrunners love to keep asking questions and provide little answers...but there was a sense of accomplishment for conquering the Queue and catching up with one of today's best shows.

It's gonna be a crazy series 2010. Le Sigh.



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