Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shot of the Day #147: E3 madness on paper

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

The view from my desk, littered with paperwork for next week's bit production. I've been prepping the website's E3 conference coverage for months now, and we're a week out. Strangely enough, Im not scared, nervous, tentative. Overwhelmed? Sure. Im producing and overseeing about 5 different projects there, two being live on the site, so anything can happen. This is the 5th time I'm attending the convention in a work capacity (first as a DP on the floor, then as a producer, now as the Creative Director for the website supervising all video production), so I guess it feels old-hat by now, which is a nice change. Just hoping that everything on page here falls into place "on the day" as they say. Wish me luck! Im sure ill have some cool SOTD's from the convention next week....or not, if the convention bested me, which will NOT happen. Not on my watch, suckas.

Oh, the bullet? That's the contingency plan. You never know.

Do check our coverage out at, won't you?



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