Friday, May 29, 2009

Shot of the day #149: The Snowden by way of Robert Richardson

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

At the LA Convention Center, racing to get the webcams connected on-site before the madness of E3 takes over next week. My partner in crime here is one Derek Snowden, who has been at G4 even longer than I have, and if one of the founding father's of the website (and a proud father of two to boot!). One of the many faces at work I enjoy seeing, Derek is the glue that keeps everything together, and right now his adhesive powers are being tested. As we worked against the clock (had to be back at the office for a 5pm meeting, joy), Derek stood under the lights for a moment and I instantly thought "Bob Richardson". For those who don't recognize the name, he's one of the more famed Cinematographers working today, making a name for himself with his work on Oliver Stone movies and Errol Morris documentaries. In particular, his unique style includes a surrealist take on lighting; heavily over-exposed top lighting that gives an angelic, almost "halo" like effect, even to the point where I would see movies with "fuzzy hands" (from the overexposure) and instantly know it was one of Bob's flicks. His recent non-Stone work on CASINO & the KILL BILL movies should give you an idea of what I mean, as his style almost falls into parody. REALLY hope he rocks INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

Anyway, this is how my brain works. Some cineasts might argue that this is more "Gordon Willis" than Richardson, but I turn up my nose to those snobs.



Blogger giles edwards said...

A golden god, Richardson. Golden. Any excuse to bask in his lighting is always a complete pleasure.

Great shot, Dr Joe.

12:16 PM  

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