Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shot of the day #140: The Lil' pleasures in life #42

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

I dont know if this is strictly a "West Coast" thang, but ever since we moved to LA in '02, I discovered one of the greatest inventions known to the first meal of the day: The Breakfast Burrito. See, on the East Side (i.e. New York, yo) we had the "Breakfast Special", which was basically a fresh roll with egg, cheese and your choice of meat (ham, sausage, bacon, yak, etc). Boy were they deliciosio, as my man Big C would attest to. Any time I'm in New York, I NEED one asap.

Same kind of contents for the Burrito, but the major difference is the carbs surrounding the egg/cheese/meat combo; here its a flour or corn tortilla. I remember having my first one at a shoot my friend Trent hired me on as a PA, and the catering truck was preparing them for the crew and boy was it a dee-lite! I felt like a whole new world was opening up before my eyes, and this configuration was pure high-cholesterol tastebud orgasm. So wherever I go, whatever production I'm on, the first thing I ask: "Do they have Breakfast burritos??" If they do...Im a happy man.

Here in the Comcast building there is a deli on the main floor and they also serve BB's, so once a week, I give in and get one, pictured here. Are they the best of the bunch? Absolutely not, but they do serve their purpose nicely and are great on-the-go. Plus I just love how aesthetically pleasing they look when I open up the container holding looking, as if they are saying "Eat me, Joe....EAT ME POUR FAVOR!!!"

If anyone knows where one can get THE BEST breakfast burrito in LA, PLEASE let me know! I need to know.



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