Saturday, September 05, 2009

Shot of the Day #248: Mr. Green's Halloween Hood

Shot with iphone (using PanoLab), click to enlarge.

So it's not even 5 days into September and Green 'n Rileah are already putting up Halloween decor around their house. God bless 'em but I wont even be thinking of what Im going to WEAR this year till Oct 30th let alone worry about decorating NOW. Jesus. But you gotta admire it, walking into their place already gives you the sense of October warmth, not from the nip outside (at least how I remember it as a kid on the east coast) but that fun welcoming of the holiday and all the traditions that come with it. I want candy corn so bad.

So Green's got some killer decorations, including a set of "horror houses", miniature scaled models of houses from HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13TH, TEXAS CHAINSAW & NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, complete with a mini-movie-maniac to stand proudly before each scary abode. The detail was right down to the last blood-drop, which was really cool, and using this new "PanoLab" app for the iphone (yes, they have one of those for that), I made a crude little Panorama of the scene. How rad would this 'hood be if you have THESE guys living across from one another?

56 Days till Halloween!



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