Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shot of the Day #238: FrightFestX Day 0: Cobblestone blur.

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Suddenly, Tuesday turned into Wednesday and we've arrived in the UK safe and sound. After quickly doing a "how's yer fatha" in the hotel (which is VERY nice, the St. Martins) we had to shoot some pickups for the shorts and then go to a special concert gig held by one of the directors in FF who is supposedly a big-time music icon in Italy. Frankly, I just want to go to sleep. But being back in the UK is fucking great, I love it here so much...and its windy out, so there's less of a chance of me sweating my weekend away this year...but I brought the headband, just in case.

Standing outside the club waiting for the others to come out, seeing these cobblestone streets made me feel so warm inside for some reason, like I was home. Just loved the colors on these old-fashioned stones, wondering how long they've been here and how long they will continue being here. I love the history of this land.

Tomorrow, the true madness begins, and I can't wait. Now if I can just get some sleep. No time, I need to edit!!!


PS: This is the screen my ugly naked ass will be projected from in front of thousands of people. Eep.

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.


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