Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shot of the Day #239: FrightFestX Day 1: The Empire Runs Red

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Tonight was the first official night of FrightFestX, and things started well with the first of our "Road To FrightFest" shorts, this year entitled "American Douchebags in London", which should be online next week. To us, this was the lesser of the series (5 in all) but we had to start things off and establish the scene a bit, but I assure you they get even better...but the crowd seemed to dig it so we finally breathed a bit easier and enjoyed the rest of the time.

First up was Chris Smith's TRIANGLE, which was like TIMECRIMES but with poutier lips (overall it was OK) and then Dave Parer's THE HILLS RUN RED, which I REALLY liked, even more the second time with a crowd. Def check this one out in a few weeks (and I cover it for a future BODY COUNT, so look out for it). Above is a shot of Dave and his cast on-stage at the massive Empire Theater (seriously, fucking HUGE!!!) after the well-recieved screening finished, embarking on a great Q&A. So proud of him. Way to go Parker!!!

We then headed to The Phoenix (had to miss out on the midnight film, INFESTATION, which I heard was fun), the usual FrightFest watering hole for some spirits before back to the hotel for more editing. Seriously, I thought I was supposed to have some fucking downtime here? No luck I guess.



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