Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shot of the day #137: Curbside Seat (or "Farewell My Friend")

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Luke came over before and helped me lug this recliner chair out of the house and onto the curb before we set out to see THE BROTHERS BLOOM (which, hate me if you will, but I didn't really like. Mamet by way of Wes Anderson and way too whimsical and 'clever' for its own good).

This chair has been in our lives for almost 9 years now, having first procured it (and a twin model) from an elderly friend of my family that was clearing out their rest-home furniture in Long Island. So we had two of these lazy-Boy-esque things in our Queens apartment, then packed them up and brought them cross-country to LA in 2002, and then got rid of one of them last March when we moved over the hill, leaving this sole recliner in our possession till yesterday afternoon, where it was finally laid to rest outside our place. i thought for sure we could have gotten rid of it through ebay or craigslist, but no takers, so we hadt to basically abandon it, hoping some other person or family will find value in it. When I took Banzai outside before to evacuate around 11:30pm...the old chair was gone. Quite a legacy that chair had in mine and Bri's life, having survived many events, big and small, and a tiny bit of me was sad to see it go.

I just hope noone runs a black-light across it's surface or we're gonna be in T-ROUBLE.

Farewell Chair, hope you make another owner comfortable.



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