Friday, May 01, 2009

Shot of the Day #121: On the Henson Lot...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

BIG meeting today. This is for a major component of the movie, another brave member to join our cinematic fellowship, and Im praying it goes well. Actually, I'm confident it's going to go great, but there's always that X factor you never prepare for; that wild card moment in the room that you never expect, like when some blurts out their insane demands or a whacko idea that just sends the whole ship south. But if it does go well, it will not only be a HUGE step towards greatness, but Ill be working with a close friend again, both of us to be challenged in the best way possible. Onward!

The meeting took place on the Jim Henson Studio lot off of LaBrea, and its always a thrill to walk through the locale, thinking of famous faces (both human and Muppet) that graced this place. Growing up with The Muppets, there's a sense of creative hope whenever I'm here; a warm, inviting feeling, almost saying 'Its OK to be 'Green'" (so to speak). Makes going into every meeting for the project a fun adventure, never work. Listening to the audio book of "STREET GANG" by Michael Davis only reinforces how much Henson and his many felt-based creations were a part of my childhood and beyond, and knowing Remy is not far off from snuggling a Big Bird or a Gonzo doll makes me feel great...and also old. But its amazing to know how the Muppets have lived through so many generations, and hopefully more to come, keeping The House Kermit Build fully operational for years to come...

So Im crossing my fingers today for a lot of things it seems...



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