Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shot of the Day #120: The Will

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Had to John Hancock my Dad's will today and send back to the lawyers in New York. It was a very eerie feeling, but because I've been using work to block as much of it out of my head and heart, getting this in the mail and looking through it chilled me to the core, like someone surgically implanted an ice-pack inside me. When the Notary Public in the building signed away as well, she asked "So which Joseph Lynch are-oh..." and trailed off, realizing that it was my father, of same-name, that I'm signing off for. Im trying not to let it affect my busy day, but documents like this are a somber & sober reminder that life is oh-so short and death is always a second away, so you have to be prepared. I really need to have a Will drafted up ASAP...but who should I give my movie tickets collection to? Been collecting them since 1988 with DRAGNET and haven't stopped since. Will anyone give a shit about these when Im gone?

I gotta keep telling myself thru Tyler Durden: I am not my Movie Tickets collection.


PS: Speaking of which, an interesting theory about FIGHT CLUB & FERRIS BUELER posted HERE.
"Let my Cameron go..." indeed.



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