Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shot of the Day #101: Can I has Seed?

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Taking a break from shot lists and wardrobe decisions, Bri took the whole gang to our new favorite dining facility, SEED, down in Venice. For someone who isn't a vegan, it's all about taste for me, and surprisignly, most of my favorite feed-bags in LA are of the Non-Meat variety...Real Food Daily, Native Foods, Follow Your Heart, Madeline Bistro...these establishments already have a lot going against them not being able to use easy, traditional methods to making yummy dishes, so the innovation alone is to be commended. But seriously, if you ever try a "Run Ranch" Chichen sandwich from Native Foods, a "TV Dinner" or the brunch from RFD or, of course, the Red Beet Tartare from M. Bistro, you'll be a convert as well. Worked for me!

SEED is a new place in Venice and it was a nice diversion from the 24 hour workday I had today, pulling an all-nighter on Friday to be fully prepped on Monday...only to throw out all that work a few hours ago and start from scratch. But it was worth it, and now Im much more confident we're gonna take the names of the asses we kicked in 2 days. Been waiting 12 years to do this, so I want to be ready. Having good food in my gut helps too.

Sadly, Banzai I had to stay in the car as we noshed on Mediterrianian Burgers and Sweet Potato fries, but we hooked her ass up good with a doggie bag. Seriously, this dog is like a goat, she'll eat a tin can if it was pliable.

Now if I can only get some sleep....



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