Sunday, August 15, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #74: Hazy Sunday

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Nothing much to report here folks, just my current view on the coffee table as the family went out to dinner so I could have some alone time with my shot-list to prep for the next 4 final days of KOB madness. It was great to have them here, but also a little sad that I'm so "in the zone" that I can't really focus on much else or spend much time together without my head in Eliphaz or try to catch up on sleep. Guess I got used to having my Filming Blinders on, but still glad they got to come up and see some of the shoot & meet the cast/crew, who were SO nice and accommodating.

After trying to sleep (with little success, as per usual), Bri and I caught a matinee of SCOTT PILGRIM, arguably my most anticipated film of the summer next to INCEPTION (due to being a big fan of the comic from my FRESH INK days and an even bigger fan of Edgar's since SPACED & SHAUN), and while we both enjoyed it, I think being tired and in such a "production" mode, I couldn't fully appreciate it's awesomeness. Again, being so deep in the process at the moment, I was watching scenes & shots and analyzing " long did it take to set THAT shot up?" or "Wonder how much that cost?" or "How many pages a day did they shoot??"...not being swept away by the film like I usually can, especially one I genuinely was into. Guess it happens to all filmmakers when they're in production, and Ill need to see it again immediately after I get back, but glad we got out for a bit to see it together before I had to jump back into my usual Sunday prep mode.

Again...strange that this time next week, Ill be back on my old couch, probably editing the footage I know we got in my head 6 ways to...well, Sunday. But It will be a GREAT feeling to move onto the next phase and start slashing this Beast into shape.

Prepping now, gotta go. We're not out of the woods yet...and there's still a LOT of blood to spill.

Onward to The Final Week!!!


PS: There's a new KOB site up! Check it out HERE, stay tuned to the KOB Twitter feed (@badassdom_movie) for more as well.


Blogger jadapooworld said...


As two of the volunteer larpers, we'd like to says thanks for your SOTD's keeping us up-to-date on KOB happenings and your own spiritual whereabouts. Following developments with much interest.


Grunch and Martine (larper names)

10:22 AM  

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