Sunday, September 26, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #82: Testing our Age 0-2 Demographic...

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Our first week in the new edit location, which coincidentally was where we cast the movie...small world in the Kingdom of Eliphaz! Our transition was pretty smooth as we inhabited two rooms in the back of Nancy Nayor's casting office (and within 2 days we've already had cameo visits from two of our Fellowship! But are you surprised...I mean, look at that cast!) and within hours on Monday we were up and running at full speed. Thanks to Ian, Nancy, Greg the landlord, Mark, Matt and everyone who made the transition a smooth one.

Nothing exciting to report as again, we hack and slash away. Howard and I are working on the main timeline, Alex is working on select moments, effects and a special transition that I've always wanted to achieve in a film (and haven't seen employed in almost 15 years) Had a very productive FX meeting with Josh & Tim from Comen and everyone seemed jazzed over the stuff we showed as we went over plates, elements and other FX-based shots. While we always said we wanted this to have an "old fashioned" feel (especially with the gore and creature FX) there's still a good amount of VFX that will allow us to create the world and tell this story effectively, and its been a great collaboration between depts to create these moments effectively.

Here is a shot of my son Remy, who visited the edit room while Mommy had to make an appointment and dropped him ouff for a bit, checking out one of the few scenes he could actually watch, totally captivated. Hey, we're trying to hit all Four Quadrants here in our demo, folks! Listen, not much can tear him away from THE SQUEAKQUEL (currently playing on my laptop to distract him) but Remy-seen here sporting a Doomstalker T shirt from the film-was very impressed, explaiming "Ha, DADADADADA*" when we finished. Glowing praise, I'd say! Glad to see our film is hitting the "infant" demographic already.

Still a ways to go but it's going well, to say the least. Seeing the film fuse together is nothing short of amazing and exciting. So interesting how the tone can change even over the smallest tweak in a scene and is proof positive how delicate this part of the process it, the edit. Right now, the closest thing I can call KNIGHTS in it's current state is "THE GOONIES for Adults". Don't quote me on that, but since I know that seminal 80's movie like the back of my hand, and how it blends Adventure, Comedy, Drama, even horror and Thriller elements together with a big ensemble of personalities into one big chunk of Entertainment, its the closest comparison I can make...and that makes me giddy with excitement to finally see it on a big screen as it backlights a big bunch of heads in a darkened theater. Can't wait!


*Translation: "A Tour De Force of awesomeness! I laughed, I cried, I pooped!"


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